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  1. Albert Einstein : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Gun control addicts are unwilling or unable to accept the facts that allot of gun control laws are useless in stopping PEOPLE VIOLANCE. Still they support politicians who think similarly. You would think that many New York State gun control politicians would have learned from the failures of the SAFE Act, it is not about the guns, it’s about the violent sociopaths. They just validate Albert Einstein’s view of insanity. Sadly I realize that many politicians do not really care about children. Many politicians who support gun control also support abortion (AKA: BABY KILLING). The proof is these gun control addict politicians legislate more useless gun laws rather than improve security and harden defenses at schools. Apparently killing an unborn child verses an eight year old child must not matter to them. Need proof? Along with passage of worthless gun laws they protect abortion (AKA: BABY KILLING). Those are the facts. So in conclusion, our schools will not be any more secure with these useless gun laws. Our children will continue to be vulnerable to death and injury from PEOPLE VIOLANCE unless the politicians start increasing security and defensive measures at every school.
  2. The recent murders of children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas has been met with politicians and gun haters only preaching for more gun control. This is the same ole circus act these same people put on and accomplish nothing to protect our children, NOTHING. When the politicians in Washington felt threatened by protestors they increased armed security, put up a fence and even called in the National Guard! They are quick to protect themselves, but not our children. The “there is no money excuse” is so bogus. The United Sates of America has lots of money to give to terrorist sanctuary countries like Pakistan, ghost companies like Solyndra and many other unworthy and criminal elements under the guise of being called an “entitlement program”. It is disgusting that expenditures are more important than the safety of our children. What should be done? America has enough money to do the following: · Assign an armed guard at every school. · Allow qualified and trained teachers to carry concealed handguns. · Give every school staff member a panic button much like a medical alert device to immediately notify law enforcement and all the other school staff members to move themselves and the children to a defensive posture. · Hardened defense to prevent unauthorized entry into schools. · Hardened defense for every classroom to prevent unauthorized entry. Also have an easily removable window to enable escape from the classroom. · Security cameras. · Perimeter patrols performed at random and more when a threat has been received. · Additional local law enforcement to perform increased patrols for our schools. Sadly, all these career gun hater politicians are not smart enough to initiate any real security and defensive measures to protect our children and school staff members. Politicians like President Biden and Senator Schumer apparently are unwilling since they pander to the gun hating crowd voters or are unwilling due to their lack of concern for our children. Are they that uncaring and incompetent? It is important to note that these same people support abortion. Some would call them BABY KILLERS. Do you see the connection?
  3. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/watch-biden-says-u-s-would-intervene-with-military-to-defend-taiwan How easy it is for draft dodging cowards to make threats endangering someone else’s life. President Biden said we are not at war with Russia, but threatens China. This incompetent fool is so ignorant of the fact America has been at war with Russia since World War I and China since the Korean War. President Theodore Roosevelt who was NO draft dodging coward said "walk softly and carry a big stick." Biden should learn from REAL leaders. Biden did say his son Hunter Biden is one of the smartest men he knows. Biden is so incompetently dangerous it is scary.
  4. And to think these violent sociopaths follow a similar ideology that called my military brothers, sisters and myself "BABY KILLERS", One thing is true, these abortion advocates are the real BABY KILLERS!
  5. National Moment of Remembrance https://usafederalholidays.com/memorial-day
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/24/us/uvalde-texas-elementary-school-shooting/index.html Sad and senseless loss of innocent life because of an evil coward. The article states “The gunman had body armor, the rifle and a backpack, Estrada said. Ramos made it into several classrooms, Estrada added.” These violent criminals are preparing to defend themselves with the use of body armor. Apparently it would be prudent for anyone exercising their right to self defense to by-pass center mass shots and aim for the head. The murderer at the Tops Market in Buffalo, New York was reported to be wearing body armor also. The security guard who was also a retired police officer probably shot for center mass. Sadly he was murdered due to the criminal’s ability to have avoided serious injury and return fire at the guard killing him.
  7. Gas prices go up and the stock market goes down? I thought President Biden was going to "Build Back Better" and not "Make Things Worse"?
