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  1. Anyone know where I can find a bottle of Eau de Musc? Thanks! Dino
  2. I’m going to be the new owner of this 95 acre property and cabin. I mapped the geology on this property as part of my Masters theses back in the 1990’s! The lady who sold me the property remembered me…crazy small world! Before this property, all my hunting was/is behind my house in western NY on my 15 acres of land. https://www.whitetailproperties.com/hunting-land/new-york/allegany/custom-built-hand-hewn-log-home-on-organic-acreage-allegany
  3. Sorry…missed your question…blueberry!
  4. You win! Aka, honeyberry.
  5. Very nice gardens everyone! Any guesses on what this is…I planted 2 last year and 4 this year. There is no scale on the photo but they mature around an inch long.
  6. Thanks! That’s Samson. He’s a good boy and filled with lots of love and energy!!
  7. Looking good Mike! I like the natural corner posts! What type of wood are the posts…bark looks like Osage or possibly locust.
  8. Finished processing just under 300 gallons of sap this evening …ended up with 7.25 gallons of syrup. Lots of work carrying sap through the woods in the mud…at least I had a little help from my mom…although she wasn’t too keen on rappelling down the hill to get sap. With the warm weather forecasted, this might be it for the season in my neck of the woods (5.125 gallons on boil number one and 7.25 gallons today). I typically get three boils a season but it was a bit more challenging without my sugar shack and I was light on equipment. Looking forward to some bacon syrup on French toast in the morning!
  9. Did a little archeological exploration in the Bone Creek ruins and found my prized axe head and my box of tree taps (although the box had burnt to ashes and the taps were re-melted into a large aluminum ingot -the few stainless steel taps managed to survive except most are encased in the ingot!).
  10. I couldn’t let a maple syrup season go by without doing some sugaring! I managed to scrape enough equipment together so I could tap some trees. It felt good to be in the woods feeding the fire with wood and my pan with sap, although not so good when I turned around to see the burnt remains of my Bone Creek Sugar Shack. Life goes on and it’s much too short to be lamenting about things gone bad (still planning Bone Creek II).
  11. Looks like fun! My good friend loves the island and bought and fixed up this place not long ago… https://www.jekyllonmymind.com/?fbclid=IwAR1yzkMOICzXZBkQRWUopHGizwhWQnc66I6N4ui5qEHxgGzJW9dsGZZJoc0 He keeps inviting me down. Just the other day he was talking to his neighbor and somehow my name was brought up…his neighbor knew me from my Massena travels…small world! (Just arrived home from camping out in west falls….cool view of the “snow moon” last evening….crazy whiteout conditions all the way home! You picked a nice time to escape!)
  12. Similar to the parasites that bass, etc get from the Kingfisher birds (i.e., black peppering). I read you can eat the fish that are affected…
  13. Not at all…was hoping you would respond to my post as I had a hunch you would know what kind of parasite it was! Thanks!
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