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  1. dont think its rained in almost 2 weeks at camp keep missing the down pours by less then a mile
  2. yeah EHD dosnt have to do with population its a midge that infects deerthat is how the deer get it they dont spread it to each other....
  3. basically work about 4 days in nov the rest is spent at camp....couple days off in dec
  4. rob those brassicas? Good germination great job , not for nothing and just my two cents and errors ive made in past if they are brassicas might be little close i learned this the hard way in a perfect world one plant every 3 to 5 in.... Hardest thing for me is dont over seed brassicas ,,, now grains or clovers they dont mind to much seed
  5. well checked on mine today dosent appear i got a lot of rain but everything seem to germinate very good
  6. man watering a plot would be tons of work,,, but im guessing would do the trick so far ive lucked out been keeping close eye on radar since i planted last week looks like it rained several times headed down tmrw...
  7. nope but I saw it all backed up........next week got to spray two small plots get them ready for my grain to plant end of month....
  8. i was just south of your property in the viallage at 5pm down poured for like 30mins.
  9. well appears from radar im getting the rain i wanted down at camp
  10. deer hit it pretty good yes in the summer it will get seed heads deer wont eat but, not really something you would care about as its not ment to be summer forage, i wouldnt plant to very end of august 1st week sept.
  11. slight chance for rain tmrw AM but thurs thru sunday its between 40% and 60% every day in 7m
  12. planted my brassicas today about a week early but had a free day,,, hope for some rain this week
  13. i would say hes fine yeah thin but had one just like it last yr angle of photo and turning kinda stretched out ehd hits them so fast dont really loose wieght normally dead with ehd in a week and cwd is not likely.... if anything cancer or or something but i would say hes ok
  14. i used the black boar stuff its brutal not with 3 point hitch tho may make big diffrence mine went right in hitch reciever of wheeler not sure if it was my rocky soil or not but was brutal abuse on wheeler had to have new reciever welded on wheeler after one use, used it one year stopped before i bent frame on wheeler or needed to replace the whole suspension... might be good on softer soil ,,, still have the attachments but just use an old drag harrow now
  15. maybe a tow behind tiller if u dont have rocks but would need to mow often to keep the growth down during summer so weeds dont wrap it up
  16. how bigs the plot i have put a match to some of mine say 1/2 to 3/4 acre burns off real quick just pick a time low winds and maybe disc edges up real good for fire break it looks a little thick and im guessing your soil to seed contact will not be good, or just keep going around with disc with many passes it will break up
  17. yup agree,, Ive just found that if u can time it just right before rain germination is better and they pop right up....
  18. keeping any eye on forecast going to drag plots monday but only 2 days in 7 day forecast with 30% chance rain, i do this every year trying to pick correct time to plant
  19. i play the wind if its not right for a certain spot i go to another spot, and do nothing extra, i do believe u can reduce your scent and perhaps the deer feels u are farther away but there is no way you can hide all your scent...
  20. well even if they are protected federally and u actually shoot one in new york i think u got a great defense if the DEC there are none in new york, how can u knowling shoot something that dec says there are none
  21. well just put new rear axel on right side of wheeler was on its way out. so now just gotta do some dragging in next week and plant prior to rain.....
  22. well I started actually reading the law instead of just pits and pieces and not done yet but wow this is really crazy... from locking your guns up if you have some under 18 in your house or you go hunting and grab a bite a at local diner mid day and dont have your gun in a secured basically safe in your car or truck ,,no gun case does not cut it. No less where you can carry, No where basically, and even with a full permit . i didnt know these all cover handguns and long guns....
  23. I found the one i got last year 6 1/2yrs old and had photos for the 3 yrs prior was never in a group but normally had one smaller buck with him all the time at 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 it was the same one at 6 1/2 it was a little 4pt im guessing his buddy from the prior yrs got shot our out grew his welcome... but he was solo come mid october,,,,, his buddy was normally near by but not together like summer early fall
  24. ok why would two weeks cause predators to die off
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