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  1. How was he allowed to purchase a gun if he made this threat? This is why the argument against more gun laws is becoming harder to justify.
  2. And to add onto my original point. The republicans should be praying Biden is the democrat nominee for 2024. If he is the nominee for 2024 it might be a win of epic proportion for the republicans. And if he gets creamed by a landslide, then what? No election fraud in 2024? Only 2020? All I’m seeing is failure from the current administration, and I am having a hard time being convinced that this is part of their plan.
  3. Joe Biden not being able to put together a coherent sentence is part of their plan? His own party members don't want his support for the midterms. It is looking like there will be a serious red wave coming soon. Now if there is a huge red wave and a 2024 Republican president elect, how can they be these geniuses that some some people prop them up to be?
  4. The left is so incompetent that they have failed at every turn since 2020, yet so intelligent to pull off the greatest heist the world has ever seen? Im not sure which one it is.
  5. It has been openly and widely documented that the vaccines were gene manipulating and had micro chips in them. How long were Trump and Biden working together and what deals did they make behind closed doors?
  6. Mast Landing- Crush Juice. Very good. Got better as it came to temp.
  7. I love these types. But i was expecting more from them
  8. Not overly impressed and I love their beer.
  9. Lol. Im a stream/surf fisherman. Did go trolling once on a charter for stripers and caught a big one. 45lbs off montauk.
  10. Im happy you are able you can see what I’m doing. Many people…….I’ll stop myself there lol. Democrat wins=stolen Republican wins=Fair and honest And yes, people think there is a conspiracy. And if you dont see that you are a blind sheep. But as long as you believe in what I believe, you are eyes wide open. Its hilarious coming from both sides.
  11. https://www.lionsnotsheep.com Many patriots love this website for clothing. They are pro conservatism and pro 2a according to their apparel. Many people agree. the meme above is saying although lions are strong, they are jokes cause they perform in the circus, unlike the wolf. I never thought of the lion as a joke, but now I agree with your meme. Its so sad! LIONS NOT SHEEP?
  12. I saw a YouTube video that explained it all. And the video had like 4k likes. It explained how Soros has rigged every ballot box in the country. Many people agreed.
  13. We will never have another republican president ever. Mark my words. Soros and the rabid left have every election rigged. From the federal to the local level. The wheels are in motion. There will be little to no republican winners this midterm. And by 2024 it will be all democrat controlled. Many people agree. LIONS NOT SHEEP.
  14. Soros and the rabid left pull all the strings. How do any republicans ever win? Do you think that is their way of throwing us a bone? Like Stockholm syndrome? They have already rigged the upcoming Ny midterms. If you don't think that Soros and the rabid left haven't already tampered with every ballot box from the local to federal level you are blind. Prove me wrong if you think I am making this all up. LIONS NOT SHEEP.
  15. Soros has the fix in for the midterms…….especially new york!!! No republicans will win. Soros and the rabid left have already tampered with the ballot boxes. There will be a blue wave and you can kiss your norman rockwell paintings way of life goodbye. If you are a sheep and think Im lying or can’t see this, then prove me wrong!!! LIONS NOT SHEEP
  16. So true! Soros and the rabid left have rigged the NY elections for years!!! Prove me wrong! So sad. Many people agree!!!
  17. The carved sign is awesome? Where do you find these? Auctions? Vintage shops?
  18. Grouse. Can you share your favorite quiche recipe next.
  19. 81 is a much nicer ride for sure. I took 81 to 77 to 26 back to 95 in South Carolina. I also took into account the traffic situation for my travel time. The dc/virginia area ez pass lanes are ridiculously expensive if you want to drive around traffic. From nyc to south florida it was about 100 miles extra and around 2 hours longer than 95. But I looked at it like if I had to sit in rush hour traffic from balt-richmond id make up that 2 hour difference basically plus keep my sanity and toll money. But if you time it correctly and avoid any dc area traffic 95 is the way to go.
  20. I do this drive often. One you get passed DC it is usually smooth sailing. Potential congestion near richmond but nothing crazy I have experienced. Im basing this off of the evening rush. If it is similar to morning rush hour I would avoid DC at all costs. You are in the catskills. I just drove down 81 to avoid 95. It was out of the way a bit but I hit no traffic and no tolls. Might be something to consider if it doesn’t take you too far put of the way.
  21. Nice. I might take a trip up there this summer with my kids. I love swimming holes. And from what I’ve read that whole region is awesome.
  22. Is that the park with the huge swimming hole?
  23. Saltwater catfish today. Hopefully I’ll be back out tomorrow with better luck
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