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    Nice! Would be great to draw!
  2. I am looking into a combo Mule deer/Antelope hunt. Would you share where you hunted and if guided? Thanks
  3. I purchased the Tikka t3 lite in 300 win mag last year. Put a Leupold VX3i 3.5-10 40 on it. Really like this package
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    Had my bow and 300 Win mag at the stand. Took him with the 300.
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    215# bear 5’ 1”. Lucky day. Have never seen a bear larger than a cub before.
  6. Mine was stolen years ago in Syracuse. Still miss it.
  7. About 1975, 5 point was running, seemed like 100 yds but was probably 50, 32 Winchester special with open sights
  8. Awesome Caribou! We met before the hunt. I was in Dean's other camp. Weather was not good for the week. I didn't see any moose at all until friday but was lucky to get the only bull I saw. Guide was not into the two mile walk to the moose or 4 mile pack out
  9. I was going to mention building a curb(a box) around the chimney and a cricket above but thought the snow bars were more of a do it yourself type project. Any time a metal roof is penetrated you need to take care to flash and seal properly. This would hold less snow on the roof though and get rid of the two supports. Cost would be about the same.
  10. Curtis Lumber sells Fabral and ABC among others. Here is a link to the Fabral "Blue Book" >>> the Snow bars are on page 17 if they don't know what they are. Item SB for roofs with plywood sheathing and item SB1 for roofs with purlins. They can order them in any color and amount. I suggest doing runs across the whole roof but will the roof support the snow load that is now going to be retained on the roof? A lot of factors to consider, snow load in the area where the camp is, roof structural framing and condition. If you are confident that the roof is structurally sound I would do a minimum of two rows for 36' of roof length but that is a minimum 3 rows would be ideal. Here is a link to installation for the poly guards >>>> basically just substitute the snow bars for where the poly guards are located for your size roof. Better order soon, snow is on the way.
  11. Many building supply companies don't know they are available and also they can't stock some of every color of roofing so they all sell the poly guards. If they sell Fabral, ABC or the other main metal roofing manufacturers they can order them to match the color of your roof. Installation is as easy as two screws per rib with a little silicone. One screw is shorter and called a stitch screw and holds the bar to the rib only and one is longer and goes into the framing. Are you anywhere near a Curtis Lumber?
  12. With the location of the chimney and supports I would go with a minimum of two rails. One located below the chimney across the roof and one 10 -12' down from the top. The rails are cheaper and faster to install than poly guards if you get the ones that are bent metal like this >>>>
  13. Finally! First with a bow. It has definitely been a learning curve. 1:30 arrived at stand. Camera had showed nothing coming during the day but I wanted to sit. Cooled just a bit near 6:00 and this guy stops quartered away.