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  1. Agree. we will be fortunate to get through his presidency without him doing something catastrophic that will make pale all the past tantrums and fleeting moments of irrational behavior.
  2. Look at the number of falling outs that Trump has had with people in his administration. First the are touted as the best and brightest. Then honeymoon wears off and he turns on them. The short comings are always blamed on everyone but Trump. However he is the common denominator. TDS is real, except the people that have it are the ones still supporting him. He is toxic.
  3. I will admit to being duped. I supported trump because I wanted somebody outside the establishment of both parties however he turned into the biggest Partisan hack of them all.
  4. They won't survive the potholes in my quarter mile of driveway....
  5. The best days for owning a hot tub are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. And the first is debatable
  6. I have forgotten what a pain in the ass sheep casings are.. Anyway Italian sausage with Parsley and Cheese
  7. Yes the area i like is super cub country. Cant wait to get up there again. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  8. Flying in to bow hunt Caribou near the yukon boarder with my buddy.
  9. No, skipping it go to Alaska instead
  10. You can draw a decent lope tag in the special draw with point or two.
  11. Thanks, your a perfect example of tribalism over rationality, you prove it daily with your one sided posts.
  12. Exactly. Republicans good, Democrats bad. Democrats good , Republicans bad. Everyone wants blame the other tribe but they fail to look at their own. Both these parties suck. If you step in them they both will smell like dog shit. How anyone can look at how they have both governed over the last 50 years and think either one is our answer is beyond me.