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    only crime i can re-call with loader several yrs back maybe ten or more guy shot female nys trooper in chest with one,, she had a vest on survived and suspect was no longer living shortly after, by return fire
  2. late for brassicas you will not likely get any bulbs any plants will be small,, now rye, wheat oats its perfect timing u can top dress with clover and chic for next year,,,,
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    none around my camp late may frost
  4. young bucks just playing around being teenagers basically,
  5. Just do a search on "Hunter NY Wolf Prosecuted" and at that particular time when it was shot they were not under federal protection but that has changed and are once again federally protected. The wolf hide was seized but nothing criminal
  6. ok all articles I found said he was not charged , at the time wolfs were not under federal protection , that has changed since, NY state advised since he thougt it was a coyote and at that time they did not believe there were wolfs in NY, and coyote season was open he will not be charged
  7. where did u see that they are proscuting the guy? have never heard that
  8. Check RLS Structures they built my pole barn just the shell, windows, doors and i did inside work .. insulated , walls, floor etc. and made into a nice camp my building was 24x 36 if i remeber,,,they had it up in just over one day, easy to work with and well priced well that was 2016 so not sure what costs are now...
  9. with the price of fertilizer sky high going to try some liquid stuff , liquid fertilizer , hunting plot booster, and WI impact and some liquid calcium any one use this and what where results i used the hunting plot booster late last yr just to try it and it greened plants up but growing season was about done
  10. had an issue with my past lab many yrs ago, kinda same thing but she got very weak and ill, turned out had infection in her blood causing her red blood cells to die and she would pass the dead cells thru her urine not a deep red blood , the infection was caused when she cut her "wrist " on front leg very deep severed veins ....the infection didnt show up for many months after, long story short she need a blood transfusion and medication several months to heal up....
  11. thanks wont make the mistake of leaving one in long term again .......
  12. no on most remington guns the threading is at the bottom of the choke , not right at the end of the barrell, only drove the the chisel down maybe 1/2 -3/4 of an inch,an the chisel never mad contact with barrel either just the choke
  13. wasnt pretty but got it with out damaging barrel choke is toast tho, long story short slightly moved it with choke tool i got but both tool and choke stripped and tool would not grip, so found a chisel just about 12 ga size tapped it down and that bit into walls of choke and was able to unscrew it . I did soak it in penetrating oil 3 days also
  14. thks guys will give it a shot waiting on new choke wrench now bent the old one that came with gun
  15. Any tips or tricks in getting a stuck choke tube out of shotgun , choke has been my 870 for lots of years and i cant budge it....
  16. my father has gun that uses 300 savage very hard to find he got lucky few yrs ago bought like ten boxes at auction from what i understand those that do still produce only do so every couple of years and in limited amounts. my understanding is no makes a new 300savage cal. gun so very limited ammo produced
  17. the states i found require use of black powder, and must be replicas or antique firearms "non modern firearms," and there are some new single shot shotguns for 104 to 110 but nothing for 90 i can find but close ill give u that
  18. name a state and prove that they are considering it and where are these 90 dollar shot guns you speak of sold
  19. i will get some just my computer skills are poor
  20. 2016 570 sportsman with winch and plow decent condtion runs good aprox 1600miles color yellow $6300 send pm
  21. salt/ vinger dosent kill the roots only the green leafs so the plant / weed pops right back
  22. gotcha yeah if i think theres a chance for them to freeze hide comes off the day they were shot and if the deer does freeze ill cut it up a quarter at a time sawall helps with that
  23. never really heard of air skinner, it takes like less then 10 or 15 minutes to skin a deer and not labor intencive it does sound like waiste of $$$
  24. not sure what the law is now.... but my buddy bought a loader last week no back ground paperwork just went in and bought same day....
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