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  1. thks guys will give it a shot waiting on new choke wrench now bent the old one that came with gun
  2. Any tips or tricks in getting a stuck choke tube out of shotgun , choke has been my 870 for lots of years and i cant budge it....
  3. my father has gun that uses 300 savage very hard to find he got lucky few yrs ago bought like ten boxes at auction from what i understand those that do still produce only do so every couple of years and in limited amounts. my understanding is no makes a new 300savage cal. gun so very limited ammo produced
  4. the states i found require use of black powder, and must be replicas or antique firearms "non modern firearms," and there are some new single shot shotguns for 104 to 110 but nothing for 90 i can find but close ill give u that
  5. name a state and prove that they are considering it and where are these 90 dollar shot guns you speak of sold
  6. i will get some just my computer skills are poor
  7. 2016 570 sportsman with winch and plow decent condtion runs good aprox 1600miles color yellow $6300 send pm
  8. salt/ vinger dosent kill the roots only the green leafs so the plant / weed pops right back
  9. gotcha yeah if i think theres a chance for them to freeze hide comes off the day they were shot and if the deer does freeze ill cut it up a quarter at a time sawall helps with that
  10. never really heard of air skinner, it takes like less then 10 or 15 minutes to skin a deer and not labor intencive it does sound like waiste of $$$
  11. not sure what the law is now.... but my buddy bought a loader last week no back ground paperwork just went in and bought same day....
  12. not really about finding bolt after shot it is helpful biggest benefit i found is that u have a great idea of were the hit on the animal was.....
  13. i think a few less hunters but also think as far as not hearing the shots hunting is diffrent back in the day brown was down and deer drives were the norm both resulted in way more shooting... plus more accurate fire arms/rifles back in the day smooth bore 12 ga with foster slugs empting the pump gun at 100yrds was commom
  14. yup yotes and farming practices not rabies knocked them way down
  15. all depends on area/ location ur looking.....
  16. just got one with my doe i shot yesterday 1.5hrs maybe 2hrs from skinning to frezzer , use two knife no saw an yup branch loppers for legs ... i didnt grind burger wont do that till after season....
  17. got to say it appears Trump hurt those he backed and those that backed him wish he would just go away...I fear he will run again in 2024 and continue to hurt republican party....
  18. Yeah you kinda just proved my point with your statement and rant he yours/Dems boogie man cant let it go you said it what the relevance hes not president, I seriosly think the Dems keep him as the center of attention more then any group...
  19. ok im not an over the top political person was not a trump fan but his policcies were good much better then what we have now i dont get why the dems keep bringing up trump... hes not the president hasnt been for 2 yrs , I dont care what trump says or does or who supported him or who thought he was a good or bad.... I watch several news outlets and every Dem I see and here still bitches about Trump instead of just stating there policy and there beliefs ... If you watched the Debate between Zeldin and Holchol she did it to...Ive never seen a poltiacl group make there talking point a person thats out office trump is like there boogie man.
  20. And Hochul is trying violate anyones rights who carries a gun legally ,,, well legally before her new crazy laws,,, and forgot about the victim of crimes she cares more about the criminal. Zeledin said point blank no change in NY abortion laws,
  21. I saw Zeldin needs at least 35% ofNYC vote to win if he gets that and upstate tows it normal voting he would win fingers crossed
  22. great job looks like the pups are having great year look forward to your posts
  23. you got to give the deer a reason to be on the 5acres during daylight , food, cover etc and only hunt when wind /condtions are correct and presure it very little
  24. your are hitting it hard at u will have a dozen hunts before i get 1, fyi eyes are bitting at night
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