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  1. I ordered a Diamond back cover and set of Billy Bars for my tundra , now all need is the truck
  2. Congrats buddy, best of luck with her
  3. It is for the most part if you like bowhunting whitetail. The membership is solid and moderators are active
  4. I am exaggerating for sure, but I bet she is racking up few thousand posts a year easy. She is all over the map there
  5. That place is dumpster fire. It’s actually quite frightening to think those people are walking around in the midst of us
  6. I actually just bought a handful of NFTs today. Interested in seeing how this progresses
  7. Some background. She is using a properly fitted rifle for her frame, with a decreased length of pull. She is using decent optics low priced optics( Leupold Vx3 ) with more than adequate eye relief. It’s a mild recoiling 6.5 CM with 120 grain loads. I was looking for a solution short of having her learn to shoot left handed.
  8. Greene county’s pistol permit process couldn’t be easier. Its one of the few things our sheriff department has actually done well over the years. Our county government for the most part are in apt backwards thinking uneducated dolts.
  9. I used diaphragm calls mostly, however I will also carry a box call for cutting into the wind when need to get some distance on my call . I also carry a slate that I might beak out if I need to tone it down for a hung up bird or to project my calls moving away from a tom
  10. Yep I picked up on as soon as she posted. I told several people to just wait for the bullshit stories to start. Didn’t take long. I think she upgraded her technology though as she less incoherent posts, maybe she traded her kindle for a smart flip phone.
  11. Grow is on anther site, she racks up about 100 posts a day. She still has the most exciting property in history. Everyday is another mother goose fairy tail of made up crap
  12. She as shooting a 6.5 creedmore with 120 grain loads.
  13. The Magna Carta is foundation of English common law. It always has a place in a political discussion. And that’s where it’s been posted. Well except for our resident rat terrier who is too slow to catch on.
  14. Na we are just tried of asshats like you that do nothing but post political crap.
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