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  1. The wait must have been killing you!! A great call on your end, like what looks like the rest of the planet, I cannot wait to see pics and hear the story!
  2. having a hard time with the photo, could be the fire walls at work. I'll take another stab at it this evening. Glad to hear it was not your tanker!
  3. Dead ringer though, my 15 year old daughter's first
  4. If you were watching him in 7F, I may have your answer
  5. My last deer had two of them and found out that it is cutaneous fibrosis. My processor told me he sees them all of the time
  6. Had a friend of mine who was not happy with an established processor in the area, very possibly your old place I believe. Where/how does he find you?
  7. I would be too, not sure how much the guy owed you but if it were me I think I 'd be ahead of the game on this one.
  8. My Dad has a FFL, he is out of the country for a few weeks but when he gets back I'll ask him a range etc if you'd like.
  9. No shock there, the iron sights on those are amazing! I do have glass on mine but would be comfortable without it if it was not already mounted.
  10. I have one that I got from my grandfather from that time period. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Even outside of the sentimental value, I love that gun!
  11. Not sure if it could work or the down stream ramifications to native species, but the topic is very interesting
  12. Where in the Syracuse area are you located? Nice set up BTW
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