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  1. just got one with my doe i shot yesterday 1.5hrs maybe 2hrs from skinning to frezzer , use two knife no saw an yup branch loppers for legs ... i didnt grind burger wont do that till after season....
  2. got to say it appears Trump hurt those he backed and those that backed him wish he would just go away...I fear he will run again in 2024 and continue to hurt republican party....
  3. Yeah you kinda just proved my point with your statement and rant he yours/Dems boogie man cant let it go you said it what the relevance hes not president, I seriosly think the Dems keep him as the center of attention more then any group...
  4. ok im not an over the top political person was not a trump fan but his policcies were good much better then what we have now i dont get why the dems keep bringing up trump... hes not the president hasnt been for 2 yrs , I dont care what trump says or does or who supported him or who thought he was a good or bad.... I watch several news outlets and every Dem I see and here still bitches about Trump instead of just stating there policy and there beliefs ... If you watched the Debate between Zeldin and Holchol she did it to...Ive never seen a poltiacl group make there talking point a person thats out office trump is like there boogie man.
  5. And Hochul is trying violate anyones rights who carries a gun legally ,,, well legally before her new crazy laws,,, and forgot about the victim of crimes she cares more about the criminal. Zeledin said point blank no change in NY abortion laws,
  6. I saw Zeldin needs at least 35% ofNYC vote to win if he gets that and upstate tows it normal voting he would win fingers crossed
  7. great job looks like the pups are having great year look forward to your posts
  8. you got to give the deer a reason to be on the 5acres during daylight , food, cover etc and only hunt when wind /condtions are correct and presure it very little
  9. your are hitting it hard at u will have a dozen hunts before i get 1, fyi eyes are bitting at night
  10. so this year my brassicas plots basically failed one plot did well that was in a natural damp area but the deer have nearly wiped it out already the places I went back and planted with rye got about 5 in high the deer now have down to an inch. lots, almost to much activity on the plots im very intrested to see when snow gets on the rye as short as it is will the deer dig threw snow to get it, if so i will be doing all rye . so easy to plant and grow rye and cheap, just really like the late season draw of bulbs, ive seen deer dig threw 2ft of snow to get bulbs
  11. yup whole family of otters
  12. its as expensive as you make it or as cheap thats up to the indvidual .... so no not a rich mans sport
  13. well i would say if he was in the rules its state land for everyone to enjoy,,, however sound like he was not within the rules tho
  14. I like when people ask when the rut will be "This year" well as far as i have ever seen same as last year and the year before etc, now there are factors as far as how much action you see but the rut is basically the same time every year....
  15. what cory said,,, plus a soil test, clover aint great late season so add rye into clover in the fall next yr wont hurt, I luv my brassica plots good from october till jan... but i have found yr after yr you start loosing good plots
  16. Im guessing its lacking somthing in soil maybe like others said planting same thing back to back can deplete soil of something that plant needs my 1st food plot was one of my best no fertilizer or lime but several years later my plots need fertilizer at least every other year. again get a soil test in spring only like 12 or 14 bucks from whitetail inst....I have had same thing happen,, Brassicas due use alot of the nitrogen in the ground and that does not get replaced by tilling
  17. any number of things soil change, over seeded, to wet , to dry, a blight.... i would do a soil sample and start from there highly doubt a seed issue...
  18. thats a tuff hit doubt it would be fatel short term infection maybe,
  19. I'll be honest always been a little lax in voting, other then local Town / county stuff, but this year I ordered my mail in vote yesterday as i will be out of town but this may be a year every vote counts , still not sure if Zeldin has a chance but i can hope
  20. i got a nice group of long beards that are daily on my proprty so ill def try for one this year
  21. long track they go a long way on one lung even may survive
  22. nothing on my place or in area for AG so plots get hit hard....
  23. No hero story from me fish all the time , not much hunting yet boat comes out of water tmrw then its hunting,,, just dont have the talent of blowing up my stories to do the point there laughable like .........
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