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  1. What a moronic thread comparing professionals doing a prescribed burn to some idiot getting drunk drinking Miller light burning shit in his backyard.
  2. Crossbows for the Elderly and disabled only. If someone wants to bow hunt go bow hunt. Nothing stopping you except yourself.
  3. Great work. Keep up the fight, our archery season is worth the effort
  4. Pretty sure I seen on another forum that was covered for others under warranty
  5. Case in point ^ from a repeat offender. They use it an excuse to pontificate and label other people.
  6. The constant barrage of political cut and paste postings daily from the same handful of people will kill this sight. Their only purpose is to spread vitriol cause discord. Remove the political nonsense and get back to hunting and the outdoors.
  7. Tonights Early Dinner before work. Found some beautiful imported pappardelle at Pellegrino in Albany. So I made Pappardelle Bolognese with venison sausage and fennel.
  8. Ruben's must be in the air Had great day yesterday. Spent the morning with the family while some Venison Pastrami was in the smoker. I grilled some Rubens for dinner
  9. The dirty little secret is anyone can bowhunt the entire seaosn. Buy a bow, buy a archery license and then have at it. No one is stopping you except yourself. The truth of the matter, almost, not all, the crossbow guys have no desire to bow hunt. They would dump their crossbow for an 06 in heartbeat of they could. Crossbows to them are a gun substitute in use and efficacy. The industry finally made it easy enough to use that its on par with a gun. No practice or skill set necessary.
  10. Unfortunately, you're correct. With the trend towards participation trophies for everyone, and catering to the lowest common denominator I do believe that at some point there will be full inclusion.
  11. Quite frankly I can care less what your opinion is. I don't believe they should be allowed in the archery season except for the elderly or disabled. They add too much efficacy to the season and will lead to reduced opportunities for bowhunting regardless of the type of bow chosen.
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