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  1. Nothing is more beautiful than when a cock takes flight and reaches his climax and then is finished when he hears and eruption……BOOM.
  2. I have a cooler backpack. I think im gonna turn that into a fish cooler. And if I catch something too bug for it, well that's a good problem to have!
  3. Cold beer goes in the small cooler section of my tackle backpack. Good for a a six pack and some ice. I just never want to cram the fish in there. Ive kept them on a stringer or in a laundry bag if i am in calm water inlets. Im talking out front with some surf. Last summer i had an osprey dive bomb a mackerel I caught that I had tied off to some driftwood. I guess I should stop bitching and just bring a small cooler designated for fish and beers.
  4. How do you guys keep your fish when you are saltwater surf fishing if you don’t have a cooler? And a stringer from the belt is not an option? Ive read that you can bury in the sand but I am specifically talking about surf fishing in the southern heat.
  5. Are we really still talking about covid? I had the sniffles last week. Should we talk about that next?
  6. Do you think the republicans were controlling the ballot boxes in Texas where Mayra Flores won a historically democratic stronghold? I was thinking they were ballot harvesting otherwise how else could she win.
  7. Yeah. Exactly. This stuff does happen. Imagine your son made sweet sweet love to a girl that poked holes in his condom. Not only is he financially responsible for 18 years bare minimum but God knows what else his life has in store for him. Maybe he quits high school to work. He never gets an education. And he lives in poverty taking every type of government taxpayer aid becoming a true leech on society. Then because he is reliant on government aid, he starts voting democrat. And then his kids vote democrat. And so on and so forth. Very scary to imagine.
  8. What about the crazy girl who is poking holes in the guys condom! That young patriots life Should be hitched to a psycho skank for the rest of his life?
  9. Or dont raise a floozy who is smashing the town locals before marriage.
  10. So kill the guy because your loose daughter spread her legs willingly? That doesnt seem very American.
  11. Yes agreed. Patriots stay to see things out. Punani’s get up and move out of the state!!!! Anyone who leaves ny is a Grade A pussy in Shoots book. If that hurts your feelings…. Sorry not sorry! Love it or leave it LIONS
  12. Its very easy. And just like gman said. You can get up and leave your miserable state whenever you want if you are unhappy. Just like you can move out if you want to be in a state where you can abort a baby no questions asked.
  13. I say the same thing about all the soy boys in ny who complain about it. Love it or leave. Gtfo if you dislike it this much. Nobody is chaining you to this glorious state!
  14. Did they mow people down on purpose or was it a hit and run accident?
  15. First job was a busboy. I thought I was rich making $100 for the weekend lol.
  16. Interesting topic. Do birds have the brain capability to even remember things? Are they sophisticated enough to remember something from 10 minutes ago or days/weeks?
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