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  1. If ya look at the tail even with weird lighting you should see a differance in color from brown to white. Im thinking albino.
  2. All settled in here. Hoping for some kinda deer movement today compared to yesterdays dud. Goodluck everyone!
  3. Yea, this is just practice sitting in a tree lol. In a week and a half thats when it should be go time.
  4. Strapped in and ready for a buck. My bil is here too so hopefully we get some decent deer movement. Good luck everyone.
  5. u pop positive for covid and get to go away and hunt for 2 weeks...damnit thats genius!!!
  6. Lol, in the future maybe but not the near future. I actually dont mind switching between the two. I like picking it up with the thermal and then being able to I.D. it with nv. Maybe some day a trijicon mkIII 60, seems i could id with that, just have to see which child id have to sell to afford it lol.
  7. I picked up a AGM asp25-384. Demo model with full warranty. Definitely nice being able to scan and with certainty know if somethings there or not. Lovin it so far.
  8. Went out last night for 2 quick sets. It felt like forever since i last went out. First spot across the street from me, its a cut soybean field with standing corn still. Setup so if they came out downwind of the call they would end up 100 yards infront of me. Warch a group of deer feeding around, one of which was a nice buck, hope he crosses the road one of these days im in a stand. About 15 mins in i picked up a smaller animal moving in on my thermal scanner. Got it in the scope and it was a fox. Watched him for the next 10 mins sitting and watching the call. Had to move on to the next spot. Get there and more deer out, one of which was maybe the biggest buck ive seen. Id say easily 160" deer, 14-16pt...HUGE!. But back to varmint hunting, called for 15 mins and got another fox to come in, no yotes talkin last night. Maybe friday night.
  9. Yea he slims up as the season moves on. First time out this year, 10 years old and we walked 3.5 miles, he probably did 10 miles zig zagging everywhere. Hes slowing down some but still a amazing bird dog.
  10. Only allowed 2 boxes per customer. I got mt 100 rds.
  11. Cabelas in cheektowaga on friday had blazer brass 9mm for $15 a box. DDs ranch in alden has most common hunting rounds, and tons of slugs and birdshot.
  12. Im in, last night in this stand had a group of hens come in and spot me turning head wtf... then a doe came through just before i climbed down. Hope to do some light rattling and see some antlers. Good luck all!
  13. I use the only matched set of sheds ive ever found, a nice heavy 8pt. Other than the rattling bag or that weird disc thing rattler, just as bulky as any others ive seen.
  14. Pheasants in the morning hopefully deer in the evening. Goodluck out there, beautiful day to be outdoors.
  15. Thats my dads 3rd son lol. 10 years old now, he has definitely slowed a little from years past but he did a great job today.
  16. My dad got 2 and i got 1 at harwood lake this a.m. i missed one, and didnt shoot a hen due to miscommunication with my dad. My son followed along and loved it. Duke did a great job, flushed a total of 9 birds just cant control the way they take off.
  17. Will be heading to harwood lake early Saturday morning as my father and i were drawn to hunt there. Will post up some pics of our success.
  18. like to yote hunt there!