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  1. I actually live about 10 minutes from this spot and went down the day after I seen it on facebook, there were deer in bags and one dumped on the guardrail, most of them old skeletons but the one that was intact was gutted perfectly and no meat takin at all, and also the deer was on fb 1 day before I seen it with horns so someone seen the vid and went and took the horns off. It appeared to me like a butcher got a little busy perhaps!!
  2. Just curious on everyone's take on what dec/highway Dept does with roadkill deer and disposal methods, I ask because a friend and me found a spot with alot of dead deer some skeletons some fresh, the fresh one was gutted perfect but no meat taken at all and no visible gunshot wounds just seemed strange they would dump them in the manner they did.
  3. The dacks are a tough place to hunt period, but deer are there big bucks are there, would logging help maybe but it's a vast wilderness and you go to the adks for the satisfaction that when it happens it was most likely earned!
  4. In the adks driving deer is the way we hunt if the people are there, other wise still hunting next to or towards each other kills most of our bucks! And if anyone thinks driving deer is for lazy hunters I'll beg to differ, many miles of pure exhaustion that doesn't end when the buck dies it's alot of work!
  5. Scratch that its been so long since I've seen them a couple percussion muskets I'd love to dust off lol but also a flintlock pistol that I'd love to see shoot one day Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  6. Mr buckmaster I have a couple flintlocks I'd love to dust off as well as a couple flintlock kit pistols I'd love to see fire just Dont know were to begin we gotta get together one of these days maybe u could check that 35 marlin out for me as well Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  7. Awesome pic Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  8. We hunt the adks and do primarily drives and never once has a person looked like an animal I've lost opportunities at big bucks because I wasn't positive on a rack or not, I think you could dress up like a deer and walk past me and I'd be able to tell its just common sense and its not that common anymore. Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  9. Prayers sent Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  10. I agree I get there a huge nuisance but poison seems a lot can go wrong with that idea Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  11. They do do it different I seen a video on YouTube were they were using that stuff for exploding targets forget the name of it, I get there a big time nuisance just seems like a lot of wasted bacon and I like bacon. Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  12. I was out wandering today, sat for a second under my tree stand and seen a flicker followed two for a couple hundred yards stayed 75yrds away the whole time they weren't paying any attention to me in my red shirt. Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  13. I've been wandering the woods for close to 20 years, never found a shed then last year turkey hunting set my pack down and one poped out of the leaves under my pack, walked about 50 yrds found the other side then on the way out found a spike shed three in one day, haven't found one since. I'm waiting for the day I find a big moose paddle laying in the adks that would be cool. Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  14. I go for the phleuger president have them on a few poles, good reel. Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
  15. I tried researching the bottle with the nude woman on it to find out more about it typed beef bottles with nude woman on theminto Google , well I should've known better Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
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