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  1. I will say talking with him and meeting him in person was great. Very nice guy that may be trying to do too much all at once. The store front is not his only gig, and may be spreading himself thin. The clip on itself is quite small, i love the idea of being able to put it on multiple rifles and not having to rezero a gun everytime.
  2. I was working the Hamburg gun show and Barker was set up behind us. I got to play with all his thermals. I have really liked the idea of a clip on thermal and he had one that he had been demoing. I really liked it, so i believe thats the next step lol.
  3. Throwing around the idea selling one of these scopes. The Super Hogster is a awsome thermal with video recording ability. It will come with everything from the factory plus a extended battery compartment with 2 16650 batteries. You can run it all night with this setup. Looking for $2700 Next up Pulsar Digex night vision scope with wicked lights a51ir. Its a awsome combo and also comes with everything from the factory. Looking for $1000 on this setup. I will add pics tomorrow when i get home.
  4. Started our morning across from our house with no luck. Neighbor txtd me around 6 to ask if i was out with my son behind our house, told him nope but we were making our way back there shortly. Well he was out with his daughter and had 3 jakes going like crazy, wished him and her luck and kept trying where we were. Little back story on his daughter. Her and my son are friends, same grade and started competing with each other during their first deer season last year. She got 2 doe and he got a doe and a buck. So now she is after him for turkey season, she missed 1 tom this year so far. Back to hunting...we wait 15 more minutes and started heading back to our house, we just get to our yard and hear a shot! She missed again! He called in 3 jakes and she missed. They went back to their house and my son dropped a layer and we headed back for our turn. Withinin 5 mins i had them gobbling their heads off, we set up and i instantly saw movement...its a skunk! I was hoping he would move on and not get between us and the birds, didnt want to scate the stink out of him if we got a shot. He moved on and the jakes showed up, we both called and they were gobbling at everything. They were between 20 and 25 yards when i told him to shoot. Boom! Flop, his first bird on the ground. He instantly started shaking and happy tears came. Couldnt be prouder of him, he is beyond dedicated to hunting and all that the outdoors has to offer. Cant wait for the turkey dinner tonight.
  5. Yes, took a shrimp off a bottom rig. Was like reeling in a trash bag.
  6. Who woulda thought, a sea turtle...it was picked up and sent to the local aquarium hospital.
  7. Down at Virginia Beach for my daughters cheer competition. Got out on the pier this morning with my son. Ended up with 4 skate and 1 sting ray. Skate in the pic had its tail cut off or bit off at some point.
  8. Waters to cold for this wussie but he jumped in lol.
  9. Its only spring...i wouldnt doubt it happens this year lol.
  10. Update Pond was over full from snow melt and rain so I rented a mini excavator last week and dug a 100ft trench to the ditch that runs the length of our field. Put in 2 20ft pieces of 8" corrugated black pipe and burried that 40' of pipe and now we have a little exposed stream when the water gets to high. Went to Smith creek fish farm today and got 10lbs of fathead minnows and 2lbs of breeder sized shiners. By the end of june ill get crayfish and bluegills in there.
  11. Patiently waiting to hear some gobbles...
  12. Him messing with the hen.
  13. Nothing across the street, came back into our woods and called a hen in. No gobblers around though.
  14. Son and i went out at 7pm in our woods then walked neighbors 200 acres across the street. No birds seen or heard, alarms still set for 5am...fingers crossed.
  15. Just picked up the new to me mower. 2019 Ferris IS700Z with a 52" deck and 27hp commercial briggs engine. Only has 43.7hrs on it, first zero turn for us, plenty of torn up lawn is in our future lol.
  16. We are getting there 2.5 days prior to the elk opener. I plan on camping by the truck the first day to acclimate, i have a handful of glassing spots picked out so far. In those 2.5 days i plan on packing lightly until we have eyes on a good bull. Obviously everything can change when boots hit the ground.
  17. Ill be hunting from 8k to 10k. No i have never hunted at that altitude before. Even more of a reason to have life saving equipment with me. Again i find it incredibly dumb to leave my pack, the thing made for hauling meat possibly miles from where i may kill a animal. This hunt is going to kick my ass whether or not i have a extra 25lbs on my back. Im looking forward to this challenge.
  18. I will always have my pack with me. At all times it will have, first aid, kill kit (bags,tags,knife, and license), rain gear, insulating layers, trekking poles, food, water, spotting scope and tripod, o shit stuff like fire starter and emergency blanket, head lamp, possibly more. The pack will probably weigh around 20-25lbslbs after camp is set. Im fine with that especially if i do shoot something a couple miles from camp, not going to walk back to be able to pack out quarters.
  19. It was between the inreach and Zoleo for me. What swayed my purchase was my buddy got the inreach also.
  20. Possibly the most important piece of gear so far. Garmin inreach mini 2. Tiny gps, but i will be able to send txts to my family while i am gone and out of cell service, also and most importantly the SOS feature.
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