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  1. Where did you get the dates for next year thanks
  2. Bow sniper

    Warm gear

    Merino wool base layer was my best investment
  3. Used it for the last 3 years it spooked more deer than it brought in not using anything this year ever calm as a cover scent that s it
  4. BS hunt the weather patterns
  5. X nock they are tight on the 6mm put bow string wax on the nock before u push it in
  6. There summer and fall habitats change do you have white oaks where you hunt or some other food source they moved onto
  7. I have a1/2 race food plot with tower stand build into 3 trees on the north side and a ladder stand on the south side my 1/3 acre plot has a raised ground blind 16 feet in the air on the ne side my 1/8 acre kill plot has a hang on stand with screw in steps west side of plot cameras set up in the woods beside doe trails for those I use climbing sticks and hang on stand
  8. Acorns are dropping and there moving habitats are changing won’t b long until it picks up a gear
  9. I have a ton of does and fawns and one young spike running 8 cameras from now on I will be wearing boots and gloves I hope to see some bucks soon
  10. I have 6 does and 13 fawns coming into my food plots right now the fawns are very small and young must have been bread late so maybe you’re fawns are still in cover
  11. Watched it twice last week “ brilliant “
  12. Good stuff keep wth the good work
  13. Are you shooting the deer or chasing them down