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  1. oats are great and easy to grow good up till first few heavy frost same with rye but i honestly think like oats better then rye however rye is more cold tolerant... My go to is big n beasty,,, i like it as they eat the tops and then bulbs help them threw whole winter they may not get really into bulbs until after season depending on how the weather goes like this year mild so wasnt the best drawing power but still had deer hitting it...
  2. 2 types of brats, hot /sweet italian, maple, breakfest, garlic, and was 30 to 40% pork rest was venison
  3. me and two buddies did about 200lbs of brats and sausage yesterday bout 10 hrs job but 1st time doing it , everything came out great did about 6 different flavors no summer sausage or sticks thats for next go around....
  4. camps are for drinking beer and killing deer dont over think it but those are some nice places
  5. best advise i got since u cant spray cut every 3 weeks and that will at least keep and eventually kill off broad leafs
  6. i gotta say dont mind the propane lights but had a scare 15 yrs back at a buddies camp had a light on low when every one slept and thank go one of the guys woke up for what ever reason light malfunctioned and camp was on fire,, and with the honda generator dont even even hear it running outside seperated by two walls.....
  7. i only use the harrow,, i would think if your going to try both harrow first
  8. my buddy had one the weeds just would get wrapped around it might be ok if u mow real short and hit with weed killer first and u have to pull it extremely slow ......takes a few years but each year is easier with drag first year with root build up in soil is the worst,, best thing i found to date is an old spring harrow drag still needs to be cleaned out a time or two, but with multiple rows of harrows the fronts usually help the back ones not get clogged up as bad
  9. gotta say some of your guys camp are better then my house i kept it simple no running water flush toilet with water collected off roof, bring water to cook, drink, dishes in 1 gallon milk jugs lights etc. runs by honda generator or batteries, wood stove is only heat source...
  10. find a local guy or farmer with a dozer much cheaper dont need a perfect drive for a camp
  11. man code enforcement sounds like a pain in some areas my codes guy looked threw a window i wasnt even there and when i just had a shell and said your all set
  12. i did a metal pole barn had the shell put up for me by RLS buildings they did it in a day 1/2 price wasnt bad this was in 2016 building if i recall is 24x 36 I then finished the inside in rough cut lumber was the cheapest route i found inside is rustic, outside very durable .....
  13. what do you think it is im not really up on yotes, i honestly dont know theres also one recorded at 81lbs ,,, 115 does seem hard to believe ,,,
  14. well thats what i found when i did google search not saying its fact did say confirmed by DEC, i searched NY state recored coyote dated dec16,2005
  15. I was going to call BS on 60lb coyotes but just did a little research largest documented in NY was 115lbs in 2005 now thats big dog
  16. If you track deer u will find most of your shots are far from perfect, its one of the many things that makes tracking the hardest way of hunting imo and the most fair chase you can have now im not a tracker but talked to a few that do it in the daks and these guys get all my respect some go 5-6miles plus take cloths of to cross a creek drag deer out for miles...i dont have that dedication... so if they are willing to go all through that they better take the shot that is offered i would think
  17. 5yrs is awhile most likely need a new one
  18. oneida lake walleye regs may need some change if in fact the population is too high like they say, i have noticed alot less shad/ baitfish this may be due to high walleye populations but i wish they would do a size slot limit with the 5 keepers ...i do like the 3 fish as it stands but from my fishing results last 2yrs there is a ton of eyes in the lake , over populated well im not the guy to say.
  19. well my land has 1,000 of acres of state land close to it and i took several drives around on the state land and saw very very few hunters this year,,, and not alot of shots heard, so less hunters but deer populations looked great
  20. helped me got my PB 14mins prior to sunrise, but 5 mins earlier yet legal would have been to dark it was an overcast rainy/snow mix morning
  21. gotta say i have had some disagreements on this site and i was never 100% correct and perhaps a bit over zealous but dam when two hunters cant just say glad you had a good season and congrats and good luck next year we dont gotta worry about tree huggers and anti's giving us a hard time, to each there own
  22. the stuff i get from TS has surfactant in it already, its 41%concentrate
  23. I dont think it hurts ontario at all as far as perch populations the vast majority of the lake is untouched for perch fishing and as far as ice that is limited to as the majority of ontario never sees ice, and its a huge body of water, inland lakes def can be over fished
  24. agree read the bill like 4 times and there is sub section 3 of the new law and it does address off indian owned land that they can be ticketed but still seems vague and not black and white at least to me. Also lots of Indian land borders oneida lake thats for sure, so if they are on there land on shore catching eyes by the bucket in april out of the canal then what? ugh
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