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  1. I picked mine up at the town hall on Friday. Same deal where they thought it would cost $15 to reprint but they found a note somewhere that said they could waive the charge.
  2. gwhalin

    Electric/ Propane Smokers help

    I still like my Weber Smokey Mountain for when I want to get real smoke flavor, but also just got a Rec Tec pellet smoker to replace my propane grill and I am loooving it.
  3. Still never received my deer tags. Got my DMPs three weeks ago, but still no regular tags. Guess gonna have to head to the town hall to get them printed.
  4. I have a damned good lock on my door and a cell phone to dial 911.
  5. I received my DMP tags few weeks ago, but still waiting on license tags. Getting antsy!
  6. gwhalin

    Risk Assessment: ticks

    Big fan of You send them your clothes and they factory treat with permethrin. I am head to toe protected when in a situation when in woods. Still have to do tick checks, and I am obviously not wearing for yard work, but gives me a bit of piece of mind.
  7. gwhalin

    California Hill,Putnam County

    Did a ton of late season squirrel hunting in California Hill. Saw fair amount of deer sign in spots, but also saw people leaf blowing trails (yes for real) and riding mountain bikes all through there on weekends.
  8. In Putnam County, they are saying midnight tomorrow for power to come back. Looks like nearly the entire county is without power. Generators are roaring all over.
  9. gwhalin

    Squirrel hunted yesterday.....

    I went out nearly every day this week and managed to get three of these guys. Got the last one this afternoon on last day of season. Winter squirrel hunting is crazy fun and I think pretty damned hard! With leaves down they see you from a long way off and disappear. Sad to say that my poor shooting with 22 resulted in missing about 4 over the course of the week. Pretty long shots but no excuses. Guess I need to practice more! Soaked them in buttermilk, battered and fried and then simmered in homemade chicken stock until tender. Yum!
  10. We have tons of pubic land access, easy to get tags, and a long season. The marks against NY for me, are a lack of big game species and a lack of terrain that works well for spot and stalk hunting like the western states.
  11. I picked up a box each of: - Federal 3rd degree - Winchester Long Beard XR - Remington Premier HV Magnum Turkey All in 3 1/2" with 2oz. Gonna try the Mossberg Full, the Mossberg Turkey, and the Rhino .660 chokes. I expect to have ringing ears and a sore shoulder after patterning.
  12. Just picked up a new Mossberg 535 Turkey 12GA. Came with a 22" and 28" barrels. Bought and installed a Vortex Sparc II red dot. Picked up a few chokes (Rhino, Mossberg) and different ammo to pattern when I get some time to get out on range. My old gun (still at my parents house in IL) was a '96 Remington 1187. No complaints on the Rem, but wanted a gun that would be a bit more forgiving with moisture.
  13. gwhalin


    100% public, though I picked up 160 acres of leased this year. Will still likely do most on public given the leased land is few hours away.
  14. gwhalin

    Neighborhood turkeys are back

    Last year we had regular visits from local flock in yard. Never saw them once this year.
  15. gwhalin


    Drones are fun to fly and take amazing video and photos. I have a DJI Mavic Pro. I have never considered using them for scouting (and hunting would obviously be illegal). I am not sure I would get much more from a drone than I would from a topo map and google earth.