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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/blueprint-for-challenging-new-york-s-concealed-carry-law/ar-AA11IFUj?ocid=SL5GDHP&pc=SL5G&cvid=80d91a7dc2a94376afe0135309f41b77 The article states “Back in July, New York State lawmakers went into a special session in an attempt to limit the proliferation of firearms in public after the Supreme Court gutted one of the state’s century-old handgun licensing law.” A special session only to find ways to harass, intimidate and threaten law abiding firearm owners. That was the sole purpose of that “special session”. With all the real problems needing attention in New York State, when will those “special sessions” commence? Nowhere in the article does the reporter document interviewing Governor Hochul to ask any questions for her opinion regarding this alleged unconstitutional action she has taken against New Yorkers. Apparently Hochuls anti-Second Amendment stance does not help her election chances and the media apparently prefers to stay silent.
  2. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sparks fury after moving 64 migrants bus from Texas to GOP suburb https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/chicago-mayor-lori-lightfoot-sparks-fury-after-moving-64-migrants-bus-from-texas-to-gop-suburb/ar-AA11GRIa?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=b2af4afd98c64473b77df26f925bb526 The article states “Hours later, 64 of them were taken to a Hampton Inn hotel in Burr Ridge - 20 miles southwest from downtown - where they will be housed for at least the next 30 days.” Free hotel accommodations at the Hampton Inn for the next thirty days compliments of the taxpayers. How thoughtless of Mayer Lightfoot. Why did she not allow these people to be housed with those who support illegal immigrantion in Chicago?
  3. A sad day in history for the United Sates of America. On this day, the article below is entirely disgusting. These terrorists should be executed. US prosecutors may negotiate plea deal with 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, other conspirators: Report https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-prosecutors-may-negotiate-plea-deal-with-9-11-architect-khalid-sheikh-mohammed-other-conspirators-report/ar-AA11HA32?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=32f5524697cf42119277932100a6d25a
  4. A sad day in history for the United Sates of America. On this day, the article below is entirely disgusting. These terrorists should be executed. US prosecutors may negotiate plea deal with 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, other conspirators: Report https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-prosecutors-may-negotiate-plea-deal-with-9-11-architect-khalid-sheikh-mohammed-other-conspirators-report/ar-AA11HA32?ocid=mailsignout&pc=U591&cvid=32f5524697cf42119277932100a6d25a
  5. Do not forget to have written permission to be in posseion of firearms (use the wordfirearms to incude rifles, shotguns, handguns and muzzleloaders) on propetry not ownerd by you. The generous land owenrs who allow me to hunt on their farms will be giving me a signed letter to the effect that says "Mr. John Doe has my permision to be in the posseion of firearms on my privately owned lands. Signed Mr, Landowner." These stupid laws are intedned only to harass, intimidate and threaten law abiding firearm owners. No new legistlation has been passed to increase punishment of criminals or attack the root casues (illegal drugs, mental health, failed schools and the welfare system that enables fatherless families). Anti-gun politicans are soft on criminals. They need more crime to keep passing stupid anti-gun laws. In the past before hunting season, the slogan was "be safe hunting". Now added to that is you better comply with all the new stupid laws.
  6. So this is about saving lives? Like allot of the other useless gun control laws that have no effect? In regards to my previous statement of “Looks like it will be easier to purchase marijuana in New York State than ammunition!”, where are politicians to protect us? Should they not be doing background checks on the sale of legalized drugs like marijuana and alcohol? Should New York State prohibit the sale of those intoxicants to those who are mentally ill or have a history of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of legal drugs?
  7. Okay, here is a global warming fact. Is planet Earth getting warmer? Yes, it should be. Let’s review our Astronomy 101 studies. The Earth is part of a solar system that orbits around a star named the Sun. As stars age, they become hotter. So then as the Sun gets older every day, it gets hotter. Now the real question is how fast is the Sun aging and how much older must the Sun get before it kills all human life on Earth? This is the question I ask of the global warming experts.
  8. Fact - Communism is bad, it is not some opinion. How any people are immigrating to communist countries? Is the standard of living in communist countries better than the standard of living in democratic countries? Would you move to a communist country? "You were asked to fight a war based on the opinions of experts." Opinions of experts you say? Are you saying that there are global warming experts like Al Gore who proclaim to be subject matter experts who really only have opinions?
