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  1. nodeerhere

    Anybody in there ?

    I think she is a he! I see buttons
  2. nodeerhere

    Very Close and I mean Really close.

    Great story! I myself have a few just like this. Makes me think back and smile. My how we learn from our mistakes! Thanks for sharing
  3. nodeerhere

    Live from the butcher block

    Got ya! And for what it's worth looks u are doing a great job
  4. nodeerhere

    Live from the butcher block

    I'm not saying u don't! I also know what I'm doing! But I'm not to proud to learn stuff either! I was just saying! Sorry I commented on ur page!
  5. nodeerhere

    Live from the butcher block

    I'm telling u guys. Check out the bearded butcher on YouTube. They have a few really good videos
  6. I'm sure I will! I love the sport of bow hunting. So I started using just a muzzle loader during gun. And yes even in a rifle zone. I think it's more of a challenge. More rewarding taking the animal. So I have to try a recurve next year. Have u taken an animal with that one?
  7. I am getting a recurve next season! I don't care. I think it would be awesome to take one old school
  8. nodeerhere

    Black bear 8 yds on the ground face off

    You were better to not take the shot. Very cool story. There's still time left in the season and they are fattening up for the winter! Corn is good for that!
  9. It happens man. We have all been there. Learn from it and move on! Only thing u can do now is put more time in the stand and get another shot
  10. nodeerhere

    Wild deer street fight caught on camera

    That pretty cool! They sure don't get no footing on ash fault
  11. This wind is a joke! Swirling all over. And it has been windy for days
  12. The body on that is huge. But that mas in the front ain't no good