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  1. Selling my beloved Tikka, probably 200rds or so down the pipe. Purchased with the hopes of getting into longer range shooting, only made it out to 700 yards with it. Amazing, accurate rifle. Bare rifle asking 1700 With Bushnell xrs ii illuminated g3 reticle and nightforce rings 2700.
  2. Little Zeek strikes again. Thanksgiving 10pt.
  3. Sitka Fantatic bibs and jacket. Base layer- under armour 3.0 bottoms I have thin kuiu merino bottoms that ill put on also if its really cold Top base- sitka merino quarter zip Kuiu peloton 200 hoody over the sitka I almost never wear the jacket walking in, and have the bibs side zip opened up to vent also. If you had a long walk in id probably pack it in and dress at the tree.
  4. Started with red lights, still use hand calls almost everytime I go out. It definitely is very addicting, and can be very expensive if you so desire lol.
  5. Sighted our guns in yesterday, went out tonight. Call was goin for not even 2 mins and here comes little Zeeks first victim of the year and first fox ever. Shot it at about 90 yards. Plenty more to come!
  6. Update...no deer, had a great guy from deer search come out with cooper the dog. Never really got on anything, did a total of 1.5 miles. Son is obviously devastated but its a learning moment and we will get better from it.
  7. My father stopped by while im at work to look for my sons buck. He couldnt find a trace of anything, not looking good.
  8. Hair was around 2", brown and black tipped. From what i looked up it appears high shoulder/back area.
  9. No deer...no blood at the hit site. found half the arrow in a path, no trees around, looks like the buck jumped some downed trees and the arrow snapped. Close enough to his shoulder when he jumped he snapped it...not sure. Hair in that area, 2 pin drop size spots of blood. Theres 14"-16" of arrow in the deer. Left a msg with deer search, we'll see if i get a call back tomorrow.
  10. I dont plan on pursuing, I want to check hit site, and trail leading to were i last saw it. If it looks like we have lung blood ill continue. If not im back till half time.
  11. Wish us luck, son hit a buck little before 6. Shot was liverish area, it spun on the shot but was quartering away on impact. Heading out in an hour to check were i saw it last before it went into thick cover.
  12. Had this happen 2 years ago. Turned out my rest decided to quit working.
  13. @wolc123 Tags in Idaho are 650 for elk and 350 for muley's I believe. Id trade NY in a heartbeat to be out there, absolutely beautiful. I turn 40 in a a month, i plan i doing this as long as i can.
  14. Loved every minute of. Hoping to try again in a few years. Purchased points for wyoming too yesterday lol
  15. Welp to wrap this up finally, last morning we saw more hunters then animals so we packed up and decided to drive some back roads glassing for mulies. End up seeing 6, unfortunately all does and fawns. The trip was a amazing experience. If I could do it all over again the only thing i would change is getting back into where we ended up last, to be the first stop. We wouldve been in early enough to beat the crowd. Gear wise everything worked really well. I do plan on probably building a rifle of larger caliber. The thought of getting closer to that bull but out of realistic 308 range woulda killed me. After hiking miles and miles, if the best i could do was 650 yards, I want to be able to take advantage of that opportunity. I dont advocate "long range hunting" but I will be proficient if needed. This new 7mm PRC that just came out intrigues me. So any lefties out there that may be interested in a couple nice rifles watch the 4 sale section.
  16. Last day here, back with cell coverage. Yesterday was our best day, saw 16 total elk and 6 mule deer. 1 spike muley is all that had antlers, but i did spot a 4x4 or 5x5 bull. He was around 1300 yards out with 2 cows and a spike. I formultated a plan and went with it. Dropped down about 1000 vertical feet to a semi flat pine thicket, booked it through there to were it met the face of the mountain he was on. I had the side covered well within range, problem is they never showed up. They were at the top and to me looked like they were feeding their way down. Im thinking they went over the back side. However we are back in our same glassing spots as yesterday hoping he returns.
  17. Well sitting at 9200ft of elevation and i have a better signal than i have back in my house lol. So id thought id update yall. It is hot out here, not what we want obviously. First place we went was crazy driving up to it, definitely needs a serious truck to get up these single track dirt mountain roads. Thats spot didnt pan out, we did see elk and deer sign but the creeks were dried up. Which means the closest guaranteed water was a 3hr drive down the mountain to a stream we pasted. So that night we packed up and drove back into Salmon and slept in the truck in town. Formultated a plan for another spot I E scouted, was definitely going to be more crowded but appeared to have more water sources. So we got here yesterday setup camp and just glassed near by, talk to a few guys and we all have the same idea unfortunately. The plan this a.m. was get up and moving while still dark and get to the backside of these mountains were it appears there are some lakes. My buddy im with is...well he came out and told he never really trained to be in better shape for the hell we are getting into...so it has been slower moving than id like. Welp during the night we could here elk talkin on this mountain face, this a.m. as were ready to roll they start up again. No bugles but definitely elk. So we slip down from camp and setup in a spot where we can see this mt side. As daylight breaks i spot 2 elk up on its ridge. Switch from binos to my spotter, 2 cows estrus calling. Few hours later we circled to the side of a different mt were we can see the spot the cows were in and the likely pine thickets they are beded in. Now we wait for sun down when they will get on their feet again to go feed, hoping a bull is in tow. Cross your fingers for us!
  18. Wont have reception much longer, so this will get updated in probably a week. We're goin in boys and girls!
  19. Just stopped for a shower at a KOA IN 3 Forks Montana. That was definitely needed. About 4 more hours of driving and we will be to our spot. I will most likely not have reception there so hope to fill this with pics in a week or so.
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