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  1. All sighted in. Definitely liking this scope alot. Couldnt really shoot past 100 yards because the scope is black and white day or night. So trying to see my gong target at 300 yards was impossible. May do a night shoot this Saturday with my yote huntin buddies, hope to have some pics then. O i was bored yesterdsy so the savage got a new color scheme.
  2. It came with 3 extra batteries. This way i can have the charger in my truck and rotate through the batteries as the night goes on. Mounted it on the rifle last night. Now trying to read up on how to zero it.
  3. i enjoyed my ATN last year when it worked. A deal came up for this Pulsar digex and i jumped on it. Will be mounting it on my .204 ruger and hopefully i can pile some fur up with it this year. Cant wait for october.
  4. If i dont see him during the season then hopefully he makes it to 2021.
  5. Nice 10pt walking around this evening. Photos through a spotting scope.
  6. You can watch 20+ deep v blue water boats getting swamped at haulover. Its one of the more dangerous inlets around.
  7. haven't checked the camera in a few weeks. In that time a grape vine grew infront of i had 3400 pics to go though and delete.
  8. My father has a 2013 24' pontoon boat we use on chautauqua lake all the time. He picked this particular model because it was geared towards fishing and pleasure. It has a pair of pedestal seats in front and in back. 2 live wells, a big bench/couch seat also. We've had 10 people on board comfortably. On windy days it is hard to stay in one spot, that is why it has 2 anchors on board. Is it harder to slip into his boat lift on windy days than a v haul, yes but definitely no game changer for us.
  9. Gotta share this pic yesterday evening. Lake was beautiful last night until about 130am.
  10. Made about 7 casts on Chautauqua lookin for a musky with a large mepps musky killer spinner. Found a 20" eye instead.
  11. the evening turned out to be a good one. No weighable fish for the tourney, but good fishing action until the wind kicked up around 2am. Boated 10 walleye, kept 9 all 18"-22", lost 2 at the net, lost 4 reeling in. Great fun with some great friends this past week. Ill be back out around the fourth of july on erie.
  12. After a abysmal morning yesterday we went out at 730pm to do some night fishing. It worked out pretty good for us. Boated 10 walleye, released 1, lost 2 at the net, lost 4 while reeling them in. No slobs, we kept 9 18"-22"ers. Fished till 2am. Good times out there this week.
  13. Another turd of a day, 1 eater eye...couldnt even mark fish really. Might go out this evening.
  14. Nothin so far this a.m. they dissappeard over night. I dont have a fishhawk so i only know surface temp which is 5 degrees warmer then a few days ago.
  15. Fish were back in at barcelona. Had a weighable fish my buddy screwed up netting and lost it at the back of the boat. Boated probably 14 walleye, all eaters but the one we lost.
  16. Boated probably 14 eyes today lost 2, 1 was definitely a weighable fish. 2 sheephead, 2 white bass. Good to be back on fish, had our first double, almost a triple. Back out it tomorrow.
  17. 1.5-1.8 problem is the big east wind from last weekend pushed a ton of cold water in. People with fishawaks are reporting 64* surface temp and 25' down the water is 45*. The fish have scattered, and we cant find them.
  18. 9 hours of trolling...thats depressing I guess it cant get anyworse tomorrow?
  19. Love the show, only series i really watch anymore.
  20. Bottom fish is in question, may be a small coho.
  21. Top 200 pays lol. Got 7lb 4oz in, looking for a solid 10lber to guarantee money. Either way im loving it, haven't fished erie this much ever.
  22. Out of barcelona, my parents have a place on chautauqua lake so its only a 15 min drive to barcelona. Didnt see alot of action from anyone around us though.
  23. Tough bite for walleye today. 2 of us on the boat. Boated 4 walleye and 2 steelhead. Never caught a steelie before today, now i got 2. Biggest eye was 26". Back at it in the a.m.
  24. Our 17.5ft center console.