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  1. Exactly I asked who was going that was it.
  2. Something got your panties a little “twisted “ ?
  3. I can understand how having convictions might be seem convoluted to someone without them.
  4. Fantastic turn out at the Banquet. Full house.
  5. If they were crossbow advocates then I wouldn’t be a member. I wouldn’t Expect an archery hunting organization to advocate against archery. I’ll be sure to drop a few more donations so we can keep up the hard work
  6. Anyone going to the Banquet and meeting in early May? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. What a moronic thread comparing professionals doing a prescribed burn to some idiot getting drunk drinking Miller light burning shit in his backyard.
  8. Crossbows for the Elderly and disabled only. If someone wants to bow hunt go bow hunt. Nothing stopping you except yourself.
  9. Great work. Keep up the fight, our archery season is worth the effort
  10. Pretty sure I seen on another forum that was covered for others under warranty
  11. Tonights Early Dinner before work. Found some beautiful imported pappardelle at Pellegrino in Albany. So I made Pappardelle Bolognese with venison sausage and fennel.
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