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  1. No trekking poles yet, they are on the list.
  2. Some fun new stuff rolling in for the hunt. Goal Zero solar panel, weighs 1lb, some solar crush lights for in the tent and around camp. Not pictured is Kuiu pro pants, not sure if these will be the pants i bring. Thinking i want something that can zip off or atleast vent better. For rain gear i purchased Kryptek koldo jacket and pants. Pre ordered a Argali Recon 2 person tent, my buddy ordered one also. Ill probably end up purchasing a titanium stove at some point to make this a hot tent. Big purchases still left will be 8x42 or 10x42 binos, a sleeping bag, a garmin inreach mini, and water filtration system. Still need a base layer pant, a mid layer pant and probably a pair of whichever pant i find i like better than the kuiu pros. Up top im good, o also got some pairs of darn tough socks in.
  3. Give a bump and 950 for the gun. 325 for ammo. Or lets make a bundle deal!
  4. Saw her before this past deer season, 2 neighbors saw her during the season. We all decided to let her walk. Cool to see her compared to a normal one.
  5. I started working out this month. Will ramp it up a little every month, mix in different workouts. Planning on doing alot of hiking with the pack on, biking when the weather gets better. Hoping to hit up ny tallest peak. Im not taking this lightly, the last thing i want is to miss a opportunity that i may never get a crack at again because i didnt prepare myself.
  6. Thanks, yes the gun works perfectly. It deserves to be used and not to sit in a safe.
  7. Bought this last year from a fellow member here with the intentions of hunting yotes with it. Its been staying in the safe as im been taking my bolt guns out more. Ny compliant, detachable mag. Comes with 2 mags. Asking $1000 for the gun. 330 rounds of 75gr tmj ammo. 100 rounds of 69gr sierra. $350 for the ammo.
  8. First time out in a month. Called in a pair, waiting on my son to shoot the one, buddy to my left was on the other to his right...waiting...ryan shoot...ryan shoot! Im whispering to my son because the yote im watching is getting a little nervous. Its starting to walk away. I cant wait any longer and i drop the yote. The 2nd one never gets shot at, my buddy is using a 4x sightmark wraith. He said the dog was too close, all he saw was fur in the scope...My sons issue, not 100% sure. I think he may not have closed the bolt all the way. No firing pin mark on the round. Not sure. O well, good night out, 1 less female.
  9. Yes, i know u hunt what u draw. I drew salmon for elk. So i have ALL of salmon to hunt if i wish. For mule deer i drew unit 28 (which is in salmon zone) i know i can only hunt unit 28 for deer. Im not expecting to see a wolf but why not buy a $30 tag. I appreciate your optimistic attitude, hope ya have a great day.
  10. For what i paid for it i couldnt touch anything with better glass. Honestly its sole purpose is just for me to be able to say yep its got a rack. Not going to be overly picky on this hunt.
  11. Got my Phelps Renegade bugle tube in today along with two diaphragms. Was sounding ok before the wife got really pi$$ed at me lol.
  12. And i have a pack! Kuiu pro 6000.
  13. Went to the Harrisburg outdoor show specifically to check out Kuiu. 15% off show special, ended up ordering a pro 6000 pack and a pair of pro pants and a midlayer top. When i got home i ordered a Phelps renegade bugle, and 2 diaphragms. Cant wait to freak the local deer heard out while i walk around the woods attempting to bugle lol. Will post some picks when it all gets here. O, also picked up a barely used Hawke endevor hd 15-45×60 spotting scope off Rokslide, its sitting on a Zomei carbon fiber tripod i got used off ebay. Pretty good glass for the money, searching for a good pair of 8x42 or 10x42 binos next.
  14. I checked kbb on my truck this week just for the heck of it. Its worth $3k more than it stickerd at. Its only 6 months old but goin up in value lol
  15. Not a great selection but was able to get some stuff he will out grow in a year or 2 cheap.
  16. Pretty good discounts on their camo. Picked up a insulated "waterproof" jacket for my son for $15, and a hoody for $5. This was at the batavia walmart.
  17. Will head down to Marathon key in july, will spend a couple days in St. Pete with my brothers family as they just moved down there in December.
  18. Probably 15-ish inches here, plowed the driveway then went back to our sledding hill. Had to take the truck back. Probably 600 yards from the road, 4lo front and rear locked, nice steady pace all the way back.
  19. $550obo come on people someone needs this. Did i mention its Bluetooth compatible! U got your summer time outdoor boombox baby!!!
  20. I have been training my belgain malinois on and off the last couple years. I like to use a chunk of deer liver stuck on the end of a stick. Rub it on the ground every few steps. Start out doing maybe 75 yards with some curves and work your way up to longer distances with 90 degree bends, bigger gaps between points of scent, and let it sit longer before you bring the dog out. Leave the chunk at the end of the track so the dog gets a reward. This can also be done with deer blood you collect from a kill.
  21. Won this call this past weekend at a tournament. Just opened the box to take pics. It is a factory refurbished Foxpro X wave. New the call sells for between $700-$750. Looking for $600 prefer local pickup, im in genesee county. Could ship on buyers dime.
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