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  1. No luck here.. It has been 26 years of trying. Maybe next year
  2. Does anyone know if duck hunting is permitted on the otselic river? I spent alot of time this year fishing and saw tons of ducks just not sure if its permitted. Thanks Dustin
  3. Need a 7m Im non resident even though I own property.
  4. Hunter76

    Dmap Tags

    I dont have 50 acres only 45.
  5. Hunter76

    Dmap Tags

    Hello all, my area 7m isnt giving any Dmap tags to nonresidents this year. Would anyone be willing to trade if i could apply for your area? I own land in 7m but dont live there. Any help would be greatly appericated. Thanks Dustin
  6. Hello I went up to my cabin this year for hunting and found that someone was using my well. I have it in a outhouse type building.They left there hose attached. Also left beer cans all around. They also stole my 2 trail cameras and 3 deer stands. In my cabin I have everything but internet. Does anyone have any cheap ways to protect my cabin. I looked at sat internet but im not sure how much data live streaming a camera would use. Im in chennango county. Thanks in advance for any help Dustin
  7. welcome aboard Area 7 m here.