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  1. Waiting now that hunting season is over. Even though I want to go down south. Adirondack surf and turf. Venison and perch. Love me some Sunnie's and blue gill and perch occasionally a Pike. Buckets full $8 a pound live weight or 8 lb fileted. Lots of work but worth it.
  2. Venison hamburger soup. Onions and celery and carrots homemade canned tomatoes.
  3. I did a pickled deer heart today. Then threw some eggs into a glazier pickled sausage brine added red pepper. Just in time for Santa just gotta leave out a bud light.
  4. Our beef cubed steak marinade in olive garden Italian dressing. Sweet potato and baked potato crockpot Mac and cheese ceasar salad and chocolate chip cookies and brownie sundaes. Son's 11 the birthday dinner. Pearl harbour day!
  5. Nope I was born in 84. But heard from old timers in the northern zone. Hunting doing drives and never pushing a deer. Deer population s have come along way up here. Last year was the first time since 06 I didn't kill a deer.
  6. I've seen more hunters up here in the northern zone on state land I hunt. Used to be great hunting now just too much pressure and deer head to private where there baited. All my old stomping grounds that nobody ever hunted had trucks. Everytime I drove by. I hunted with @Swamp_bucks southern zone nobody got deep like us I was a 1/2 mile in he was a mile in. Saturday hunters were out come Sunday it was almost like nobody around.
  7. My both my grandfather's on my dad's side were both well army vets. One artillery the other quart master. My great uncle was a wwII bronze star purple heart recipient. Was shot in the face by a German and left for dead a French nun found him under a bridge and help him until American s arrive. Lost teeth and pallet of mouth. Was a bootlegger after he came home. Never met my dad's real dad he died young 49 massive heart attack. My dad's step dad never talked about it. They are the greatest generation. My dad and grandpa were Korean war vets. My dad munitions in Air Force. My grandpa a tanker. I was a army infantryman in Iraq. Military roots run deep.
  8. Wish I would've posted my VA counselor made a rabbit ragu for our monthly PTSD group. Absolutely delicious all Ingredients came from his farm. Brought leftover home and served over penne. Wife and kids loved it. Farmed raised rabbit are delicious. So are snowshoe. I usually do a Dijon mustard rabbit over egg noodles.
  9. Dam dawgs! Having a few bud lights in the [email protected] great escape Lodge lake George NY. Kids having a ball me hanging out in room. Wife enjoying hot tub.l
  10. Hopefully he's healed up for baseball. That's why my baseball star will focus on baseball only. He's already told me if I don't get any where with baseball out of high school. He wants to be a airborne ranger. Super proud dad.
  11. Just reread his post. I misread it. I'm always thinking people do the right thing sometimes not. Live you learn. Good call. Hope Dec doesn't track me.
  12. Yea I understand what your saying my fault. I'm a good guy ask @swampbucks can verify. I served honorably in the us army. I believe in doing the right thing. My fault. I won't advise on anything. I know up here we have a jacking problem my uncle called three days in a row. Did Dec set up a decoy? No they gave my uncle the 3 does. Told him u should install a light near your apple trees to deter the deer. Lol. Me rambling. I get what your saying. He needs to be held accountable and not be posting. Understandable. I understand he was wrong. Just don't want meat to go to waste. I have a tag I offered. My fault.
  13. Hey at least nobody will have a car deer collision and somebody's freezer is full of meat. Not saying it's right but he said the deer didn't look hit and he looked. So he continued to hunt like most of us would do unless your a hound dog and a good blood tracker. If it's a troll he got me. If not I'm willing to help a hunter even if it was wrong I'm sure he's learned from this.
  14. If not you can't do anything else he's dead and not coming back. Clean it up and learn from it.
  15. Yea got any friends with buck tags? Where you located? I'm at the great escape Lodge in lake George tonight. If your close I'd tag it for ya.
  16. He's still good to eat. Gut him and clean up if you can good job stacked up like cord wood lol. Pics.
  17. Mainly to clear my head from combat PTSD. Peace and quiet. Gets me outta the house. Exercise. Put meat in the freezer. Harvesting is just a bonus plus more work lol.
  18. When the guns start going off I try to get behind a large tree.
  19. Dont know if they were taking in same spot or not. I'm in my they sent me pics. Usually they get one or 2 bucks in all not 3 in one day.
  20. Cream of mushroom and pepper jack cheese pork chops and potatoes and onions and beets and homemade jalapeno poppers. Ceasar salad on side.
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