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  1. Perhaps. I really didn't care about that because I have 3 tags left (1 doe, 1 either, 1 buck ) and only one weekend. Things will be different next year, especially if i start taking doe fawns lol. I will have dozens!
  2. If you can wait for the tag, you no longer have to go to Ridge. You still can of course, but you don't have to.
  3. They changed this law...you only have to email a photo of the doe/tag and you get replacement tag in the mail. You can still take her tagged head to Ridge to get it on the spot, of course. Def going fawn hunting!! Hope to get the opportunity Saturday.
  4. Congrats!! I heard the little ones are like veal. One day I gotta take one.
  5. I love the puppies...hate the training lol
  6. Saturday...80 degrees with a chance of snow
  7. Sooo cute. Really thinking I may end up w a lab.
  8. I don't split anything either, especially if im gonna do a cape mount! If it is a doe, or not a cape mount, I will cut where the neck meets the bottom of the chin and pull it out whole. I also use the disposable gloves that go up to the elbow. I usually manage to stay pretty clean.
  9. The guys in the last pic don't look like hunters, they look like some ppl I know from Sicily lol
  10. Just dump them under/near your apple trees lol
  11. The Left is the ultimate group of anti-america terrorists.They empower the Islamists and want to weaken our ability to defend our country and ourselves. We need Trump. More importantly, we need to vote all the leftist radicals out of office.
  12. "practicing lines from meet the parents" comes to mind! Start your "bail fund" now. I suggest you get her interested in martial arts at an early age!! Congrats on the beautiful baby girl. Hope mom is well.