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  1. We just started this new organization that gets looked at. We have practice every Sunday 9-12 thru Oct 25 and hopefully winter ball. Then up again in February. We'll see my boy likes it. He just got a brand new glove which will last till highschool I guarantee lol. Money well spent. Hunting season is coming on Brantley is showing more interest.
  2. We got our first heavy frost of season here. Both vehicles windshield froze so heavy frost.
  3. Go to Old Forge. They'll eat cookies right out of your hand. Buddy had photos of his daughter feeding a monster buck right out of the van door.
  4. Wow that crazy but if people really want it they'll pay. Yes this is fall ball waiting to see if they have indoor during winter. Waiting to see what the billing is like for travel team. Seen all the apparel sweatshirts personalized bat bags etc. They actually went through quite a bit of training and are also keeping it fun for kids. Coaches are great. Right now instructional is for 9-12. 9-10 are together training and 11-12. Definitely glad I signed him up for this. Seems like he is really enjoying it.
  5. We'll tryouts are all over for travel baseball team. Brantley did well fielding and batting, 30 yard dash. We should be hearing soon if he made the team. Seen lots of competition between the 2 tryout days. Today is the start up of instructional baseball. I paid $65 for 5 sessions which are every Sunday through end of October. They have special guests that come in and help kids work on what they need help with. One thing Brantley needs to work on is arm strength he's holding back. He's so small kids 9-10 u are bigger then him and he's 10. Coaches asked him how old he was and what grade he's in. He said 10 which he turned on 9/11 and 5 the grade. He's a lefty the coaches told him small but mighty. They liked his batting. Coach kept telling other coach look at his swing. This is all about development and I hope this helps out. I think it will be good for him.
  6. Son pulled a big onion. Biggest one I've ever grown from bulbs. Picture doesn't do it justice.
  7. Thought we'd get our first frost here in northern Adirondacks. Woke up 40 degrees. No frost. We'll take it.
  8. I'll buy here soon again. I hope to invest with monthly money that is leftover. Tax season I'll invest more. My investments are long term possibly invest in other riskier and overseas stocks depending on market.
  9. How much more money should I invest. Had a bunch leftover but just had to buy fuel oil 439 gallon $1078. Also was going to buy a new rifle but school tax hit lol. I'll talk to my financial advisor lol. Should invest in fuel oil projection after midterm elections from good source fuel company $8-14 a gallon. Crazy stupid money.
  10. Nothing here in northern Adirondacks. Saranac ny. Think wind helped. Tonight maybe we'll see. Definitely a chilly morning.
  11. Good luck I know how much work and time you put in it will pay off. Can't wait to see you with your hands around one of those guys antlers.
  12. I'm up near lake placid 45 mins from there and Montreal is like 70 something miles. In Clinton county.
  13. Man we see a lot of gators on st Simons and Jekyll island Georgia. There protected there. I bet it was a ball down there. How does gator hunting work down there in Georgia? I've been seeing the gators taken from lake Marion and Santee Cooper lakes in South Carolina. That's probably where I will try to book a outfitter for a hunt.
  14. Maybe one day. I'm way upstate. Thanks for offer though. Have a few for me.
  15. Man can't wait to be able to have a beer again. Sucks watching football without beer. Landshark is legit never had it out of can.
  16. Nice hall on jalapenos. With our green tomatoes. We have fried green tomatoes. We also make green tomato relish which is delicious. Also heard to put green tomatoes in paper bag with a red apple and they'll ripen. The green tomato relish is like a hotdog relish. People are always asking us for a jar or recipe.
  17. Sounds like a great plan. I do the same thing with peppers. Easy prep.
  18. Great haul! What are you doing with all of them? Canning tomatoes salsa spaghetti sauce? Peppers. Mine didn't even blossom. Being chewed on by deer don't help. I got a few tomatoes from garden but blight struck again. Great year for you congrats
  19. Thank you guys for all the encouraging words.
  20. Not to be self centered by any means. Today is Redneck4lifes birthday. The big 38 it has never showed up on forums today's birthday's. Hopefully today is a good day still laid up after hip replacement surgery. Early bear starts today I think. Hopefully I'll make it in woods soon.
  21. Begara 6.5 Creedmoor. I shot my buddies started at 100 and went out to 300 yards we were hitting the same hole. Think I hit right beside his at 300. Sweet trigger squeeze no recoil. On my wish list.
  22. Kyle Busch is a hell of a driver. He may find success.
  23. Yes just started investing in June. Invested in American funds so long term investment 10 years. Bought stocks when they were low. Hopefully Itll pay off in the future.
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