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  1. Thanks for starting tis thread, never thought of the processor not taking a frozen carcass as I've got a 3 hour drive home from this weekend's hunt. Did call them and confirm it will not be a problem, that they'll let them hang a bit longer. Glad someone mentioned that as it would have put me in a pinch if they would not accept it. Every time I go on this forum there is always something great. Thanks!!
  2. please, please let us know with pictures if you take him! Magnificent animal, goodluck
  3. Just enrolled, looking forward to learning more about NYCC. What is next?
  4. Impressive buck and an even more impressive shot!
  5. Check out the Meateater podcast #70. The last 20 minutes goes into great detail on how the CWD prion can increase its ability to transmit by almost 700% in certain types of soil. I am no expert on this topic but thought the podcast was worth sharing.
  6. Here in 7F I'm seeing new scrapes almost every other day.
  7. I found this sight when it appeared my father and I would not be going to 8N this year and posted on a thread to see if anyone wanted to exchange DMP's. My name is Foster and I grew up spending most of my time in the woods every chance I got, even stopped playing some sports in HS because it interfered with hunting. After I graduated from Pharmacy school along with a really bad first marriage, hunting somehow fell by the wayside. In fact the one time I did go back to the North Country I came home to find someone I've never met before if you know what I'm saying and that was nine years ago! Over the last few years I've almost lost my dad 3 times. At 74 his health could be a lot better and I determined I would clear up every single weekend I could to go up an hunt with him to get as many memories of he and I as I could. In fact the whole reason why I started to crossbow hunt was to squeak another season with him and boy did that, long with catching a wife of Hoppes 9 bring it all back!! I have asked a few questions to get myself back up to speed on the forum, and at first I was concerned that established members would stick to their own topics or those of who they are very familiar with. NOTHING could have been further from the truth, post were answered by a lot of you with no condescending attitudes etc., and for this I cannot thank you enough! I've had some amazing times with my Dad and the season just started! Foster P.S. A special thanks to the crossbow forum for helping me get up to sped as seen below. (Being new to archery, I'll wait to the next guy has stopped completely)
  8. Thank you again to all of you that shared your insights. It gave me a great starting point, and in the end I went with Cabella's Wooltimite pants as it seemed the best overall solution for me. Thanks again!!
  9. What are you wearing underneath the overalls? Just a pair of thermals?
  10. The Sitka products look amazing but a bit more than I am willing to spend (at least right now lol). Rocky has a pair of boots with 2000grams of thinsulate each (The Brute) and I've been using them with a regular white tube sock with no complaints this year if your feet are getting cold.
  11. I hear you on the hand muff, thought of the exact thing you outlined (handwarmers etc) after I bought some good gloves. Hands down that is the best way to go! Looked at the Cabella's woolitmate pants, do you wear regular thermals underneath?
  12. Also, very interested in a more "silent" material.
  13. Looking to purchase some cold weather pants, especially after last night's snow fall. Looking for something that will slip over say thermals and maybe even a pair of jeans or even just thermals. Any suggetsions out there? Really interested in what you use for under layer as well. Thanks again!
  14. I had not hunted for such a long period of time and having nearly lost my dad a few times over the last 5 years I wanted more time with him in the woods. This was the ticket to the last 10 days of archery (neither of us are bow hunters). Like many have mentioned above it did not take long to get hooked. In fact in some of the smaller places I hunt in the Southern Tier, I'll be using my xbow exclusively. Had a great season with my dad so far as well as reestablished my love of hunting.
  15. The reason why I was considering the lighted reticle is that I do not see colors very well.( I basically own brown pants and jeans as everything will match with them). I can do ok with colors as long as they are very opposite in nature, say blue and red. Shades or in this case brown deer with a black reticle can get lost especially at first and last light. Easy to see against a red target but not so much (at least for me) for the real thing. With a rifle/slug gun, I actually prefer open sights that are color enhanced to help see the difference. Anyways, that's the thought behind why I was looking at scopes that offered them.
  16. Thanks for the info, did you find the 3X to wide of a field? I'm currently shooting a 4X now. Being new to archery of any type I was confused why my bolts were not landing where they should from my stand based on my rangefinder. Did not realize the importance of a rangefinder that can take the angle into consideration (at least from what I am told anyways). I did however do the same where I put my target out in different distances into my shooting ranges and memorized which reticle to use and that was a huge help this past weekend.
  17. I've seen the bolt come in at the top of a lot of reviews. I believe it is fixed magnification? If it is not does changing the magnification throw off your sights??
  18. You are not the first person to tell me that, I think I'll have to check them out when I'm ready to buy. Thanks again as always.
  19. Scott was a year ahead of me in high school and his father Jack was an old baseketball coach. Small world indeed. Overall I'm very happy with my whitetail II, and would recommend it. I'm in the newly wed phase with crossbow hunting where everything is new and exciting. My stand overlooks a well shaded valley which gets a lot less sunshine which is why I was looking for the upgrade, otherwise I'd be spending the $$ on a bow as I'm going to try my hand at that next year.
  20. By the way I see you might be a north country boy as well? Grew up in Lisbon in St. Lawrence County
  21. That would be great, looking forward to hearing from you
  22. Tagged out the second day with a nice 5 pointer for my 1st xbow season. Although I may hunt all season with my xbow I'm looking at upgrading the scope for next year. Looked through an Excalibur Tact-Zone (2.5-6x32mm) at Bass Pro and loved the marked and lighted reticles and looking to go this route for next season. Anyone out there done the same or highly impressed with another brand? Thanks
  23. Just wanted to offer a final word of thanks for all those that responded. I did not get the big guy, but was not going to pass up on this one either. Best shot I had was on a diagonal (if you look above his back you can see the frothy blood). Would have liked the shot to be about 6 inches forward, but that was most likely user error in the excitement. You can see on his ears that he's been fighting with someone who I hope to meet during the regular season. Thanks again , and in the end the mechanical did the job it was supposed to but was destroyed by the tree this guy was standing in front of.
  24. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to weigh in, I really appreciate the insight etc. In the end I called Bass Pro (where I bought my gear) spoke to the archery department and they highly suggested I stick with the mechanicals. So, since I've only shot field tips and the practice points for the mechanical, I'll take my muzzys down for the season. Hoping the buck I saw this am is there tomorrow!
  25. Great answers, thank you! Within 40 yards do you believe there would be an appreciable difference in flight with the fixed BH? OR is this something that extrapolated over a larger flight distance will become more distorted? Pressure is on as of this AM I've seen one of the biggest bucks in the woods while visiting my mock scrape. Hunted all my life (firearms only), but this is my 1st year with the XBow. Thanks again to you and in advance to anyone else.