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  1. Seen a few bucks chasing does. A lot of road kill deer here on Long Island. Hoping for same activity next weekend upstate.
  2. on long island (Suffolk) I saw a 8 pointer following a doe nose to the ground on Saturday. also a lot of movement (does) late morning thru early afternoon.
  3. there is a lung disease in deer that was found in Michigan... not sure if this is same.. it is contagious to humans fyi.. I will try to post article.
  4. yes... it should still work.. my opinion buck bomb works best.. I have had better results.
  5. I hunt upstate but, I live in Suffolk. There are plenty of huge deer because the hunting pressure is limited. They are not tame at all except the ones on Fire Island. I have seen antler freaks because of the amount of farms and neighborhood gardens that they feed in. Some of the bucks rival the "bucks of tecomate" and I am not exaggerating. The only real threat they have is getting hit by a car. You have to apply to hunt a certain area of state land. You can not just walk into public land and move around anywhere you please. Unless you are friends with a farmer. The old Grumman grounds let you hunt by permit only but, they want you to thin out the herd and don't let you keep the racks. Yes, in the past when I would come home from a 4 day hunt upstate with a spike and down the road on someone's front lawn was one of these freaks waving at me drove me nuts!!!
  6. I have also built a stone fireplace when it is real cold. I use field stone and light sternos. Keeps blind warm and never seemed to have a problem with spooking off the deer with the sterno scent. Maybe just the dopey ones came in.
  7. I always hunt from a ground blind. A lot of times I set it up the day before opening day. I have had deer walk within 10 yards of me several times and never noticed me. Build it with keeping wind direction in mind is key. Read weather reports for upcoming day(s). Using pine needles helps in my opinion. Helps to hid your scent.
  8. saw this only once when a unusual big bodied spike buck challenged a 6 pointer. spike was bedded down next to me about 20 yards away. I had a ground blind too. I was just watching him the whole time. I knew he would know when another deer was approaching well before me. about 20 minutes past and he stood up. I assumed it was a doe coming in from behind me but, then I heard the grunting. heart began to race. the spike moved towards the 6pt and began sparring. 6 pointer won and began to walk away from me but, all I saw was his ass. he finally turned broadside when he was approximately 30 yards away and I dropped him. when I looked to my left the spike was till standing there staring at me. he did run off until I waved my hands at him. it was one of many hunting days I will remember forever.