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  1. The problem is people want self validation. This place is no better or worse for the most part. Look at the habitual posters for political crap and it's always the same people posting information from the same places. They live their life in an echo chamber
  2. I am sorry for your loss
  3. It fits their narrative, so it doesn't have to be true. Them wanting it to be true is good enough for them
  4. These are what I have now. Blob, cheap and will last years, very heavy ...bitch to pull arrows from. Field points....dont even think about it. Matrix, expensive, lasts very long, modules can be replaced, good for broadhead and FP .... Rhinehart 18/1 & Rhino block, mid priced, last fairly long, easy to pull, portable.
  5. Buy having all tags in the DMPS lottery, you increase the total number of available tags, just as imported they will be DMZ specific and can be only used in targeted areas. Buy not allowing transfers of tags you will decrease the amount of total applications, so now it's easier to draw the DMPS. Win win for everyone that isn't breaking the law and bending the rules.
  6. The reason we have units that come in below objective, for years I might add is we are using either sex tags in units that have limited or no DMP allocations. Knowing that it would be better to not allow it and allocate those tags to Dmps. Also part of the reason you need three preference points is because you have guys applying for the wife and everyone else in their house every year because they can transfer them, knowing full well that applicant never had any intention of hunting
  7. Two reasons. Number one its transferable so they will try to swap it with someone and number two is that they can, and they will use it another zone. We see that often in checks, does that obviously are mistaged because the of the location and sighed over, mostly to husbands or family of the non hunting tag holder. It enables them to have and use permits in zones that otherwise might take a year or two in preference points to draw.
  8. Because DMPs are being bought by people for Dmzs that have no intention of hunting that zone and for no other reason they are more readily available then the zone they hunt in and that they may be transferred. By over subscribing we are taking opportunities from the hunters who do hunt in that zone and would fill a DMP if they had one. We also have hunters buying family members who will not hunt dmps in zones that that take two to three pointed to draw, so they create rotation of tags for non hunting family member to be transferred to themselves. Better to have meaningful applications from hunters that that opportunity and desire to use DMPs.
  9. I think it's stupid that either sex tags can be used in areas that have no DMPs or low DMPS. I agree that all DMPS should be valid in any season, they should also be person specific with out being able to transfer them. Right now you guys getting DMPs in units that they have no intention of using.
  10. Its was purchased in 2007 by Cerberus, a private equity firm and remained Remington outdoor company in 2015 ....tacking on and racking up debt all during the biggest firearm booms of all time....bankruptcy in 2018 with a new debt to equity plan.....and here we are again. So yes it was sold, and milked and debt ridden again..... now they been fishing for a new sucker, I mean buyer and it hasn't happened. I think this ship has saled for good. And rightly so.
  11. Private investment MO, buy the company cheap, load it with debt, suck every penny out of it. Then dump the debt and screw over your creditors. Rinse and repeat.
  12. Thanks I won't go down the road of confusing your ignorance and incessant pontificating on every and all things political as being sarcastic. Especially since your life revolves around thumping your chest while you post on here ever 15 minutes. As a far engaging you in conversation, there is enough history on here to show that it would fruitless and a waste time. The adage that you argue with an idiot shows there is two idiots comes to mind. And it Trial, not Trail.
  13. Do you ever get tired of being such an ignorant blow hard? Let's change the Department of Justice to the Department of legal, because a blow hard on NY hunting site thinks so. The United States Department of Justice, also known as the Justice Department, is a federal executive department of the United States government responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice in the United States, Or should we also change the Judical Branch of our government to the " Legal Branch" again because the king blow hard thinks he is correct in all things. judicial system - the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government