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  1. Son and i went out at 7pm in our woods then walked neighbors 200 acres across the street. No birds seen or heard, alarms still set for 5am...fingers crossed.
  2. Just picked up the new to me mower. 2019 Ferris IS700Z with a 52" deck and 27hp commercial briggs engine. Only has 43.7hrs on it, first zero turn for us, plenty of torn up lawn is in our future lol.
  3. We are getting there 2.5 days prior to the elk opener. I plan on camping by the truck the first day to acclimate, i have a handful of glassing spots picked out so far. In those 2.5 days i plan on packing lightly until we have eyes on a good bull. Obviously everything can change when boots hit the ground.
  4. Ill be hunting from 8k to 10k. No i have never hunted at that altitude before. Even more of a reason to have life saving equipment with me. Again i find it incredibly dumb to leave my pack, the thing made for hauling meat possibly miles from where i may kill a animal. This hunt is going to kick my ass whether or not i have a extra 25lbs on my back. Im looking forward to this challenge.
  5. I will always have my pack with me. At all times it will have, first aid, kill kit (bags,tags,knife, and license), rain gear, insulating layers, trekking poles, food, water, spotting scope and tripod, o shit stuff like fire starter and emergency blanket, head lamp, possibly more. The pack will probably weigh around 20-25lbslbs after camp is set. Im fine with that especially if i do shoot something a couple miles from camp, not going to walk back to be able to pack out quarters.
  6. It was between the inreach and Zoleo for me. What swayed my purchase was my buddy got the inreach also.
  7. Possibly the most important piece of gear so far. Garmin inreach mini 2. Tiny gps, but i will be able to send txts to my family while i am gone and out of cell service, also and most importantly the SOS feature.
  8. Part of idaho im going in supposedly from all my research does not have grizzlies. Black bears and wolves are plentiful.
  9. Thank you, yea im definitely not basing success of the trip on a kill. Its going to be a amazing experience in a truly wild and beautiful place. Still get giddy thinking about this trip, cant believe it lol.
  10. Sleeping bag...check Big angus anvil 15 degree bag. Weighs 2lbs 12 oz.
  11. Havent looked at trade in, was looking at getting a used tractor. Im off next week maybe ill drive over to landpro in oakfield and see what they have.
  12. Selling our 1025r to go up in size of tractor. Its in good shape allways stored indoors. Has 267hrs, used to mow our 3acres of lawn, maintain trails through our woods and plow our driveway. Has worked good with a 4' disc creating a foodplot. Disc could go with sale of the tractor for the right price. The bucket and 60" mower deck are the quick attach type and are very easy to use. Can possibly deliver depending on location. $16k obo
  13. On keens site? Not seeing 60% off.
  14. I have first lite bramblers for a upcoming elk hunt and like them so far.
  15. Thats a good time. Water wont be too hot. Work on casting weed edges. Or just vertical jig for walleye at drop offs lol.
  16. All of the musky we have caught were accidents. Always get them going for perch or walleye. When i have tossed big stick baits or big ol mepps muskie killer ive got walleye lol. I only really fish the north end. What time of year u planning on?
  17. With a conventional mag lock as i know them, all you have to do to remove is drill off the head off the allen screw. It merely takes the place of the mag release. I personally despise fixed mags, ive run fin grip with thumb shelf with a featureless ar so i have a detachable mag. Bipods are definitely not illegal on a AR unless you are running a detachable mag featureless gun and the bipod in question is one of the ones that deploy from a forward grip.
  18. Im actually looking at their gravity filter system.
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