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  1. Maybe low-lying areas that hold too much moisture for the trees?
  2. I used a grim reaper mechanical bow broadhead with my crossbow a few years back. Quartering to shot. Bolt went through the front shoulder and lodged in the opposite hip. Wait. Just reread your post. Apparently I got it backward. I have not used a crossbow head in my bow setup.
  3. That looks like a giant of a 4pt! Might have wacky genes. Would that be a shooter on that property?
  4. I grew up on white eagle hots made in Schenectady. Now that I'm in Rochester, zweigels are my go to. Nordics sound good though. I may have to look them up.
  5. Looks like a good day in the field! I've said it before, goose shooting can be much more exciting than deer hunting. It tends to be more of a social hunt to rather than just a solitary hunt.
  6. Clearly a mistake at the store.. I'm a little surprised.. not really surprised.. but a little surprised that the employees didn't catch it.
  7. Stopped into Wally World this morning to pick up a few items and saw this. These are those cheap foam targets that usually go for under $20. There were several displays of these in the store, and they all showed this price?! Let me know if you're in the market for one. I have a gently used one in the shed that I'll give you a hell of a deal on!
  8. Good to know, thanks. I'll stop over and take a look. I assumed that store stopped carrying anything gun or ammo related because of where it is, similar to the Henrietta Walmart.
  9. I've bought and sold on Ebay without issue. Having that Buyer Protection gives me piece of mind. As @LET EM GROW said, I just look to make sure that the person has lots of positive feedback. That tells me the seller is established and less likely to be a scam.
  10. I don't hate the idea of cars being able to detect a distracted or impaired driving and either turning on auto pilot or automatically pulling the car over. I'd be open to the idea if the reality made sense on the road. With that said, I don't want the government (or their 3rd party) on the button to deactivate cars based on their objectives and agendas. As for the price of aluminum going up, I found the solution for those hats...
  11. Well, hunt #2 is in the books. Saw 10 deer total. I saw 2 sets of doe with fawns. The doe were too skinny, the fawns still in spots, and too far from the car, so they got passes. Then while still hunting out I saw 3 bucks. A 6, an 8 and a 10. Each with a doe. No shots I felt good about though. Too damn hot to be out there looking for deer.
  12. All we need now are the deer and road snacks.
  13. I'll drive if you buy, assuming the deer cooperate.
  14. @Dinsdale shhhh.... Let him charge what he wants lol. I know I say this every year, but hopefully I shoot a buck worth the drive to come see you this year.
  15. Good question, and I like your choices. I was thinking that deer season can be an adrenaline rush when you have deer in close and are able to take one, but.... the rest of the time (which for me seems to be most of the time), there's not much going on. On the other hand, duck, goose, and rabbit hunting can be a lot of fun with lots of action and lots of shooting. My hesitation there though is that I'm not sure how much I want a first timer out there swinging their gun around at fast moving game. So I'm thinking maybe squirrel hunting with a .22 would be my go to for a first time hunter. Plenty of action, but not as chaotic as some of the others can be. If they enjoy themselves with this, move up to some of the others.
  16. Stopped into Dick's in my area yesterday. Options were hit and miss, but the process seemed unchanged. It may have been different if I wanted to buy something
  17. Good deal here. If I hadn't just purchased a few right before these new laws were passed, I'd be all over this. Good luck with the sale!
  18. What Nomad said x2.. I bought a 6.5 a few weeks back. Didn't need it, but couldn't pass on the deal. But now I'm finding that reasonably priced ammo is hard to come by. I'll have to stick to hunting with other calibers for the time being. With that said, a gun is a gun. Savage, Ruger, Mossberg, etc... all make fine options if your friend is budget minded. You should be able to find these in a 6.5 package with a decent scope for under $500.
  19. Looking forward to reading along with you and the pups for another season!
  20. Just remembered that I saw a recent video on YT. It was put on by the new MeatEater cooking channel and showed snow goose breast made up like steak diane. Looked good.
  21. @Pygmy that sounds good. I'll gave to find some goose so I can give it a try.
  22. I only shoot something if I plan to eat it. Hunting geese is a lot of fun, so I had to find a recipe I liked that allowed me to make the most of it.
  23. Just scanned through 30pages of content but didn't see my earlier post, so here's a quick rundown: Cut the breast lengthwise so you have 2 big flat goose pancakes. Pound them out, then soak in a teriyaki / honey type marinade for a day. Flame kiss them on the grill. Not long because they're thin and you don't want to overdue it. Saute bacon that's been cut into smallish pieces. Remove the bacon and saute onions, mushrooms and garlic in the bacon fat. Cut a loaf of italian bread lengthwise, removing most of the interior to make a "boat". Layer the mushrooms, onions, bacon, goose, and provolone cheese inside the boat. Put the top back on, and wrap the whole thing in foil. Throw it in the oven on 375 for about 30 minutes. Unwrap and enjoy. *The original recipe called for using some sort of spicy honey mustard on the bread before you layer, but I'm not big on mustard so I leave that out.
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