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  1. Got the email today...order shipped. Should arrive Fed Ex on Monday.
  2. Keep your distance from everyone and wash your hands a lot.
  3. What do you like about them over perch?
  4. I have to check the local regs so I know what’s up. I always seem to catch them at this one spot, even when not trying. I know another spot a bit to the East that has a bunch of yellow perch. All my local lakes are stocked with trout and 90% of the ppl that fish here go to the salt, so there is very little pressure on the lakes. I really need something to do.
  5. I have never taken a fish out of a lake. Always put them back. I go in the salt for dinner but want to try something new.
  6. What kind of dogs are those? Roans? Never heard of them. They hunt great. Did it take much training or were they natural hunters? I am looking to get a bird/rabbit dog but have no idea how to train them for that. Come, sit, stay, do your business outside is about all I can muster.
  7. Can anyone tell me if bluegill are good eating? I have a local lake FULL of em. What would you say taste better: bluegill or yellow perch?
  8. @Biz-R-OWorld Booo!! That belongs on the political thread
  9. Does she have any more she wants to “toss in the lake” lol
  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.
  11. Looks very similar to my 1941 WWII Luger. Total score!
  12. I have never used a biscuit. Had drop away from day one. Wouldn’t want anything else.
  13. Hahaha. That would be funny. Does anyone know how to catch an elephant? Lol
  14. Out of likes. Sounds like a real good day