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  1. Hi Robby- thanks for your response! I would love to meet up sometime to chat! Do you still shoot your selfbows? We have a “not too formal” primitive rendezvous at my archery club (Hawkeye Bowmen) in April…if interested, I’ll send you details. Lots of cool events and typically there are bow making clinics.
  2. Thought I would share a couple videos that my good friend @OldBrianmade of the deer I harvested the other day as well as the bow I used to harvest it. Brian is quite the videographer and we have fun putting these together…I hope you enjoy them. Also, please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the gear that I make…I would be happy to steer you in the right direction if you were ever interested in making your own archery equipment. As mentioned in the video, it is extremely satisfying to harvest game with equipment made by your own hands. Take care, Dino
  3. This guy was on a mission a few minutes ago…cannot wait to see the video!
  4. Yes, all my equipment was made by hand (although I wasn’t using my stone point…Zwickey). Crazy angle now that I see it from the inside…the deer was literally above me…arrow went in low and out high…always a first! I still cannot believe he didn’t know I was there!
  5. Success! From my angle, the shot went in low and out high.
  6. Was sitting just upstream of the mouth of a very small draw. I saw a sapling on the hill right above me moving around. I got ready and the deer walked down the hill right to me. I stayed extremely still and squinted my eyes. When it turned broadside at 8 feet, I took my shot. Very exciting!! I heard some splashing…hopefully from a beaver and not the deer crossing the creek. In the photo, I’m pointing my bow where I was sitting…I’m standing where the deer walked down the hill…the deer stepped over the log to the right of the yellow beach branches (the front of my blind). Unfortunately I wasn’t nocking my stone point…was using a two blade zwickey with my selfbow.
  7. Hey Treeguy…I inquired on the 2.75…if it works out for both of us, we can brainstorm on picking them up.
  8. Jay, I know a guy who would be happy to help you put up the coyote ;-) …although it might be getting a bit ripe by now…I could also help you clean the skull…I’ll be in skull prep mode soon for someone else…keep me posted! (Hopefully any deer you stick don’t run that way) Good luck!!
  9. Same one I use…love it! Try coating the cube steaks in pan searing flour first…best thing ever!
  10. Sick rattlesnake bow! On top of the hand knapped broadhead Thanks! And my wive wove my basket quiver. Hoping to get close enough!
  11. Ha! I don’t think it would open properly using my selfbow!
  12. Good luck recovering the deer and congratulations x2 Tacks! I’m feeling positive vibes that I’ll have an opportunity this evening!
  13. Two buck fighting a few minutes ago…scarred off by a couple coyote (note time stamp). I’ll need to fix that on October 25! Hopefully after work I can get back in my ground blind. Good luck to those in the woods this morning!!
  14. Just had a buck “appear” 10 yards from my ground blind…was quartering to tight to attempt a shot. It sensed something was up and bounced off. Photo of the deer I just saw taken from another spot on the property right after my short morning hunt.
  15. Very happy with my plots! I took your advice and re-roto-tilled and re-seeded the edges of my plots as I originally planned in August. (I have been out of town for many weeks…heading home now and cannot wait to get a good look at the plots…photos from my new cell camera).
  16. Beautiful area and beautiful fish! Tarryall and South Branch of South Platte in Colorado.
  17. Eurasian Tench. I represent the USEPA at multiple Superfund sites along the River since 1999. Very rewarding work for me.
  18. Electroshocking on St. Lawrence River for PCB fish study….this is the third year we have seen these…
  19. Flying squirrels are fluorescent!
  20. Thanks!! Spent most of my birthday month doing what I love to do most… camping, canoeing, fishing and rock hounding in and around the ADKs!
  21. Found this… The RECON compass is a sturdy, precision instrument for ease in handling and complete versatility of use. Made entirely of aluminum, it is not affected by humidity or moisture. It is ideal for surveyors, contractors, foresters, prospectors etc. Cover has township grid, the system utilized in surveying in most areas of the country. Geared declination adjustment on bottom. Rifle-type sighting system. Magnetic deviation correction is by means of a screw accessible from the underside of the casing
  22. I’m not sure but will ask around. As a geologist, I use a Brunton compass to measure strikes and dips of bedrock (as well as for orientation and for leveling up to measure the stratigraphy of outcrops. It too is big, heavy, and built like a tank. The one in the photo I attached was given to me by Turkey Feathers when I stood for him as his best man in his wedding (I think that’s when you gifted it to me Jay…a long time ago).
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