  8. https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/video-audio-photo-rush-transcript-governor-hochul-addresses-shooting-buffalo Governor Hochul: "This is my community. I know this community well, I've walked these streets. I know the individuals who live here. It's a wonderful tight knit neighborhood. And to see that sense of security shattered by an individual, a white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism and will be prosecuted as such…it strikes us in our very hearts to know that there is such evil that lurks out there…” Hochul: “I've seen violence from guns on the Brooklyn subway, and now in the streets of Buffalo, it has to stop. It has to stop. On Tuesday in Albany, we had already planned to be announcing a comprehensive gun package to address further loopholes that exist in our laws. We are doing everything we can to ensure that our laws are tight, they're ironclad, to ensure that our law enforcement have the resources they need.” Earlier today, Governor Kathy Hochul held a briefing to address the mass shooting that occurred in Buffalo. VIDEO of the event is available on YouTube here and in TV quality (h.264, mp4) format here. AUDIO of the event is available here. PHOTOS of the event will be available on the Governor's Flickr page. A rush transcript of the Governor's remarks is available below: Thank you Mayor Brown and all the elected officials and community leaders, clergy, and also our District Attorney who has a lot on his hands right now. I want to thank the Buffalo Police Department for their exceptional work in handling this situation. And also I want to thank the New York State Police who have been embedded from the very beginning. The State Police role is supportive here locally, but also it is a prime role working with the FBI to secure the home of the individual, which is out of this region from the Southern Tier and amass as much evidence as humanly possible in the very near term. It's hard to know what to say. This is my community. I know this community well, I've walked these streets. I know the individuals who live here. It's a wonderful tight knit neighborhood. And to see that sense of security shattered by an individual, a white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism and will be prosecuted as such, in a cold hearted, cruel calculating way. A military style execution, targeting people who simply want to buy groceries in a neighborhood store. It strikes us in our very hearts to know that there is such evil that lurks out there. Yes, I'm here to console the families in a community that is feeling so much pain right now. But mark my words we'll be aggressive in our pursuit of anyone who subscribes to the ideals professed by other white supremacists and how there's a feeding frenzy on social media platforms where hate festers more hate, that has to stop. These outlets must be more vigilant in monitoring social media content. And certainly the fact that this act of barbarism, this execution of innocent human beings could be live streamed on social media platforms and not taken down within a second, says to me that there is a responsibility out there. And we're going to continue to work on this and make sure that those who provide these platforms have a moral and ethical, and I hope to have a legal responsibility to ensure that such hate cannot populate these sites, because this is the result. When you have individuals who use these platforms and talk to others who share these demented views and support each other, and talk about the techniques that they'll engage in and post these ideas and share them with others, in the hope that they can all someday rise up in their demented view of the world. That's what white supremacist terrorism is all about. That's what we witnessed here today on the streets of Buffalo, New York. And it has to end right here. And that is our message. We will continue to work at the federal, state, and local level with our community partners to help identify these messages as soon as they arise on social media. That is our best defense right now, as well as the legal system and the prosecution. It is my sincere hope that this individual, this white supremacist, who just perpetrated a hate crime on an innocent community will spend the rest of his days behind bars. And heaven help him in the next world as well. Yeah, I'm angry. I've seen violence from guns on the Brooklyn subway, and now in the streets of Buffalo, it has to stop. It has to stop. On Tuesday in Albany, we had already planned to be announcing a comprehensive gun package to address further loopholes that exist in our laws. We are doing everything we can to ensure that our laws are tight, they're ironclad, to ensure that our law enforcement have the resources they need. That is why I started a gun interdiction task force last January. Nine states, as well as NYPD, have teamed up with us to make sure that we can identify when guns are coming across the border from places like Pennsylvania guns shows and ended up in small communities outside Binghamton or in Broome County. We don't know that that is the source of the modifications made to a gun, but we’re going to find out and we're going to continue addressing this every single way we can. As an aside, we're also going to be preparing our state for what could be a Supreme Court decision that allows people to carry concealed weapons. We're ready. This is New York, we're here to protect our people. Thank you. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Governor Hochul said: “I've seen violence from guns." I have been around firearm's most of of life including boots on the ground for three foreign wars and I have NEVER witnessed a gun knowingly and willingly commit violence. Has anyone beside Hochul witnessed a "gun" actually committing violence? Governor Hochul said "It strikes us in our very hearts to know that there is such evil that lurks out there." This is nothing new. There are always hateful violent sociopaths crawling around the public. Does Hochul remember the protest several years ago in Brooklyn, NY with Revered Al Sharpton in attendance. The "protestors" were chanting 'WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!". A couple days later two NYPD officers were shot to death in their squad car. Governor Hochul said "As an aside, we're also going to be preparing our state for what could be a Supreme Court decision that allows people to carry concealed weapons. We're ready. This is New York, we're here to protect our people. Thank you." "Thank you" for what? More restrictions and prohibitions regarding the possession of firearms by law abiding peaceful people? More attacks on the rights of law abiding peaceful gun owners because the politicians are unwilling or un able to address PEOPLE VIOLENCE by using the ignorant slogan GUN VIOLENCE? "This is New York, we're here to protect our people." and who exactly is going to protect me? I wonder if the discussion and ruling will be "leaked" to enable the mustering of "mostly peaceful protests"?
