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  1. I've seen 2 deer in the woods since early October, 8F. Hunted many times. Heard 1 gun shot late on opening day. Very discouraging. Farmers are wiping out and fencing a lot of natural habitat for apples. Nothing in the freezer this year
  2. Ok, I will do that, thank you.
  3. I will be 62 next week, dang (maybe it will be a lucky day)! The years fly wayyyy too fast. The climber I just got recently is a Summit Viper SD. I may only use it occasionally, but really need to improve on the back straps. I see info on Molle II straps w/waist-belt and sternum belt, then there's Game Plan gear transport system, and also Summit delux backpack straps. They all look better than what came with the stand. Not sure which one to get though. I am still enjoying the "great outdoors", I'm fortunate I am still physically able. Exercising regularly helps. It is a challenge to find
  4. The climber worked out well. It will definitely be a handy tool as needed. May have to switch out the backpack straps for something better.
  5. I like them quartered, par-broiled with onion and a bay leaf until just tender. Usually apx. an hour. Then I dip them in egg, bread them and deep fry for a few minutes in my little fryer. Always a treat! Fun to hunt too.
  6. Thank you for the advice. I'll let you know how it all goes.
  7. Well, I tried using a climber for the first time and it went well. I now have a new self climber and will be using it this weekend. It's a bit of work but I'm still strong enough and able to use it safely. Still lots of hunting season left. Looking forward to it.
  8. Glad I asked, may rethink the climber idea. I consider myself still fairly strong and probably average condition for my age. I do okay on the ground, so may just stay with that approach. That was a nice welcome Pygmy thx. Good luck this season!
  9. Oswego county. I know a guy who uses one, hard to get him out of it!
  10. Thanks guys for the input. Was a little unsure of the climber idea. I do like hunting on the ground but you have much better view from up high. I'll definitely keep hunting. I've been around it all my life and have enjoyed it close to 40 years now so not ready to sell my gear just yet.
  11. Hi everyone! I don't post much on here but I could use some advice. I can't decide if I should purchase a self climbing tree stand or just continue hunting off the ground like I've been doing for the last several years. I'll be 62 yrs old soon. I'm a grandma! I've gun hunted since the early 80's, bow hunted since 2008, and still enjoy it. I've hunted out of the hang-on stands with stick ladders and that worked out okay but they are not easy to carry in and set up where I hunt and I don't like to leave them for long due to thieves. I imagine I will hunt as long as I can but it is getting h
  12. I am from CNY, hunt a variety of state and private lands. Thanks for the nice welcome!
  13. Ladyhunter


    I'm new to the forum. I've been checking in from time to time, following the hunting stories and pics. I've been a hunter since the early 80's, and dabble some with the fishing. I hunt deer and some small game, with shotgun, rifle and compound bow. Some years I have good luck some not so much. Getting out in the woods is something that I enjoy. Like so many of you. Thought I would join in. "Hi everyone"!
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