  9. Excellent point. But it is not just today's experts. I remember as a teenager being told by the “experts” we need to fight communism. So I enlisted for a very unpopular war while others became rich selling to the Pentagon. So here are some examples of the actions of the “experts” that led to the unnecessary deaths and injuries to my brothers and sisters: Did not matter that the South Vietnamese had a less than enthusiastic spirit to fight for their own freedom, they compounded that fact by many of them serving with the Viet Cong. Lots of people got rich without a scratch. Fast forward to the War on Terror where we had to go into Afghanistan to bring Bin Laden out. He was found in Pakistan where he was probably since September 12, 2001 living the good life. Even after he was reportedly killed by the “experts” in 2013, that useless war went on for another nine years! We had to go into Iraq for the weapons of mass destruction that had already be moved out to Iran or Syria or Hell, but the “experts” wanted another money making war. Again, lots of people got rich without a scratch.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/new-gun-legislation-impacts-ammunition-sales/ar-AA11vb1S?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnbfcL The article states “While customers may feel this way, Governor Kathy Hochul disagrees. She says that having the state requiring background checks for ammunition sales, instead of a federal database, can actually decrease firearm homicides by 22%.” Has anyone seen truthful supporting documentation to verify Hochuls “can actually decrease firearm homicides by 22%.” claim? But then Hochul left herself an out by saying “can actually” instead “this legislation shall”. Still there will be people who actually believe this ammunition sales restriction nonsense will actually reduce or eliminate PEOPLE VIOLENCE (formerly incorrectly stated as GUN VIOLENCE) where the violent sociopath elects to use a firearm. Looks like it will be easier to purchase marijuana in New York State than ammunition!
  11. I feel we can be entrapped by these new laws. There are so many situations/scenarios that can be played out, but the information is unclear and/or unavailable. Somehow having a firearm in a locked case is just as secure as a soft fabric case. If a criminal were to break into your vehicle, both cases have nice handles for both to be easily carried away! Also why would a gun hater care if the case is fire proof...if the case catches on fire then one less firearm available for them to hate! So what exactly is the purpose for the fire proof, hard and locked firearm case requirement? What if you dismantle a firearm, do you still need the hard fire-proof locked case? The criminal steals the hard fire-proof locked case, easily busts off the lock and they have a fully functioning firearm. What if you had a bolt action rifle, remove the bolt and store it separate for the stocked action? It is not capable of being discharged. How about removing the barrel from a shotgun and storing it separate from the stocked action? It also is not capable of being discharged. So we need someone with real intelligence to explain these new laws before we interact with law enforcement to avoid arrest. But could that be the goal of these new nonsense laws?
  12. These new gun control laws are fully intenede to harass, intimidate and threaten law abiding firearm owners. Nothing became worst for criminals did it? The politicans who follow Governor Hochul can do becasue they have no interest in protecting you. Need proof? they have no probellm killing unborn human beings without due process. Just kill them. Life is cheap to them, except for keeping dangeours violent criminals aliove. Just like SAFE Act !, nothing is done to legistlate better security for "sensitive areas" as described in the new gun control law, funding for more and better trained police, buiding mental heatlh facilitiues to insttuionalize the violenbtly mentally ill, building more priosns to keep violent criminals locked up, building drug addict rehabiltaion faciites to cure drug aaddicts wher last yearthere was over 100,000 drug over dose deaths and the list of their failures goes on and on.
  13. Biden to Cancel $10,000 in Student Debt; Low-Income Students Are Eligible for More https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/24/us/politics/student-loan-forgiveness-biden.html The article states “By some estimates, however, it could cost $300 billion or more.” $300 billon or more! Instead of wasting that money on college students who were not smart enough, did not learn enough or are just plain lazy to pay THEIR debt, that money is needed for real American problems, NOT theirs. That money should be used for better security at schools to protect children, for more and better trained police officers, a more secure boarder to prevent illegal entrance into America, more prisons for the violent criminals, more mental health care to prevent suicides and violent crime, and drug addict rehabilitation camps so we do not have over 100,000 people a year dying from drug over doses.
  14. Why what ever happened to the liberal battle cry to unite all people together "We need to embrace diversity!" Who would have thought New York State could have anyone worse than former Governor Andrew Cuomo? Personally I believe Governor Hochul has ambition to aim for the office of president after she further ruins New York State. Hochul has supported every radical belief of the Democratic ideology. Bigger government involvement, support for illegal aliens, soft on violent criminals, more taxes, dumber and unsafe schools, killing unborn humans and before we forget, the most useless draconian gun control laws aimed at harassing, intimidating and threatening law abiding firearm owners.
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/fed-chairman-warns-of-pain-to-come-for-us-households-as-he-outlines-plan-to-tackle-inflation/ar-AA118pgW?ocid=SL5GDHP&pc=SL5G&cvid=15bfa4fe4afd46b381c2eb44b1b76435 The article states “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned that of “pain to come” for US households as he outlined plans for the central bank to tackle inflation at a speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday.” Is this “pain to come” part of President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan? How will we be able to afford gun safety training and wasting ammunition to make the gun hating politicians happy?
  16. Correct me if I am wrong, but I did not read where all pistol permits would be unrestricted carry for self defense and they are valid in New York City? Otherwise would that not constitute discrimination? Did not the supporters of this call it "improvement"?
