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  1. I use a Vanguard tripod. It can be used as a tripod ,bipod or a single. Very handy when ground hunting.
  2. I own 2 crossbows that can be let down after a hunt. A Camx and a Kodabow. I wouldnt even look at one if it didnt have that feature. Im actually surprised all of them dont
  3. Im looking to purchase a Tenpoint Eclipse. Its specs say its 17 in Axle to Axle uncocked. But can only see from pics that the cams are on brackets and am not sure about the limb tip to limb tip measurement NY requires. Anybody know if it measures up?
  4. It seems you think Im speaking out against owning an AR 15. No Just the opposite. I just have interest in other types of firearms. And spend my dollars on different stuff.
  5. I dont personally own a AR 15 or that type of rifle and really dont want one. But these bans are nothing more than an illusion that the government is making us safe. Just 2 miles from my house a guy killed his sister set the house on fire, and then shot 4 firefighters killing 2 as they arrived at the scene. They make a big deal about he was using a Bushmaster AR 15. But the guy was a convicted felon who killed his grandmother and only served 18 years and then let go. He was not supposed to have any firearms. These people are not going to obey these laws. You cant protect against crazies except to keep them locked up. Dont for a minute think that the goal of many who support gun control is not total confiscation eventually. They just want at the present to seem reasonable with an assualt weapons ban Now to respond to the quote The 2nd ammendment is about checking the governments ability to tyrannize the people. Its not about hunting ,target shooting etc. And people always respond that the military is so much more powerful so what could we do. Superior firepower does not guarantee victory. Resolve ,conviction of beliefs and determination will win in the end. Just look at the history of conflicts. How about the Revolutionary war. England was the greatest military power in the world at the time. Remember Vietnam? And also I dont believe the most of the US military would be on the side of the government for long if this government was to become as oppressive as some of the other governments in the world. I believe there are too many freedom and constitution lovers in the military for that to happen. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Ive killed at least 25 deer with 300 grain (non Magnum) XTP's. All at ranges from 10 yards to 165 yards. I have recovered 2. All have been pass throughs with big blood trails. And deer that went down within 50 yards. All this with charges of real black powder, pyrodex or 777 in the 90 -110 grain range. 100 grains of 777 is plenty.
  7. If you have a sidelock and are shooting patch and roundball I would stay with real blackpowder. If you dont want to shoot black Ive used Triple 7 in sidelocks with fair results. Drop your load back about 15%-20% and start there. You will get a lot more velocity from 777. Its also hell on patches so keep a lookout. If you cant get a patch to not burn through you might need an over the powder wad. That being said I still think black powder is better in sidelocks.
  8. i didnt respond to anything you posted bkln but that particular post by Ford
  9. Totally untrue Where do you get that info? Did you just make it up?
  10. Even though I havent hunted as much as I usually due to a medical problem, I have to agree that I have seen fewer deer than usual. But its hard to determine why. The beginning of bow season was pretty good and then it tailed off. Things to consider are weather and food sources. The wind was not conducive for me seeing deer in some of the places I hunt. The prevailing westerly wind at this time of year was non exsistent in some places I usually hunt. And the food sources werent the same as last year. As far as hunter pressure I rather not have it. Ive always done better toward late season when pressure dies down a bit. As far as numbers of permits I do believe it is over done. I dont consistently see the deer numbers I saw when permits were harder to come by.Now just about every area was in region 8 where I hunt was issuing 2 per hunter. And there was extra tags after Nov 1. In one area where I owned property nuisance permits were certainly over issued to a large farm owner. And the hunting really suffered. Numbers were way down after 2 years of these farm hands plugging away. And this is a place I knew well and hunted for 30 years. To be honest where Im hunting now even though Im not seeing deer Im still seeing alot of sign. So I know they are there. Ive seen seasons like this before. But there are a lot of variables. The best way to tell is to go there after the snow flies and the season is well over and hang around some late season food sources. I did that after a similar slow season and couldnt believe how many deer I saw
  11. doulos

    Prefered Bow

    You have to remember also some shops are only dealers for a couple of brands of bows. That doesent mean they are a bad shop. It just means they dont carry every brand. Call around and see who carries what and go shoot them. Dont be afaid to take notes so you remember what you liked and disliked about a brand or model. Remember a fully set up bow with sights,quiver and rest isnt going to be a cheap purchase. So take your time
  12. doulos

    Prefered Bow

    There is a lot of great bows out there. Pretty hard to say which is "best". I shoot Mathews now and like it. But think I am going back to a 2 cam system next year. I think the first one I will try is an Elite. I just prefer the valley on a 2 cam. I you like Mathews a lower priced alternative is Mission Archery. They are made and designed by Mathews. Keep one thing in mind pro shop dealer support from the manufacturer is sometimes important. Ask your dealer how they support them with quick parts delivery etc. Most will tell you Mathews breaks their butt to support their dealer. And I am sure it helps Elites headquarters are here in Rochester. It stinks when you need a part and cant get one very quick.
  13. All year I have been battling hip arthritus to the point that I didnt know if I could get out this year. But I decided to set up a stand in an area I had to only walk about 250 yards from my truck. This morning I rattled in a 7 pointer that came in behind me that I was hesitant to shoot because of the extreme angle and I had decided to hold out the first week unless he was a bruiser buck or a any doe. Then I rattled in a small 6 pointer that offered 2 shots and let him go. Im sore as heck BUT I LOVE THIS STUFF.
  14. I usually rattle the most during early bow season. I rattled in 2 small bucks this morning in my years first hunt. It seems to work best in early season. I also always carry a grunt tube and had that work through out bow season. But i have had good luck also with a doe bleat can. Ive found that calling seems to work best in areas with a good buck to doe ratio. Areas that have alot of 1.5 year old bucks seem to provide alot of action with calls during bow season.
  15. fateddie You dont have to go through the hassle of finding that stuff Ive used nothing other than black electrical tape over the muzzle for years. Wipe the barrel crown and sides abit with alchol so the tape sticks. 1 piece should be enough. In fact I wouldnt double it up never had a problem, shoots right through it, no loss in accuracy