  9. President Joe Biden who has been a politician for some fifty years accomplished nothing for the American people except make himself, family and friends rich. Why would anyone be surprised that now as President he will function any differently?
  10. https://www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/wars-conflicts-and-operations/world-war-ii/1942/halsey-doolittle-raid.html The 80th anniversary of the raid on Tokyo, Japan by some of America’s bravest warriors. It would be nice to repeat such an operation today, April 18, 2022 by Ukraine on Russia. Would be great to see the Kremlin destroyed along with other structures that harbor Russia evil leadership. Certainly the real bulls eye would having Putin killed. That would be a great day for humanity to see history repeat itself attacking evil.
  11. Did not take long before the same useless gun control playbook is again taken out in response to “people violence”. President Biden’s response to recent “people violence”. You guessed it, more gun control. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sacramento-mass-shooting-biden-gun-control-laws/ https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/unfathomable-pain-democrats-demand-action-gun-control-after-back-back-n1261797 So more gun control will result in less “people violence”? I wonder what honest and factual assessments are made by all the criminologists, criminal profilers and other investigative staff employed by law enforcement. Are politicians like Biden asking their findings on “people violence”? In Biden’s defense, he called his son Hunter the smartest man he knows. So that shows the stupidity of Biden’s inner circle of intelligent people. Yes Biden, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Biden and all the gun control addicts are unwilling or unable to deal with the failures created by government that has caused a more violent society.
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/former-new-york-gov-andrew-cuomo-considers-running-against-kathy-hochul-despite-opposition-from-his-own-party/ar-AAV92Bu?li=BBnbcA1&ocid=SL5GDHP The arrogance of Andrew Cuomo is unbelievable. The article states “Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is considering a run against his replacement and fellow Democrat, Gov. Kathy Hochul, as part of an attempt at a comeback after resigning in disgrace amid multiple accusations of sexual harassment by former aides, according to people familiar with the matter.” Cuomo is delusional with his “comeback kid” attitude. No one who believes in protecting the innocent from sexual predators and intelligent New York State voters would ever want Cuomo back in office to furthered ruin New York State. The article states “After a recent public poll from Emerson College and The Hill showed Cuomo was a few points behind Hochul”. Unbelievable there are voters who support Cuomo. You can only wonder the low degree of character of those people who would support Cuomo with his alleged criminal behavior. The article states “Hochul was one of the Democrats who ripped Cuomo in the buildup to his resignation, calling his alleged behavior "repulsive." But not “repulsive” enough to see Cuomo prosecuted for his alleged crimes against women. This calls into serious questioning of Hochul’s beliefs in the protection of women. She is like all the other “heroes” out there who can talk the talk, but never walk the talk to protect the innocent. Or put another way, all talk, no action. The article states “The Emerson survey also showed 59% of all New York voters polled trust the findings of state Attorney General Letitia James, which detailed the accusations against Cuomo and found he "violated federal and state law." So 41% believe Cuomo was innocent? Even the main stream “progressive” media extensively reported on the numerous victims Cuomo reportable abused. The article states “he said "I am blessed, I have many options in life and I am open to all, but on the question if I am at peace, No I am not." We are at peace without you as governor. Not that Hochul is any better than you! The article states “Cuomo also used the speech to point out that multiple district attorneys did not bring criminal charges against him.” Why has not AG James investigate that travesty of justice against women? I though politicians number one responsibility was to protect and serve their constituents. The article states “Beyond the discussion with others about possibly making a run and his recent public appearances, Cuomo's active political war chest has spent well over $2 million on an TV ad campaign, according to online ad tracker Medium Buying. Those ads appear to be an attempt at revitalizing Cuomo's image since his resignation.” Yes, we have all seen them with the repulsive slogan claiming Cuomo as “a proven leader”. That statement by Cuomo would be laughable if it were not for the fact of his repulsive behavior and destruction of New York State. The article states “Cuomo's latest ad titled "The Record" goes through his accomplishments as governor, including major infrastructure initiatives, improved gun laws and a $15 minimum wage increase." Improved gun laws Cuomo touts? Gun laws that have only violated the Constitution of the United States of America and has helped to increase “gun violence”. Due is main part because of Cuomo’s incompetence in correctly understanding and combating violent crime and the root causes of those crimes. Still I can only sympathize with some alien millions of light years in a galaxy far, far away having received on their radio waves Cuomo’s infamous psychotic rant of “YOU DON’T NEED TEN BULLETS TO KILL A DEER!” What New York State does not need is Cuomo or his like to ever hold pollical office to ruin what once was the Empire State.
