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  1. Great......hopefully he's hooked for life
  2. Send it to Andrew Zimmern.......he's probably eaten one before and can tell you what it is.
  3. bobdun

    Any 7M action ?

    Reporting results from the opener in 7M. Had seven hunters for the opener through Monday a.m. One 5 pointer taken opening morning and two does taken Sunday. A little disappointing based on prior years but conditions weren't the best given the wind. Hope to head back up this weekend.
  4. I've been an Old Faithful guy for years, but last year the adjoining property owner decided to lease his land to a group of hunters who put up a portable stand within 50 yards of a stand I've had up for about 9 years. It was a not so nice surprise on opening day last year when I heard a cough just around daybreak and looked behind me and saw an orange cap. Guess he was in his stand before I got to mine. Still work so I don't get to camp until the night before the opener and the stand wasn't there two weeks earlier when I was up with the bow. Oh well, live and learn.
  5. bobdun

    Any 7M action ?

    No luck for the boys at my camp on Saturday. Stayed in on Sunday because of the weather.
  6. bobdun

    Any 7M action ?

    Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I'll have something to report next week.
  7. bobdun

    Any 7M action ?

    Annual request to see if anybody has anything going in 7M ? Some of the guys heading to camp this weekend and I'll be up next weekend. Drop a note if anybody in that area has anything to report. Thanks.
  8. Haven't read through this entire thread but think Rebel Darling makes a good point back on post of 2/28. Laws are a lot different than regulations that the DEC would set. My view is that the DEC should be setting hunting regs and not the lawmakers. We all know how often regulations change and from a time standpoint alone, not sure we want to leave it up to the lawmakers to change law if our DEC thinks it has to move quickly on game management issues.
  9. bobdun


    Can't beat Midleton Irish Whiskey for a special occasion. Tough on the wallet but easy going down the hatch. Rocks glass with two cubes. My standard Manhattan fare is Canadian Club or any other decent Blended Whiskey. Not much of a bourbon or scotch drinker myself.
  10. Always preferred Monday. Arrive at camp Saturday......do a little scouting, then dinner followed by cards (Pitch) and socializing. No worries about staying up too late. A little more scouting on Sunday....watch a little football...have a big meal...hit the hay early and ready to hit the woods hard for Monday through Wednesday. Now, some of the crew doesn't get there until after work on Friday and it's a rush for them. Guys want to be good Friday night and ready for the opener, so hearty socializing comes Saturday after the first day of hunting. That leaves a groggy hunter or two or three Sunday morning, which is only good for the deer. Anyways........good luck to all this weekend.
  11. bobdun

    Any 7M action ?

    Over on the other side. Off Rte 23 between Norwich/Cincinattus
  12. Anyone out and about in 7M and if yes, anything moving around over the last few days?
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