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  1. Are you talking up near the front leg?If so one of the small holes is the leg hole that I didn’t bother to close up, and the other one was a scar of some sort. I don’t slip much with a knife or fleshing knife lol
  2. @Biz-R-OWorld some skunks from today
  3. When I first started trapping years ago ,I alwys took pics .After awhile it’s became the same thing over and over .Still cool to look back in the albums when I first started .Here’s just a few Pics I took from the album .
  4. Just be careful ,it’s illegal to relocate .If that animal by chance has rabies ,you could now spread it the area you dropped the animal off at .
  5. I feel like I’m there daily lol .December through April I’ll be swimming in beaver ,so anytime then .
  6. Tails I sell to wallet makers .I do leave some tails on as I have found they are good sellers in the private market .
  7. Ever come towards Buffalo ?
  8. I save all skulls .There’s a market for them all .
  9. It’s very good .Where are you located ?id be willing to save you some if you want .
  10. Waste of a good skunk lol .And most likely destroyed cage trap .I get close ...
  11. Also beaver skulls ,tails ,meat
  12. Gotta be a smooth talker (with the skunks )LOL .The pole I use is 5 foot,So I do have a little distance between us ,not like that would matter.Skunks really don’t wanna spray if they don’t have to
  13. A lot of skunks have a full white back, but are not albino.
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