  13. Please, the following statement I am making is the to best of my recollection of a dangerous and heinous act committed in New York State endangering innocent lives. Some years ago a person/organization requested under Freedom of Information the names and addresses of New York State pistol permit owners from the New York State Pistol Permit Bureau. The great State of New York allowed that sensitive information to be made public. My recollection was the perpetrators believed that everyone should know who was in possession of a legal handgun, They did not care about criminals having illegal handguns. I could not believe the accuracy of such sensitive information being made available to potential criminal use of knowing the locations of where handguns were stored and by whom. this information was place online for all to see who in New York State had a pistol permit and of course handguns. I lost the website...it was something like Pallidum or something like that, but I have since lost the information. I was told by sources the site was taken down. I first became aware of this exposure of pistol permit holder information because a newspaper located in Poughkeepsie, NY published it. Sometime later they had received death threats and requested law enforcement assistance. So they provided information of who and where handguns were located? Sounds like a criminal act of providing information where criminals are to go and steal handguns. So I am guessing, and only guessing that someone hacked or is using that old information. I say hacked because I used certified snail mail, not using my email address. I trust law enforcement with that information, but who hacked into their system to steal email addresses of those using it to do the SAFE Act required re-registration? My suggestion is to NOT use email. Just complete the form in hardcopy, certify mail to the NYSP and follow up in a couple of weeks where you can get a confirmation letter from the bureau that your re-registration has been received. Also be sure you carry a copy of your registration form summited AND the document from NYSP confirming you did register.
  14. Did the article say what country they would flee too? I remember Cher Bono saying if then presidential candidate Donald Trump were elected president she was going to Mars or Venus.
  15. Biden is the president today, not Trump. But if you want to talk about draft dodgers to include Trump, please let us not forget Bill Clinton. Clinton was the president in 1994 who convinced Ukraine to give up their nukes. Obama never served. He was too busy being a community organizer and friends with the domestic terrorist Bill Ayres. The rest is history. Well Biden's actions speaks volumes for his all talk, no action with Putin. Like I already said, Biden is a draft dodging coward. Sounds like Biden does not want to upset Putin. Please, Biden's sanctions and what he sent in assistance is a couple weeks late. Biden is a spineless draft dodging coward who forgot how Russia (then the USSR) provided assistance to North Korea and North Vietnam to assist in he killing and injuring of Americans and her allies, but why should Biden care, he never served. Its payback time for Russia! Sounds like a "bromance" to me. What a pathetic statement. The laugh is you tutoring others on how they "cherry pick". Your free to "cherry pick" that, but Steve I honestly do not care what you think or say. Quite frankly there are many others on this forum who would agree with me. No response necessary. I am not wasting my time to "cherry pick" your "laugh of the week" response.
  16. Since the government is unable or unwilling to stop people from smoking marijuana, they are ready to legalize it for their own profit. Sadly using marijuana is unhealthy for the respiratory system and the brain. Who is going to pay for the medical care of the marijuana smokers with respiratory related disease? Who is going to pay for the medical care for the marijuana smokers who become mentally unfit to work and care for themselves?
  17. The real acid test would be bring back the draft! I remember during the Vietnam War, there were men of draft age saying they would serve if America was attacked. They forgot that while the United States of America was engaged in war in Southeast Asia, we were also engaged in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Cold War required a large troop presence in Europe to serve with our NATO partners. On September 11, 2001, America was attacked. All those patriotic Vietnam War draft dodgers must have been relived knowing they were too old to serve. I just wonder if all those patriotic Vietnam War draft dodgers who had children and grandchildren encouraged them to serve in the military now that America was attacked?
  18. On the news this morning, President Biden was asked about the soaring costs. Biden said quote "Russia's responsible". The reporter did not have the gonads to say "well I ask a stupid person, get a stupid answer." Well at least Biden did not blame former President Trump. Biden is solely responsible for the current state of affairs that as we say in the military FUBAR. Draft dodging coward Joe Biden failed to properly equip and train the Ukrainian military PRIOR to the invasion. Biden's friend Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton convinced the Ukraine government in 1994 to give up their nuclear weapons. Sounds like the gun control addict's who say give up your guns, the defunded politically correct police will protect you. Unfortunately too many Americans are not insulted by the stupidity of Biden.
