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  1. It’s even been proven in court that his knee was not on his neck but on his shoulder blade. I’m not saying he was right but George Floyd was no saint in this matter. No way possible it’s a not guilty verdict do to the riots that will happen. After a few years pass he will be let free when he appeals.
  2. Here is what I’m working against. It’s the root system that gets me. I can pull a shoot and I can literally pull up half the lawn pulling root out.
  3. I’m probably one of the biggest crossbow advocates on here. My youngest sons friend is an assemblyman for New York and an avid hunter and was pushing for this or to turn it over to the dec witch it should be! But too many pockets are greased and they can use the Covid excuse to push this away again to keep getting paid. Someday it’ll happen I just hope I’m still living in this state to see it.
  4. Cory

    NYC Visit

    Not sure about Italian food but I’m a fan t”of brother Jimmy’s bbq! Put a little south in yo mouth. I believe that’s the motto. Have fun a cherish the moment.
  5. Let me know if what you got works I’ve been dealing with a bamboo type weed for 6 years . I’ve tried gasoline and it kills the steam and leaves but not the root . I even tarped off the area and had a rat living under the tarp so the wife freaked and I pulled the tarp after 6 months.
  6. I see this all the time at Walmart and it always makes me chuckle at the name. I may have to try it!
  7. Anyone in the buffalo area or if willing to travel a bit ecc has a bunch of openings for vaccinations this weekend.
  8. I had my first shot yesterday at an urgent care in Utica. They offered the whole site shots and hardly anyone took advantage. My arm is pretty damn sore and I feel groggy!
  9. Condolences to you and the family!
  10. Stopped over at my aunt and uncles tonight. They had about 30 birds in the yard. Group of 5 Tom’s came out and chased the jakes all over the place. Pretty cool watching.
  11. As a family we used to go to the eastern every year. We had a very large group that would meet and camp for a week every year. We had people from Long Island, Ohio, Maine and west by god Virginia. I do miss those days of going and am looking forward to going this year even if it’s just for visitors day as it’s only an hour from Buffalo in Gennessee county!
  12. That was a cool video thanks for sharing.
  13. Only plan is to actually harvest a deer!
  14. Welcome. You will find a lot of land down in southern tier catt county( east Otto franklinville zoar valley). Up north Niagara co has some nice spots as well. Pendleton off of bear ridge has some public usually crowded around the first week of deer season though. Alabama swamps has good amount of land but have heard some crazy stories about run ins with some of the natives up there though! Good luck!
  15. Very interesting I like the whole being able to keep your powder dry. This would probably eliminate miss fires!
  16. @Chef. Officially won the internet today with the ben Franklin post. Thank you sir that was awesome!
  17. Have you ever watched roger raglan? He does most of his hunting from the ground! Maybe you can pick up a tip or two from watching him.
  18. I love my cams just to know what’s out there is great. I run cameras for security purposes also.
  19. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited about this. Looks like we will start a new new year tradition!
  20. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited about this. Looks like we will start a new new year tradition!
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