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  1. Honestly either would be a good choice for getting into nv. You here about glitches with the atn. The only bad on wraith ive heard is battery life, and if sound during recording is important the wraith doesnt have that.
  2. It really a simple setup. Not 100% sure how people screw it up. I totally get that it no top end optic, but for my $70 raffle win im happy with it. Sighted it in the other day. I will say the one shot sight in stinks. You shoot, move a second set of crosshairs to the impact and then you are on. Well i like to be very exact when zeroing a rifle. At 100 yards you can not see a .204 hole in the target zoomed in. So i walk down, note were the shot is move the crosshairs to were i believe the hole was. Shoot, walk down, nope still a inch off.. shoot, walk, close...close enough. I should have brought out my spotting scope. I just like being able to say move 3" down, 2" left and just go thru my clicks on a conventional scope. But no biggie its on, now waiting on my IR led so i can hunt.
  3. What i wrote was in no way aimed at you. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  4. Push out rear take down pin, strip rounds off the mag. Or keep gun together and pull charging handle which will load then eject the rounds.
  5. Also...i reccomend the bear flag speed loaders over the mean arms. Just my 2 cents.
  6. As far as how fixed is fixed...imagine standing infront of a liberal judge and the prosecutor makes his case against you by showing the judge your full featured ar without a mag in it... they wont care if it has to be opened up to remove the mag, clearly its not fixed.
  7. Grampy i would caution any off brand AR purchase. Ask as many questions you can about were the parts were made. Especially barrel and bolt cartier group. If they dance around it then most likely china. If they say Bear creek arsenal i caution you there also. From everything ive read u have about a 25% chance of getting a good barrel. The weight u mentioned is probably within a half pound of a aluminum rifle.I would definitely look at a smith m&p sport 2. For the price which you should be able to find for $650-$750. They are very popular and very durable. 16" barrel noise is marginally louder than a 20". The type of muzzle break on the end is whats going to cause the noise. If it became a issue just take off the break and put on a thread protector. Someone could build a damn good ar for u in that $600-650 range. Pm me if you have questions, i dont want to sound arrogant but i have been working and using ARs for a long time.
  8. Yes once the mag is fixed you can all scary features. Threaded muzzle, muzzle break, bayonet lug, forward grip, pistol grip, and collapsible stock. Detachable mag, your looking featureless, non of whats posted above. So u are looking and thordsan stock, or spur grip are the most popular choices.
  9. And thats the thing, the law say is has to be non detachable if it has scary features. If i ever ended up in a court room with a lawyer explaing to the judge the definition of detachable and theres my gun with a magazine detached from it...again everyone can do as they wish but unfortunately im stuck in this state and i dont feel like spending time in jail for something so stupid.
  10. Honestly and people will argue this to death. I wouldnt own one. For the simple reason you can open the receiver take the mag out close the receiver. You now have a rifle with all the scary features and the mag detached. That is against the safe act. I know all of this is bullshit, i know alot of police could care less, i know theres dealers selling them. I wouldnt own it. Either pin the mag, or go featureless or build what you want and dont get caught.
  11. Very busy day for us at DDs ranch. All of the sudden people are buying again. Hamburg gun show and this one are complete opposite of the last year of gun shows. Hoping tomorrow i get a chance to walk around and shop maybe.
  12. Ive also read alot of people having the freezing issue. Did the firmware update not that ive used it alot but so far so good. Were did u get the ir led for your wicked??? Ive checked everywere, i have to call on wed they are suppose to have some coming in.
  13. Heading over at noon to set up DDs ranch tables. Always a good show. Shows lately and and business lately has been pretty good.
  14. AR10 gets kinda picky. Theres primarily 2 patterns, DPMS, and Armalite. You have to make sure that you know whos pattern your building when you start. This obviously goes for the upper and lower fitment.
  15. Buddy of mine just got the wraith, as with most cheaper night vision you have to upgrade to ir it comes with. Im in the process of doing that now with my atn 4k pro i won. Also his only complaint so far other than stock ir is battery life, not sure what the options are there for ya. What are ya doin for the lower of that 243? Trigger and such...
  16. I have right now probably 10 spots to hunt in erie county, thats why i chose it. Plus who doesnt need another gun.
  17. I shot one last year with my 308 using 150gr hornady interlok i believe. One tiny entrance and one tiny exit. It never hit bone, if it did im sure the exit would have been quite large.
  18. Yes it is. And my numbers may be off. I didnt look at hornady superformance. The main reason i wanted it, is for prior to deer season ending a bunch of the propertys i hunt, you cant use a centerfire riffle .22 cal or larger. So the 204 will be great for season long hunting.
  19. I have wicked red lights im trying to find a ir led for...everyone is out stock.
  20. I agree, i bought my dies at cabelas and some 39gr Sierra bk. Brass has to be ordered. The 8208xbr powder i have for my grendel from what i read is a good powder for the 204 also.
  21. Build a ar in 204, with a mid weight 22" barrel. Your looking at 1" high at 100 yards, like 6-7" low at 300 depending on the velocity of your ammo. So if you think a yote is close to 300 put the cross hairs on its back. Anything else hold center chest.
  22. Just uploaded the new firmware. Also picked up my Christmas presant from my wife. A savage in 204 ruger. It will be the home for the nv. Just need to get a IR bulb for my wicked lights gun light to use with this scope. I will shoot the rifle Wednesday if the weather is good.
  23. At the weigh in for the wny predator slam. Whether you kill something or not it is worth it to go for the raffles and door prizes.