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  1. Brilliant! Look forward too checking this thread daily
  2. HEARSAY MY ASS!! Why would he need so many troops to walk into DC if "the people" voted him in?
  3. HAHAHA. Not one of the dumocraps deny it, they just dare you to prove it.
  4. Missed ya @Water Rat glad to see you're back.
  5. Biden is an embarrassment to our country. He is making our country the laughing stock of the world! Just think, this is what the dems wanted. I give it another six months and then we have our first female pres and vice pres....you think its bad now... All part of Ex pres Osama's (yes I spelled that right because he is a terrorist) plan to destroy our country.
  6. The best thieves in all recorded history - the democrats - they stole the presidency!
  7. Without his headgear, how would you know that a pic of the other side was actually him?
  8. Guns or weed? My wife won't allow me to get any more of either. lol (I did get a new Kimber....shhhhh)
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