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  1. Savage 220 all black… like new maybe 20 rounds through it… $550…. PM me for pics…. Local pick up…. Syracuse area
  2. remi1100


    So I own 100 acres.... the south end of my property butts up to state land. I bought the property 5 years ago.... while posting it I noticed a stand about 5 yards off my property line facing into my line on the state property. I was able to locate the guy who’s stand it was. I spoke w him and told him although he is legal I do not want him trespassing or shooting into my line. The guy says I been hunting here for years and it’s never been a problem. I politely told him I don’t want him shooting across my line. He told me he would move the stand so it wouldn’t be an issue. Well he moved it about 5 feet further away facing the same way. Last year I heard him shoot. On my way out I walked up and saw his boot prints in the snow 50 yards into my property and tracks of a deer... this year I had two cameras stolen. This state land doesn’t get hunted much and the only guy I see in this area is him. I have had enough... what do you guys suggest is my next option ?
  3. I have first lite as well. I bought the fanatic lite because I like the kangaroo ouch and pocket for Grunt tube and range finder...
  4. I appreciate the input. I prefer to have tighter fitting clothes esp for bow season.
  5. I have recently purchased a few items from Sitka. I purchased an XXL fanatic Jacket, XXL Fanatic Hoody, XL Fanatic Lite Jacket. It seems the hoody is a little longer and baggy on me. The Fanatic jacket seems a little baggy (lot of room in sleeves and mid section) and the fanatic lite seems to fit but not sure if it’s too tight. I am 5’9 about 220 lbs. Any suggestions from anyone who owns these whether or not I should have Have a more tight fit on my jackets? And hoody? what are your thoughts as far how your cloths fit you? Specifically the Sitka gear brand
  6. I have the Rambo 750 and I highly recommend it
  7. Blade sharpened, oil changed, crab grass and fert down... first mow of season
  8. Erieville about 20-30 min south of you.... lot of land down therr
  9. I have a lot of first lite camo.... warm and quiet
  10. The Rambo that I bought will do 29 MPH and without the pedal assist will go 25 miles on one charge.. the power they have is pretty impressive. Getting to stands and pulling trail cams take no time at all with these things. They are very pricey but for an avid hunter they are worth the money hands down
  11. I actually just bought a Rambo 750 this past winter.... the bike is great... I believe anything over the 1000cc is illegal in state and federal parks according to the manufacturers
  12. Anyone have any of these ? Or looked into them at all? I have talked to a few people who have them and they are awesome.... what are your thoughts ?
  13. UA cold gear. Treestand pattern. Great camp and very warm.
  14. What are your opinions on hunting the morning folllwing a full moon? I tend to sit it out and hunt the afternoon but tomorrow looks like one of best days of the season to be in the stand at first might. Hard to resist
  15. I've been shooting rage for 5 or more years.. all the deer I have shot w then have died with in sight no more than 100 yards. This o ring never broke on impact which leads me to believe the blades never fully extended. At that distance w my bow should of been a clean pass through
  16. Update: found my arrow blood and hair half way up the shaft. I did find some meat on the tip of the blade which concerned me. What also concerned me is that I don't believe my rage broadhead opened up fully which caused the arrow not to pass through. Three buddies and I did a grid search for 8 hours today and didn't find one drop of blood. Terrible feeling.
  17. Gonna try deer search again in the morning
  18. Sleeping will not be very good tonight
  19. Thanks EJ. I'm hoping to
  20. I'm concerned the arrow isn't going to come out because it was lodged pretty far in.
  21. Thanks a lot steve appreacite the offer
  22. I'm hoping, I have lost 3 deer in my hunting career, worst feeling
  23. IM in 7J not a ton but they are there. I called deer search tonight to see if they would be able to assist me in the morning but haven't got a hold of anyone.
  24. Got me and a couple of buddies headed out bright and early. Just hate leaving deer overnights
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