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  1. Trial153

    Your Hunting Bino Size

    I am running all Swarovski ....SLC 10x42, 8x32 Els and 12x50 ELs....all depends on what or where I am hunting.
  2. Trial153

    How much meat should i get..

    This guys got it...^^^ right at about 40% TOPS of the dressed weight after its boned cleaned and trimmed. Those charts come in way high.
  3. Trial153

    Estimates on bear weight

    Well if he kills her let him take a picture of her on the scale and will see....
  4. Trial153

    Estimates on bear weight

    Ok if you say so.
  5. Trial153

    Estimates on bear weight

  6. Trial153

    How big is this bear

    Not very big. Would be surprised if he broke 200.
  7. Trial153

    Practice draw on deer you don't intend to shoot?

    Terrible idea. Lets potentially spook a non target deer so it runs off and blows at you or stamps their hoof for 5 minuets and alerts every other deer in the woods. Not worth the risk
  8. Trial153


    Been dropping by me for weeks already, in fact it’s pretty much done. With the last of red oaks dropping about two/weeks ago. It’s an average year from what I can tell.
  9. Trial153

    What's for dinner tonight?

    yea no thank you...once it hits 125 it's off the grill.
  10. Trial153

    What's for dinner tonight?

    And some moose steaks sandwiches with mushrooms onions and horseradish
  11. Trial153

    What's for dinner tonight?

    been loving me some caribou steaks as well
  12. Trial153

    What's for dinner tonight?

    made this last night ...found some Beautiful swordfish
  13. Trial153

    Front shoulders?

    Yes you can grind them. You can also bone them out and make stew. Alternatively you can cross cut it with a saw and make bone in blade roasts which will make an excellent pot roast.
  14. Trial153

    Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42 binos

    this is a good deal, conquests are probably the best sub 1k glass on the market over the last few years. someone should buy them up at this price.
  15. Trial153

    OMG. The ticks are taking over the world..

    There are plenty of places that do not have the tick infestations that the northeast has, nor the documented cases of Lyme and tick born illnesses.