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  1. At some point if you keep defending criminals you become a party to them. With everything we know about this and the fact the whistle blower on this came from inside there is no freaking excuse for the membership to support these assholes that stole our money. Stand the hell up and demand accountability.
  2. They are getting out of town to save their criminal asses "On Thursday, LaPierre's position as CEO and executive vice president of the most dominant gun lobby in the United States became more precarious after New York Attorney General Letitia James sued him and three other high-ranking current or former NRA executives, alleging that they have undercut the nonprofit organization's charitable mission by engaging in illegal financial conduct. That includes diverting tens of millions of dollars for personal trips and expenditures, lucrative no-show contracts to buy people's silence and other improper spending, according to the lawsuit. "The NRA was serving as a personal piggy bank for four individual defendants," James, a Democrat, said at a news conference. LaPierre is named in the suit along with Wilson "Woody" Phillips, a former NRA treasurer and chief financial officer; Joshua Powell, a former chief of staff and executive director of general operations; and John Frazer, the corporate secretary and general counsel. The suit says their actions contributed to the loss of more than $64 million in three years as they enriched themselves and overrode and evaded internal controls ... without regard to the NRA's best interests."
  3. The biggest hospital based holds for vaccines are scheduling and availability. I am not seeing hardly anyone I work with decline it. Almost everyone is coming up for their second round. I get mine Thursday morning.
  4. The biggest issue isnt production its demand. When people are acting crazy and panic buying no production increases will keep up without totally revamping the size and capacity of the production facilities. The manufacturers arent stupid they recognize that this is short lived and a good way to go broke is to pretend this is the new normal. Like Granpy said, once the dolts stop panic buying things will be slowly return to normal.
  5. Bidens reality. He won the election. Pretty simple.. Our reality is we have to take everything that comes with, the good, the bad and the indifferent. Your reality is sad. Considering that all you have is whataboutism and delusional conspiracys to cling to.
  6. This is Trumps reality and sadly many of those that still support him. The election is rigged. Unless I win. The news is fake. Unless its postive for me.. Everything is hoax. Unless I tweet it. Nepotism is bad. Unless it's my family I am transparent. But dont ask to see my taxes. I have the best people. Until I fire them all, then they suck and I call them traitors.
  7. Some people here live in an alternative reality. Barr told the AP that U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”
  8. I didnt vote for Obama twice. I voted for Biden over Trump though. So there is one more he got...I know I am not alone in that. Trump lost. Change your diaper and get over it
  9. Yea he got thousands of nuts to storm the capital too. What's that tell all been suckered. Wake up.
  10. You can find your Facebook " proof " fact checked by a dozen sites and they all debunk it. Your a joke and your acting the part. The sad thing is your probably high on the list for a presidential adviser position now that the "pillow guy" is gone. Youd fit right in. Your a loon
  11. Keep getting your information from facebook, because we all know how reliable that is.
  12. You got memes. Take them to court and see how you make out. Lol
  13. I tell you what scary. A whole lot of idiots that would rather look for and believe crazy conspiracy theorys then the facts that are right in front of them. nuts jobs like you belive that there are 10 of thousands individuals that administrated the elections, both Republicans and Democrats and they are all in on fixing. And they all are keeping the big secret.Yet there has been scant proof of widespread result changing fruad, to the point that all the lawsuits have either dismissed or not even heard because of lack of many cases by Trump appointed judges...oh yea they are in on it too.... right. You all sound like a bunch freaking nut cases.
  14. Second round thursday morning for this guy
  15. Here is what Randy Newburg, another life myself had to say about the situation. "Imagine if you were given a brand to build a business around (with "business" being how successful non-profits operate) and you drove it into the ground during a period when 7 million new customers were handed to you, in addition to the existing 70 million customers that exist of which you have penetrated less than 5% of that existing market. That is what the NRA has done. In the last two years we have 7 million new gun owners, guns and ammo sales are at all-time highs, a scarcity exists in all parts and components, yet the NRA has to file bankruptcy. They and their marketing message have only been able to appeal to 5% of existing gun owners. The NRA has been given the baton of a Constitutional right under 2A, and they still can't make a go of it in an environment with virtually no competition. They have failed. No other way to say it. The NRA had nothing but tailwinds and a downhill grade from a business standpoint, and they ran it off the rails and we now see a pile of smoldering wreckage that is our interest in 2A. If that was a corporation the entire Board of Directors, all senior management, and all trusted consultants/advisors would be gone. This is completely unacceptable. House cleaning is far more necessary than the irresponsible bankruptcy route that only passes the financial burden onto groups who helped keep the NRA afloat to this point. Vendors, contractors, others who the NRA owes money to will get screwed. Next time the NRA tells me they support conservative principles, I'm gonna ask them when stiffing folks who do good work is a conservative principle. Most all reading this pay their bills, live within their budgets/means, and take responsibility. Yet the NRA is wanting a bail out, to not be held accountable for their financial malfeasance, displaying the antithesis of responsibility and the conservative principles they claim to support. I've given them my opinions when the opportunity was presented. I know many much higher up in the shooting and hunting industry have given them an earful. I know some larger donors have voiced concerns. Yet, those who hold the reins of power, mostly the Executive Committee of the Board, the Board Nominating Committee, and the Senior Executive staff are all deaf to the calls for change. Given how much ignorance and arrogance is on display at the NRA, the only remaining path is to watch it implode and take a few more generations to rebuild an organization worthy of the trust gun owners have placed in the NRA. Yes, at the time when representation on gun issues is at a premium, those who we have entrusted with that cause have failed us gun owners and members. A lot of ground might be lost due to the ineptitude of those leading the NRA. It is a reality. It is a lesson to be learned. This failure is not the fault of those promoting gun restrictions. The NRA had every possible benefit, every advantage in numbers and financing, every possible legal benefit of a constitutionally protected cause. And here we are, watching the place burn down while those in charge take their grifting ways to a new location, asking the court to screw over the many people who they owe money, and let them hit the reset button for a new start without even the slightest demand for change or reform. As an Endowment Life Member, the NRA and the current cadre of crooks will never get another dime from me. I will continue to advocate for gun ownership and do what I can to speak up for my rights under 2A. Giving money and the responsibility for this cause to the NRA is a proven path to failure. Odds are we will not have another organization to replace the NRA. The NRA has damaged the trust gun owners have placed in them, making it unlikely a replacement group can overcome the scars the NRA has struck. It will be incumbent on each of us to speak up, to write, call, email our elected officials and make our voices heard. That is a far more effective manner than sending money, and the implied trust and responsibility that goes with money, to the NRA. The current ship of fools has proven time and again that they are not worthy of our trust. A sad day, for sure. The sooner we face the reality and quit pretending the situation will change, the sooner gun owners will be started down a better path."