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  1. Used to be if you didn’t arrive by at least 530 am you couldn’t get a spot on the road near me opening day. This year on opening day 6 cars on the road . It used to be we get out opening day and hunt near the boarder and wait for the parade of deer they kick out. Now you are lucky to see a deer. East otto deer population is in decline big time. I’m not pointing fingers at why but the Amish did move in!
  2. Chalk up a win for Snowmobile riders. I’m sure Catt county won’t opt out fingers crossed!
  3. You have scared more bucks this year than I have seen!
  4. Awesome day! Seen to many deer to count. All doe! I still haven’t seen a buck after opening day ever! Plenty of sign. Holy snow this afternoon we got about a foot . Almost couldn’t get out of the driveway after the plows went by. This week I’m breaking the course of not seeing a buck or getting one after opening day!!!!!
  5. I thought for sure I was the only one that used the butt out! Glad too see I’m not the only one!
  6. I thought for sure I was the only one that used the butt out! Glad too see I’m not the only one!
  7. I just convinced my uncle that lives in Alaska to come home and hunt the last week of the season. His only demand from me is I must take him to the bills vs. pats game Monday night. I really don’t want to go to the game but it’s a fair trade!
  8. Still haven’t seen a deer this season! Neighbors cleaned up yesterday huge 10 ,2 six’s and a couple doe. Those were the only shots heard in the area also. Only 6 cars on state land.
  9. S&S taxidermy in springville had a lot of .308’s when I was in Saturday. If anyone has any 30/30 let me know please
  10. How is he a white supremacist? He shot 3 white people while protecting himself! I didn’t think white supremacist went around killing other white people! Nobody’s life should’ve been taken but that pos pedo deserved it
  11. Last year I chose to sit in a different stand over looking a gully and I could see my other stand about 150 yards out . what was standing under that stand a big 8 point. No shot . If I don’t get a buck opening day that’s a wrap for me . I have never seen a buck after opening day in 24 years of hunting my property!
  12. How the hell did I win a his week? My team was absolutely terrible! I don’t get service at the cabin and couldn’t set my lineup.
  13. Total bulls**t . I’m sick and tired of people being offended by EVERYTHING. Nut up you sissy liberal bastards! I’ll be signing off in boycott of bring @Chefback!
  14. No deer seen again this morning had one blowing in the gully then out coms a yote. We went out last night hunting them none seen. Seems they are day movers around here!
  15. Seen a giant coyote chasing deer this morning. He was the size of a wolf I shit you not. Cousin got a shot at him and grazed his back. Looks like we will be doing some hunting tonight!
  16. I’m saving it for Saturday when crossbow opens . Stay tuned!!!!!!
  17. My one dog growls and barks at the tv if another dog is on or any animal that is.
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