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  1. Sorry about the late response. Between work an family, I'm lucky I get to check this thread, never mind hunt lol. Any deer you decide to take can be a trophy to you. Don't listen to anyone that says otherwise. You were obviously not "head hunting" if you thought you were taking a doe. Good for you and CONGRATS! #goodeats. You should mount him, he is your 1st ever!
  2. Texas Whitetail, 13" minimum outside spread Texas Mule Deer, 20" minimum outside spread That's sure looks like a Mule Deer in the photo
  3. Just got done catching up from Wednesday. WOW, spend any time away from this thread and man do you have some reading to do lol. Congrats to all those that took deer. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  4. Live from the office....GL to all the lucky ones not working. Somebody please kill something!!
  5. I got a savage 220 with a leopold scope. dead ballz at 100, 1 inch low at 200
  6. When it fails at the moment you think you are gonna kill a giant, better luck next time! Get my drift? Murphy's law is a beetch.
  7. Your site. Isn't that what the plastic piece is for? Isn't that what the tape is holding down? Or is the tape really holding the receiver together?
  8. You need to have a proper repair made by a smith. Something is going to go wrong at the worst possible time, guaranteed.
  9. Been really hectic in my camp. Just got caught up. Some really nice deer taken this weekend. Congrats to all the fortunate ones. I was in my stand Saturday morning starting at 530am till 1130am. Only saw 2 doe. Weird. Anyway I was almost at full draw on the bigger of the 2 when I changed my mind because I thought she was too small and needed to grow. As I'm trying to let off the 2nd one caught me moving but she was so young she didn't make me out and just stood there watching me. I love when they are dumb. I couldn't post anything as I was busy with fam and then helping a friend with a MONSTER 12 point he took in his back yard in Manorville. Bad news...don't have permission yet to post the deer. Good news...he told me I could hunt there anytime! It will probably be this Saturday because I have off Friday and am looking for a little redemption from those doe. Been too picky this year, so far. Now, all bets are off!! If its brown, its going down! Forget Black Friday. It's gonna be brown and red Friday!
  10. SATURDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!!! Can't wait to get in the woods!