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    12 gauge 870, Flintlock 50 cal
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  1. Wow! Awesome photos! Missed you tonight!
  2. Awesome!! I love that! Be safe and have fun!!
  3. The ones you showed me are real nice! They are on my list!
  4. Windy and warm …never know…hunting at my friends in 9H this afternoon. Was behind the house this morning…
  5. Just heard yesterday…bought two cans of fff this morning for my flinty!
  6. Thought I would circle back around regarding my 20th annual fishing trip...I had 13 guys join me...we all had a great time and caught lots of fish!! Everyone loved the lure wraps...it's going to be hard for me to top that for next year! Below is a link to a bunch of photos of the camping, fishing, and wallowing in the rivers!
  7. Just finished clearing some trails and beefing up my ground blinds. Last year I used my tow-behind lawn rake on my main trails…afterwards I was wondering why the deer were in the leaf piles late into the season and realized there were tons of acorns that got raked up into the piles along with the leaves. lots of acorns, apples, pears, and crabapples this year!
  8. hi Cynthia, What is the olive green item in the attached photo? thanks!
  9. Yes, very nice! I would be interested in the green wool gloves if still available. (You can pm me). Thanks!
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