  19. Russian President Vladimir Putin has emphasized that, whatever else happens, he won’t let Russian conscripts go into the Ukraine meat grinder. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/contra-putin-russian-govt-admits-it-sent-conscripts-into-ukraine/ar-AAUQz3F?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnbfcL The article states ““Yesterday, conscripts were removed from the zone of military activities — they had been forced to sign contracts, or had their signatures signed for them,” Russian senator Lyudmila Narusova said last week. “Only four people were left alive out of a company of 100.” They died for nothing committing crimes against humanity forced upon them by evil war criminal Putin. Putin will need to have his SS troopers be his war criminals like his relative Adolf Hitler. These conscripts may be poorly trained in military operations and formal education, but I believe they clearly know they are committing murder and crimes against humanity. That gives them no will to fight leaving them vulnerable to death and injury on the battlefield. Unfortunately for them, the Ukrainians have every God given right to kill them for their attack upon their peaceful sovereign nation by Russia. A body count of 96 KIA out of 100 is proof of that fact. Hopefully evil Putin is “man” enough to go into Ukraine to engage in combat and get killed. The world needs some good news.
  20. Pentagon says no to Poland's plan to fly fighter jets to Ukraine via U.S. base in Germany https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/pentagon-says-no-to-polands-plan-to-fly-fighter-jets-to-ukraine-via-us-base-in-germany/vi-AAUQyQj?ocid=SL5GDHP Never underestimate President “Draft Dodger” Joe Biden to show his cowardly incompetence and appeasement to Putin. Make you wonder if there is a "bromance" between Biden and Putin? Biden has a record of not being very bright. Does he realize that Russia (former USSR) provided armaments to North Korea and North Vietnam to assist in the killing and injuring of Americans and her allies? But what does that matter to a draft dodger too cowardly to serve and fight the communists. Is this “Russian Collusion”? Will there be an investigation and impeachment into Biden’s incompetence in his handling and enabling of the war crimes of Russia?
  21. https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2022-03-01/biden-state-of-the-union-speech-aims-to-show-strength-after-trump The article states “He has no idea what’s coming,” Biden said in a threat to Putin that sounded personal and appeared ad-libbed. Sorry President Biden, a violent sociopath like Putin laughs at draft dodging cowards like you. The article states “Putin was wrong,” Biden said. “We were ready.” "We were ready" for what? To watch Russia invade and kill innocent people? Biden is too late. Biden miserably failed to properly prepare the Ukrainian military to fight the Russians. The article states “His pace picked up toward the crescendo, however, as Biden pointed, clenched his fist and told the country to “go get ’im.” Exactly who’s going to “go get ’im.”? You or Hunter, the smartest man you know?
  22. Only 5 countries, including North Korea, vote against U.N. resolution condemning Russia https://theweek.com/russo-ukrainian-war/1010847/china-reportedly-asked-russia-to-hold-off-on-ukraine-invasion-until The article states “The no votes on the resolution came from five authoritarian nations: Russia, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, and Russia's close ally Belarus.” Those five countries and the thirty-five countries abstaining are all enemies of democracy, human rights and freedom. Some of those countries the United States sends foreign aid to and they are also trade partners. I say no foreign aid and stop doing business with those terrorist nations. I was not surprised with Pakistan on the list as they gave sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden for years and Vietnam is one of the worst dictatorships in the world. India showed its cowardice. Unlike 1950, I have no confidence in the Useless Nations to declare a police action against Russia to drive them out of Ukraine.
  23. Juvenile behavior like heckling is self-serving and only entertains those who are “low information” people as so eloquently stated by the great late Rush Limbaugh. Some use that to bait and provoke others into an argument to look as stupid as they are. Former President Trump seem to continually fall for some stupid remark made against him with an equally stupid response. Trump only embolden these “low information” people to continue to bait him. Sadly it did not help Trump in his bid to win re-election. Just like on this site, we sadly witness similar people making inappropriate remarks to others due to their suffering some degree of emotional disturbance, mental illness and/or intellectual deficiency. It is obvious they are unwilling or unable due to their condition to have a civil and rational conversation. They cannot truthfully rebuttal others remarks with supportable documentation. In their desperation, they descend into making inappropriate remarks.
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