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  1. QB1

    Card pull

    Very nice!
  2. Keep growing boys!
  3. QB1

    1st Bird!

    Planned to try and bag one early and still make it to the office by 8. Knew I had to be heading out of the woods around 7 in order for that to happen. Got set up by 5:15 (sky was turning light before 5AM) and heard gobbles from across field not long after. After a few mouth/slate calls I see his Red head crest the hill just across the field I'm watching. He spots my single hen decoy and goes full strut. Is working back and forth and makes it across field to about 60. Nothing I was doing was getting him to come in range. I knew it was very close to 7 but I didn't want to leave with him right on me fearing spooking him might not let me get another chance. I almost hoped he would see me just so I could relieve my sore butt and go to work. He got to a spot I could get a shot I thought was between 40-50yds, I put the Dot on him and boom he dropped right there. Awesome Hunt, I was jacked up. He had a 9in Beard and 1 in Spurs. Crappy pics but I was in a rush and solo.
  4. QB1

    First pull

  5. QB1

    How old?

    I'd say 4. He's further ahead than all the other deer in the photo when it comes to shedding summer coat. Not sure if that has anything to do with age but he looks to be a mature deer, Good body.
  6. 2 weeks from first pics of him. Looks like his main beam are a little longer/closer to touching a tips compared to pics from 7/31. Also got this funky little guy...guessing some sort of injury is the cause.
  7. I like the sounds of that!
  8. I like to let bucks get to the ripe age of 4 years old but we all know how hard that is unless you own a serious piece of land. This property is 25 acres surrounded by hardwoods and farm fields...along with many other hunters. Chances are slim bucks like this make it through any year around hunting pressure. Anyway I am curious to hear what others think the age of this buck is and what it might score out of velvet? I am thinking 3.5 years old 125-130 inches.
  9. QB1

    2015 HuntingNY Gun Harvest Thread

    Buck we called Basket 9. Shot Opening morning at first light, doe was down 20 minutes later.
  10. QB1

    Safety harness recommendation

    I have the Tree Spider Speed harness and its great. Comfortable and secure.
  11. QB1

    Salmon Charter-Lake Ontario?

    Just went a few weeks back on the "The Fishin Magician" out of Sodus. Capt. Ryan was a good dude and the boat was real nice.
  12. QB1

    Wayne County Trout

    Josh, I have caught trout in the Outlet in Phelps, this was several years ago and I wasn't fishing for Trout just happen to catch 2 small ones. I think your best bet is to hit Irondequoit Creek (spots in Penfield and Powder Mill Park). Within 30 minutes of Newark. Good Luck.
  13. QB1

    2014 Hunting NY Archery Harvest thread

    Took these 2 doe this weekend
  14. Nice bases, I would guess he is 3.5/4...130 class deer. I try and practice QDM and take mature Deer and I think everyone in the group would have him on our hit list. Good Luck.