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  1. Bump...get a good custom without a two year wait. 270tyd
  2. Buck I killed Saturday was trailing a doe. The only other buck I seen since then was all swollen up, made a scrape and trashed some trees. Both were mature deer.
  3. More victims of vulture capitalism.
  4. Take it off the Abdominal process, as soon as you cut through the Abdominal wall leave everything intact and then cut the caul fat where it attaches to loin area, then repeat on the other side and it will peel right off the abdomen in a big lacy sheet. Doing it this way keeps it whole and clean. Lay out flat and cut it to the size you need. It doesn't resemble any other fat on the deer fat in taste or mouth feel. Its excellent
  5. Looks like it sat too long in front of a combine
  6. I wrapped caul fat from the buck I killed Saturday around a section of loin from last years Iowa buck. Used an Espresso Chilie rub that I made and grilled it all...came out excellent. I also made a batch of liverwurst from the liver of Saturdays first go at liverwurst, came out really really good
  7. Head over to walmart, you might find something in your price range.
  8. How about you stop being a douche bag and shitting on my tread?
  9. I also have the aluminum version, the narrower one. I bought it specifically because it fits a 165 quart grizzly cooler i have. The nice thing about the ome i got is that it has a shorter receiver arm to be inserted into the hitch, keeps it from sagging with a heavy load. I have boned out elk and moose and transported it in the cooler. Works excellent
  10. Last price drop before I head out to KS! This a seriously nice custom in D2. 270 TYD
  11. What exactly doesn't get leveraged by scumbag politicians? How anyone is surprised is beyond me. The problem is Americans have become hood winked into becoming partisan morons that think if their tribe is in charge then everything is golden. The real truth is both sides of this duopoly have worked together to put us in position we are in. They work for themselves at the behest of lobbies, the donor class and corporate interests. Americans need to stop being suckers.
  12. I Killed him this morning trailing a doe. My son did a good job blood trailing him
  13. I Killed him this morning trailing a doe. My son did a good job blood trailing him