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  1. Venison chili for a cooler day. Easy meal to come home to after kids baseball game.
  2. Smoked baby back ribs and tortilini salad and collard greens corn on the cob.
  3. Watching Yankees game. Cortez is pitching a gem. 3-0 Yankees. Raining here.
  4. 3 racks of baby back ribs on smoker. 321 method. Can't wait 6 hours.
  5. Opening day of Plattsburgh Little league. Son's team lost 6-4. He was 2-2 batting ànd made alot of good fielding plays. He had fun.
  6. Good day to be drinking and opening up pool. Filling it up and starting kit tomorrow or Sunday.
  7. Little black flies must be horrendous? I went for a 3 mile walk and got ate up. I'll be back turkey hunting beginning of week.
  8. Well kid had second practice it went great. Coach said this kid should be on majors. Hitting and fielding went great. Coach wants him to try him out for pitcher he said no. He said we need another pitcher and it fits you. He'd rather play 2 nd or short or outfield. Coach told him he has a great chance of getting called up after this weekend. Fingers are crossed. He's got his confidence back after getting cut. Got his jersey and hat tonight. Thanks guys for advice to getting him to stick with it. He's proud as a peacock in it. Got # 1. Just got to keep practicing
  9. Son had first practice of town ball Monday. Also little league minors on Tuesday. My wife talked him into it. Didn't waste my $95. Not to hate but both teams have bad news bears written all over them lol. Little leagues first game is Saturday after only three practices. Should be fun to watch. He's hesitant about little league he doesn't know anyone and nobody talked to him. Town ball are all the same kids he played with last year and knows them from school. I told him get out there and introduce yourself either they want to talk to you or they don't. Let the traveling begin lol practicing 4 times a week and game Saturday.
  10. We're thinking about it. Lots of thinking going on. Gotta keep my mind busy so making it look good.
  11. Well got my 70 something by 30 something ft garden tilled this morning. She's wet hopefully the weather this week will dry it up.
  12. Nice did bbq chicken thighs on grill seasoned potatoes and onions cooked on grill and yellow squash and zucchini. Sliced cucumber also.
  13. Gas prices are ridiculous. So is fuel oil. $479 for 100 gallons. Crazy. Gas price at local station 461.9 at one and 466.9 less than 1/4 mile down road. Can we say $5 before memorial day.
  14. Hit woods this am 4 miles on my boots not one gobble. But deer were moving.
  15. Did some weeding in my garden. Wanted to till it but still wet like slop. Got wife's flower beds weeded. Now just have to put mulch and annuals in.
  16. Yes I m working with mortgage broker to see if my 3.75% is locked in and that rate would transfer to new house.
  17. I can only hope I'm doing the right thing. Lots of thinking going on right now. Yes they're young enough I'm not ruining there love life lol.
  18. Yea just seen veteran home loans are 5.65%. I bought my current house at 3.75%. Last may we had 2.65%. for a rate. But I listened to my realtor and he said prices would come down. That hasn't happened. Everytime a place comes on that in our price range it's gone.
  19. The realtor is supposed to put it on market at $259000. Saranac ny. No pics.
  20. 20 minutes away from where I live.
  21. Love my place we made it our home. Just sick of the cold winters. I'd love to go down south after hunting season and come back in April. But with wife working and kids in school it's not possible. We travel every chance we get on school breaks or holidays down there and it's grown on me and my wife we love it.
  22. Hopefully coastal Georgia. We're testing the waters of real estate.
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