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  1. Franks over regular tabasco. Chipotle tabasco over both of them though.
  2. I will be carrying a Ruger American in 7mm-08 shooting Federal 140gr BT's or my Mossy 500 12a shooting Winchester Supreme Elite sabots. Whether I shoot a deer is a different story....
  3. 3/4 bbq chicken and 1/4 plain cheese on the grill. I know some of you guys use the pizza stone but i get good cook on the bottom just using the aluminum sheet pan. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. We drive by the Keltic Kitchen every year when we go to the Cape but never ate there. How was it?
  5. I didn't actually "grill" it. I just used the grill like an oven. Pre-heat with all burners on high until temp is about 550. Turn off the middle burner and set the pizza on pan over that with the outside burners still on high. If the top is done but underside needs a little more cooking turn the middle burner back on and finish with the grill lid up.
  6. I'll have to check that out next time I'm in Buffalo and hit a Wegman's.
  7. Wondering what you guys that make pizza at home use for sauce. Buy it, make it? We use this canned sauce and we like it...pretty much tomatoes and some garlic. Half pepper steak and onions and half cheese done on the grill tonight Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  8. Just went to the Lightfield web page to check out their slugs and got this
  9. We actually took an organized tour otherwise there was no way we could have done four places in one day considering the wait time at each place. For $75 we got to try 2-3 different pies at each place and included beer and wine. The white clam wasn't for me but I don't like seafood. Brooklyn and Northern Jersey are being kicked around for a future trip.
  10. Went to New Haven for some pizza on Saturday. Went to Frank Pepe's, Sally's, Zenelli's, and Abate's. Wanted to go to Modern but didn't have time. Pics are: the original coal oven at Pepe's; mozz pie at Sally's; potato and rosemary, tomato pie and mozz slices at Sally's; sausage and pepper and grandma pies at Abate's. We also had the mozz, tomato and clam pie at Pepe's and the marinara and margherita at Zenelli's but didn't get pics there. For the Pepe vs Sally's debate, I definitely preferred Sally's but both were awesome. I thought the best tasting pie of the day though was the sausage and pepper from Abate's.
  11. We use a thermacell when eating outside on our deck. We have issues with bees buzzing around our food. The thermacell works great.
  12. That's interesting he had to raise outlets on his house. Code requires a convenience outlet as well as the outlet the pump plugs into. My convenience outlet is below the pump outlet on the 4x4 post, 6 feet from the pool. There was no requirement for height - just distance from the pool.
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