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  1. Nice calm morning hoping to see some buck movement. Havent seen antlers since opening day of gun. Goodluck to all that are out.
  2. My son got his first yote last night. I let the dogs out and scanned the field, this guy was chowing down on a deer carcass i have staked down. We made our move back and the yote moved out to around 200 yards. I barked to stop him and my son made a good shot, the yote ran about 100 yards and piled up. 49lb old male.
  3. The thermal is on a 224 valkyrie, i know its not a recoil issue, not sure what it is. I have to shoot it again and see if the zero moved.
  4. If this was in reference to me sure. Set up a account on the idaho fish and game web site or app. Non res tags go on sale Dec 1st at 10am mt time so noon here. It said a half hour prior everyone signed in will be put in a virtual waiting room. Well we logged in around 1115ish and were immediately put in the waiting room. You are then randomly issued a place in line. My buddy got 4126, i got 6040... Then u wait, and wait, and wait. Occasionally the site updates and shows u what has sold out already. It caused sooo much anxiety lol. When ur up u select your tags and pay. We both got salmon region for elk, which we wanted. And he got unit 36b for deer i got 28. They border each other so thats fine.
  5. And i got my elk tag! Hell yea, idaho 2022!!!
  6. My buddy got his tags...im still 879 away from purchasing.
  7. Patiently waiting in line for idaho here lol...only 2100 people ahead me, my buddy has 541...another has 6500 lol.
  8. More meat for the freezer. Just started walking out back at 8, as last night was a late night if bowling and beverages. Made 1/4 of the way to the stand i was going to, slowly walking and scanning. Look left and 80 yards away a lage group of doe are watching me. Raise the gun and freezer queen down.
  9. Congrats to all today, out of likes. Back at it in the a.m.
  10. So the morning was filled with counting squirrels, no deer sightings at all by us or my father. My son had obligations at school to help set up for a vetrans ceremony tomorrow, so i took some time mid day to move a blind to a spot i figured could have potential. He got home around 130 and he wanted to try the blind out. By 230 it was very apparent too many people were hunting a small chunk of woods. My father was sitting 75 yards away, a neighbor was maybe 100. So i asked him where he wanted to go. "Back corner" was the answer. Ok lets go. We were settled in the new spot by 315. Within minutes i could hear deer running in the brush and a swamp to our right. A minute later i see a doe just inside the brush line , he gets on it and asks if its ok to shoot, i give him the ok. Then we hear a grunt, then another. He gives me a look and i just nod, the doe trots off and then the buck appears. I give him the good old mehhh to stop him, unfortunately he stops with a branch covering the vitals. He stares in our direction for just short of eternity, then takes 2 steps and i throw another mehhh at him, this time he stops in a opening and the rest is history. He made a great long range shot that was pushing 35 yards lol. Buck ran 50 yards and drops. So proud of him. The last few years hunting has changed for me, i tried my hardest to get my brother in law a good buck and last bow season he put his 1st "big" buck on the wall, this year was all about Ryan. I kinda like getting "old" lol.
  11. Good luck everyone, been settled in with my hunting partner since 610. To say he is pumped is a understatement lol. This is going to be a great day shot or no shot. Enjoy it everyone!
  12. Checking out my field with my night vision just now. BIG 10pt with split G2 on the left side 150 yards from my back patio. Never seen this guy before but id love to introduce myself and my son tomorrow
  13. Its a pistol you are good to go in erie county. Before genesee and wyoming county changed i hunted with a thompson center contender in 7-30 waters (30-30 necked down to 7mm). Rifle caliber pistols are a great loophole for restricted counties.
  14. So far so good, 20rds down and easy 3/4" @100. Went 3/3 at 300 yards on my 5" gong. This is shooting off a back pack no rear support. Ive read bad reviews on 300 win mag, supposedly it was a bad reamer. I believe cabelas has the mesa on sale now for 1099.
  15. Christensen arms mesa in. 308 Its gotta kill something before i take it elk hunting next year.
  16. If your really in a pinch i have a good amount of 165gr nosler accubonds. Let me know.
  17. My son and ill will be hunting near cover. The hunting preasure is not bad around us but, if they do get preasured its where they are headed. More importantly, the bucks are still harassing does and they are hanging near bedding.
  18. Im not expecting any giants, biggest reason is ill be sitting with my son. If one comes out its his.
  19. I have a buddy that has been searching for the last few months and has come up dry. The gun loves these rounds doesnt pattern good with the 2 3/4. Barnes expanders or the federal fusions. If u have a box u could spare or know a place that has some please let me know, where and how much. Thanks.
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