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  1. Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42 binos

    this is a good deal, conquests are probably the best sub 1k glass on the market over the last few years. someone should buy them up at this price.
  2. OMG. The ticks are taking over the world..

    There are plenty of places that do not have the tick infestations that the northeast has, nor the documented cases of Lyme and tick born illnesses.
  3. OMG. The ticks are taking over the world..

    It’s horrible, worst I ever seen it this late in the year. Just another reason to get the hell out of NY
  4. Any recipes for bear?

    Below is An older but good article, and since that writing steve had a case of trichinosis as can be detailed on his podcast. I Agree with the above reference to bears being dependent on their diet. The fall bears that I have killed without bait while bowhunting have been excellent eating. A spring bowhunt bear over bait was nowhere as good and a costal fall bowhunted bear was totally not edible. While bear meat isn’t high on my list of game meats it still can be good. The hinds make excellent hams after they are brined and smoked. I find it very suitable for ground meat application as well as stews etc. I do not care to use it for any type of steaks or roasts as the cooking temperatures too high for the application.
  5. 2017 HuntingNY Archery Harvest Thread

    Started 2017 bowhunting Desert Mule deer and then a September caribou bowhunt. I am Going to be whitetail hunting pretty much all of November in the Midwest..hopefully my luck continues.
  6. Used Slicktrick mags for my mule deer hunt, slick Trick raptor tricks for caribou. I will be in South Dakota and Kansas this November and will be using solids and slick Trick mags
  8. I am sure your letter and or email won't be the first that they received stating that, nor the last. So have at it. besides I doubt in will hear the shots from Kansas and SD in November. while your at it you might as well hunt on my land..since I won't be. on a serious note. I like to bust balls on this. truthfully in am not for any further inclusion and I think the original inclusion was a mistake. We are at point in society where everything and anything is justified and excepted. This won't be any different. I seen the writing on the wall in NY years ago and realized there was greener pastures to bow hunt. The last 10 years I hunted less and less here and don't miss it at all. I am having a great 2017 with P&Y desert mule deer and a P&Y Quebec Labrador Caribou...and I didn't even start deer hunting yet.
  9. and yes the majority are so lazy it is pathetic. I bet about half of the license holders don't spend 20 hours in the woods in the season. If you can't kill a deer with a gun in New York in the southern Zone you're either incompetent or you're lazy
  10. nope. not at all. they are welcome too join us and bowhunt. no-one is stopping them but themselves and their lack of desire to bowhunt. because after all of they wanted to bowhunt they wouuldnt be waiting around for crossbow inclusion.
  11. How much more convoluted can you get? It has to do with the mechanism of weapon not the distance. there arent many of us that would say you can use a gun during the archery season if you limit your shots to 40 yards.