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  1. If hunting by myself, my dad, then my wife. If hunting with my dad, my wife.
  2. What Grampy said...this is a 3 shot group at 50 yards out of my Ruger American with the Federal Premium BT's
  3. Only got out 6 times during gun for a total of about 36 hours. Work and family obligations cut into my time in the woods quite a bit this year.
  4. Storm is over. They said 22.6 inches at Albany airport. I measured 25 on my deck.
  5. Daughter's school district is already closed for tomorrow here in the suburbs of Albany. Snowplow went through about an hour ago. Went out for the first snow blowing and there was about 6 inches and snowing heavy. Calling for 12 to 18 inches. More in the hills.
  6. Cold damp and breezy here. Woods pretty quiet as far as deer go. Saw a fork horn and single doe. Both before 7:30. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. Had same issue with some base layers I ordered online. Received an email saying order was cancelled with no explanation. I called them to ask why the order was cancelled. The woman I talked to was very helpful. She said that they were in stock and re-did the order for me, waived shipping for the inconvenience and they were on my doorstep two days later. It would be worth a try to give them a call.
  8. 55 degrees so grilling steaks in the dark. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. Thanksgiving is definitely one of the best holidays. No pressure, presents, etc. Just be with family, eat, drink and be merry! Haven't hunted on a Thanksgiving in quite a long time as we head out to the in-laws every year.
  10. I have a Chef'sChoice electric sharpener. Works good.
  11. Mid 30s and rain all day. Ran some errands and watched some football. Forecast looks good for T-giving and the weekend.
  12. Unlike last weekend deer are moving here in 4C. 8 doe and a spike so far. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. Don't use binos. I wear glasses while hunting and have a hard time using them. I hunt woods only and can only shoot out to 75 max in most spots. If I need to get a better look at a deer that is out of range, I use my rifle scope.
  14. I envy all you guys out there today. I tried to get out but in the end, I should've just stayed in bed. Woke up with wicked sinus congestion but decided to give it a go anyway. Halfway to the property and realized left my cell phone at home. I don't wear a watch and hunting by myself so decide to turn around get it. Now I'm a half hour behind schedule. Get to property, get suited up, I'm undoing straps from the quad and smell gas. Pull the drag sled out from underneath the quad and there is fresh gas in it. In the dark, even with flashlight, can't figure out where it is coming from. Decide to cut my losses and go home. Gonna try to figure out the leaking gas situation this afternoon.
  15. Real nice deer. Congrats!