  17. This only serves the gun hater ideology to harass, intimidate and threaten law abiding firearm owners in their evil intent to disarm them. Anyone with a functioning intellect knows these gun control laws do not stop people violence. The politicians writing them apparently do not want to reduce or eliminate people violence. Otherwise we would see more police on the street, correct all the social illness many of which they created (drug use and welfare), a better mental health system to institutionalize the violently mentally ill before they act out, a better judicial system, better criminal corrections and execution of dangerous violent criminals. The politicians who support this nonsense in the name of stopping people violence are not tough on violent criminals or extending your right to self defense (Example: New York does not have a castle law). They easily support the violent killing without any due process for unborn humans, but they will not execute violent criminals. They sometime even release these violent criminals back into society to murder again!
  18. https://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/FINAL%20NYSP-DCJS%20Minimum%20Standards%20for%20Firearm%20Safety%20Training%208-23-22.pdf Did anyone ask you for comment? What happens if you score less than 80% on the test? Who pays for these classes?
  19. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/08/24/fact-sheet-president-biden-announces-student-loan-relief-for-borrowers-who-need-it-most/ Another tax payer money giveaway. It is their debt that they not only created, but failed to work extra employment to pay for their debt. Sad that others who could not afford to go to college are now paying for someone else who did go to college and is not paying their loan. This is also an insult to those who: · Work hard to earn scholarships. · Work and pay off their entire college loan. · Serve in the military sacrificing their safety and youth to earn funding for college because of their service.
  20. Liz Cheney will be fine. The Cheney family is rich thanks to her father former Vice-President Dick "Draft Dodger" Cheney. Dick Cheney orchestrated the war on terror to make money for the war profiteer, the Cheney's included. How many Cheney family members served in the war on terror?
  21. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Albany-County-legislature-passes-gun-warning-bill-17361645.php?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headlines&utm_campaign=tu_dailyheadlines&sid=593182583f92a45314a76f37 The article states “The Albany County Legislature passed a law Monday evening requiring gun stores in the county to display notices warning about the connection between having a firearm in a home and an increased chance of suicide and domestic violence.” Another useless sign with the same effectiveness as the famous GUN FREE ZONE sign. What about the “connection” that the majority of people violence is related to the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs? What about the “connection” that suicide is a serious mental health issue? What about the “connection” between domestic violence and the violent crimes of assault, battery, illegal drugs and rape usually involved with domestic violence? Apparently the anti-gun politicians are unable or unwilling to really make us safer due to their inability to make the real “connection” with people violence and the root causes of violent behavior.
  22. The undisputed truth again is that insanity Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-passes-ban-on-assault-weapons/ar-AA106Q7d?ocid=mailsignout&li=BBnb7Kz The article states "40,000 Americans die from gunshot wounds every year” But the article does not explain that approximately two-thirds of those 40,000 deaths are self inflicted gun shots for the sad purpose of suicide. The article does not further explain that the root cause of many of the other deaths have the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs (responsible for over 100,000 deaths last year from drug over doses) and the failed mental health system as the major root causes of PEOPLE VIOLENCE where a firearm is used. Mean while the same anti-gun politicians have done nothing to improve security at schools, food markets and shopping malls, but continue their attack on the Second Amendment with more nonsense gun control. The ant-gun politicians will do everything in their power to reduce or eliminate our rights under the Second Amendment. But wait, here is what President Biden, said: “Nothing — nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. They’re phony, arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we’re talking about. “ Reference: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/speeches-remarks/2021/04/08/remarks-by-president-biden-on-gun-violence-prevention/
  23. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/democrats-introduce-bill-requiring-term-limits-for-us-supreme-court-justices/ar-AA101CwQ?ocid=SL5GDHP&pc=SL5G&cvid=cb06ef7d45e3442bbe93ff1003f72dda The article states “The Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act (Term), would establish 18-year terms for Supreme Court justices and establish a process for the president to appoint a new justice every two years. After an 18-year term, justices would be retired from active judicial service.” Why are not the Democrats including term limits for members of congress? Term limits are their idea. They should embrace the ole cliché “LEAD BY EXAMPLE”. The article states “Confidence in the supreme court is at a record low. Just 25% of Americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the court, according to a June Gallup poll.” So the remaining 75% have no confidence in the supreme court because the SCOTUS recognizes “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed” and that BABY KILLING is wrong? The article states “Elena Kagan, appointed to the court by Barack Obama, said last week that if the court “loses all connection with the public and with public sentiment, that’s a dangerous thing for a democracy”. “Loses all connection?” What about the lost connection with the Constitution the liberal justices are suffering from?
  24. Those politicians who made bail reform a reality were successful in: 1. Securing votes from family and friends of criminals. 2. Intimidating law enforcement to subdue them into believing it is a waste of time to arrest those who will be out on the street shortly, and to rub in their face that they and their supporters do not appreciate their arresting criminals.
  25. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/lee-zeldin-attacked-david-jakubonis-charged-attempted-assault/ The article states “David Jakubonis, 43, was arraigned and released, a Monroe County sheriff's spokesperson said.” Released compliments of the dangerous “bail reform” to keep sending violent sociopaths back into public where they do not belong. The article states “Democrats are expected to focus on Zeldin's vocal defense of Trump during both of his impeachments and objection to the election results.” Do they mean the same impeachments motivated based on false information?
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