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  1. Next man up on my team. After losing 3 players this week with injuries. We won 16-7 Friday and 18-3 tonight.
  2. Terrible!!! Unfortunately there is multiple mass shooting almost Dailey in this country. There was on last night outside the Milwaukee Bucks game.
  3. What it rains it pours I tell you. My son starting center fielder breaks toes , 2nd basemen breaks wrist in gym class and catcher took a hard hit in hockey practice and now has a concussion.
  4. Cory

    Keto diet?

    Great dinner tonight. I bought 1/2 a cow last weekend. Very keto
  5. Cory

    Keto diet?

    3 weeks 18 pounds . I have to say I’m totally used to the eating aspect now. I feel lighter and more energetic. I probably would’ve lost more but I decided to get into the vodka the other day!
  6. My son broke some toes tonight. He’s has to go see an orthopedic surgeon in a couple days to see how much damage he actually did. 4 games into the season and he’s batting 1.000. With 2 walks. He really dedicated himself this winter . He eats sleeps and breaths baseball. Hopefully it’s only 4-6 weeks. There goes my lineup…
  7. Cory

    Keto diet?

    14 days in 14 lbs. gone . After a quick start the pounds have hit a lull. Gotta keep grinding. I must say that my energy is way down . But It maybe from early starts at work with baseball practice or a game everyday.
  8. Cory

    Keto diet?

    What’s even worse as I’m cooking chicken and spinach in walks my wife with a pizza for her and the kids. It smelled so damn good.
  9. I think bean fills corner positions with free agents. Post June 1st when some big cuts will be made. I think we do trade out but it’s for a legit running back with speed.
  10. This is the first time I haven’t been excited about the draft! Maybe it’s because my bills don’t have many holes and can see them trading away the majority of the picks we have. It’s a weird feeling.
  11. Cory

    Keto diet?

    Seven day check in . I have lost 12 pounds this week. I have been eating a lot of taco salads chicken and burgers with lettuce buns for dinner. Breakfast since I work everyday and my site rite now has a bk across the street. I have a double sausage breakfast sandwich. I just throw the bun out. Other than that it has been very easy so far except the pizza cravings. Pants are starting to get real loose.
  12. I just talked to my assemblyman earlier today. I coach his son in baseball. He told me it wasn’t in the budget and hopefully they can get it into the floor. Long Island Lobbyists are what is controlling the delay. They are fighting against it.
  13. I second woodchuck. It’s a bit blurry when you zoom in but the color looks right.
  14. Cory

    Keto diet?

    @crappyiceno real food plan that I will follow to a tee. I have been reading on what to eat and what not to eat. I have just been pulling ideas from the internet. This morning I had 2 sausage Pattie’s with an egg and cheese in between. Lite lunch spinach with almonds. For dinner I will do a taco salad . After the gym.
  15. Anyone here ever give keto a try? My cousin and a couple buddies have done it and all have lost considerable amounts of weight. My cousin is down from 305 to 195. After seeing pictures of myself from my last vacation I have to do something. So here is day one . I’ll try and give weekly updates. Im going to dedicate myself till the end of July. So here is good luck to me! In up to 270 I want to get to 220-215!
  16. Just got back from Florida. 4 days in Islamorada for my nieces wedding. Key west for a day then up to Tampa to pick the kids up at the in-laws. Went to universal for 2 days with the kids. She stayed in Florida and I came home. It is getting harder and harder to come back to NY!
  17. Yeah they were imported from Kansas City!
  18. Is this sale directly thru keen? Do they have work boots on sale also?
  19. 2 of the 3 shooters have been caught
  20. I’ve never been so pissed ! Last night the buffalo police attempt to pull over a car and a shoot out , high speed chase occurs. My niece’s soon to be husband was part of this chase and his partner who happens to be a friend of mine gets shot. Thank god for bullet proof vests. I know it happens more than just this but it never has hit this close to home. Our society is fucked up and needs to change!
  21. I took my son to all elite wrestling in Rochester and snuck back stage and got to see sting warming up for the match.
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