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  1. I hate when it's different! But still looks delicious! Prob still tastes better than 3/4 of the pizza joints around! But I've said for years. Consistency is the #1 rule of a pizza shop. U will always have people who love it. And people who hate it. But if it's consistent u will always have clients!
  2. I've been hunting 20 + years and I still get this way! Not as bad! But I still get excited
  3. They are predators. They kill! Every and anything! They deserve a bullet
  4. Come have a beer with me and my buddy on the February 2nd ? That's a great question. Like I said I'm new to this. Sorry I don't have a better answer.
  5. Ok guys. I reached out. And got some great advice from you guys. I've never done this before! So Bare with me please. Anyone in the area who can make the trip it would be awesome for the support! And if not any donations would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Very good point! U just don't see them with the plaques as much now days. Ur right. I like it! And hock the mount looks awesome! Enjoy Marty!
  7. No it doesn't. Trust me! 20 dead mice floating in antifreeze still stinks! U use anti freeze so the water down freeze In a 0 degree camp. They mice will just jump out. They don't drowned!
  8. The bucket trap is a good trap. We use it to clean out the cabin once a season. But u can't let it sit wks with out going there. It stinks to high heaven. Normally I put it in the mud room so it doesn't stink up the whole place. Also. With the old spring traps it's more fun. Ur at hunting camp right? So we put our names on the back and keep score. It's fun finding the best place in the camp to get ur kills! Happy hunting
  9. I just wax my string and rub it in deep with my fingers. Then hang the bow. Don't store it in the case. It will dry out. Because the case most times ends up in a less than ideal spot! Under bed, basement, etc.