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  1. About an hour or so. Depends on how hot the grill is. I would say around 350 for about half hour or 45 mins indirect with lid down then over direct heat with lid up to crisp up. The key is to have most of the fat from the skin render off over the indirect heat before finishing over the direct heat.
  2. Cook over indirect heat until done and then finish over direct heat to crisp up. I like to brush with sauce when crisp and then grill a couple more minutes over the direct heat. Here's some I did this past summer in the crisping up stage. Put a foil pan under when doing indirect heat or the next time you fire up the grill you will have an inferno (I know from experience). We actually prefer them this way to deep fried.
  3. I did same. Had a 2006 Ram and in 2017 decided to buy a Honda Accord to use as my everyday driver. The Ram started to turn into a pile of rust in the driveway, battery went dead a couple times. I ended up trading in both on a 2017 Silverado this past spring.
  4. Not sure if yours has it but the gas on/off has stumped us a couple times before realizing to check it.
  5. Fell asleep to it last night and had it on while we opened our presents this morning.
  6. Definitely gonna give this a try. Thanks!
  7. They say the Albany airport only got 23 inches. I measured 28 inches in my back yard in Colonie a few miles away. Snowbanks over the top of my mailbox. About 20 minutes into cleaning up the right tire on my snowblower went flat and broke bead with the rim. Wouldn't hold air to inflate. It was a bitch clearing all that snow with a single tire snowblower.
  8. Since only my dad and I hunt our property and we don't have tree stands (from the ground), we have "My Spot" and "Your Spot".
  9. We hunt in 4C. Opening weekend my father and I saw 8 different bucks (3 shooters). All were chasing or searching. We also saw a number of doe. This weekend we each sat dark to noon Saturday and Sunday and saw zero deer. I think we caught tail end of rut opening weekend and it is done. Deer are hunkering down. I can't remember the last time we had back to back sits at any time during gun and saw zero deer.