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  1. I’ll take 4 rolls of your fletch tape...PM on the way. thanks, dino
  2. dinorocks

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    ...Also known as the pedal bone, the bottommost bone in the deer leg and is encased by the hoof capsule.
  3. dinorocks

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Coffin bone from a whitetail deer.
  4. dinorocks

    Trapping question

    Erie County Trappers Association Fur Demo on Sat. Dec 29th (9-1) at Collins Conservation....very helpful event to attend!!
  5. dinorocks

    Trapping question

    Not much now... https://register-ed.com/programs/new_york/128
  6. dinorocks

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Thanks for organizing Jay! ....I’m sorry, I’m not sure who drank your beer??
  7. dinorocks

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    You going to stay ;-/
  8. No deer seen on my last hunt yesterday, but did end the year with a nice view during my paddle back. Fun watching the posts although I wonder how many deer walked by me while my eyes were not where they were supposed to be! Hope to meet some of you tomorrow at the Goat! happy holidays! Dino
  9. Well I was skunked in more ways than one! Plan to return a couple hours before dusk. Good luck to those trying to squeeze the last bit of water out that rock today!
  10. Was planning on calling in “sick” today for the last hunt of the season...well, i woke up sick (probably from my daughter). Careful what you wish for! I do however plan to sit in my blind for a bit as I need to check traps out back anyway. BTW, check out what’s was waiting for me after my Sunday hunt...safely released unharmed.
  11. dinorocks

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Got my schedule figured out...I’m planning to be there!
  12. ...here comes the rain in 9F. And I forgot my cows knee, dang!
  13. Jay, what happened to the deer sled (plastic from the dome)?
  14. Heading into the finish line primitively! ....and feasting along the way! No deer tonight...but still time left!