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  1. Your right, the duct taping issue shouldn’t have been judged by me, it’s just a matter of preference I guess. As a side note , thanks for pointing out my lack of posting experience as a mere 45 in 5 years. You win, yours is bigger.
  2. No , but at six I knew to end a question with punctuation. Your posts are moronic and I truly hope that no new hunters read and put any value into your hunting techniques, if you actually even hunt. You are either an evil genius trying to get a rise out of ethical hunters or possibly the dumbest person in the woods.
  3. Spoken like an idiot, sorry, no way to be nice about your severe lack of intelligence. Ok, actually not sorry.
  4. “I’ll tell you what, You can get a good look at a Tbone by sticking your head up a bulls ass”
  5. That’s nothing, I drove my truck 10 miles today only to see a red fox and a mature doe that I couldn’t shoot on neighboring property
  6. Light breeze in 6k, jumped 2 on way in. Nada since, Hit the snooze button twice this morning and now am alone in a tree with my regrets.
  7. Jameson Black Barrel, can’t go wrong for a mid priced whiskey, for a special occasion I like the redbreast cask strength.
  8. Dead quiet in 6k, beautiful morning. Unfortunately , I think last nights long hots are about to cost me a shirt sleeve.