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  1. I seen houses in the city of Buffalo with there roofs covered in them .Imagine removing them when you have a roof leak or need the roof replaced ?Like said above ,they make a big deal about how fracking pollutes ,yet battery’s and harmful for the environment,windmills are not biodegradable ,ect.
  2. Why do liberals all follow the same way of thinking lol With fossil fuels ,the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it “applies here . Drive through Wyoming county,beautiful scenery ,until you see all the windmills .Most unsightly thing ever .Yet ,the same liberals want all land free and clear of man kind and remain “wild”yet they want to implement this garbage .The hypocrisy of these types blow my mind more and more each day
  3. Steel is crazy ,I had an estimate for a steel garage in Jan ,$15k to install ,that was with 4 garage doors and to be installed .called the company back ,they want $29k for the same building ,ans just to frame out 3 doors ,doors not included .
  4. I have a tundra crew cab ,big tires and a 3” lift .5.7 im getting 11 mpg.
  5. So we had blm,Asian lives matter ,now where is white lives matter or #stopwhitehate...
  6. Left ,they said his name,but didn’t show a pic ...
  7. I’m pro police but ,if the cops would have intervened when the guys window was getting smashed and he was surrounded ,mind you,his window was full of paint so he couldn’t drive off ,I see nothing wrong with protecting himself .These groups are dangerous.(Antifa,blm,ect)
  8. You defended the left by saying civility is on both sides .while I agree ,it’s far from equal .
  9. The two ain’t even comparable .stop justifying it
  10. Just had the same issue ,but with about 50 beaver skins ,and some other misc fur .I have 5 chest freezers ,none have food ,all fur lol.
  11. We pay to do the states management .We have made this all too complicated .
  12. I seen enough of you guys on Facebook,now I gotta see ya here too
  13. I’ll let everyone else be the test subjects first .
  14. They are the closest thing to keeping this country together ,and normal .And for that ,I’ll vote for that everytime .Even if I don’t agree on every on every policy . Now let me ask you ,what do you think the Democrats can do for you ? I can’t get behind a group that put George Floyd on a pedestal.Who ,while the riots were on going ,promoted it ,the same group who wanted to hang trump over sexual harassment situations that dated back 20 years ,now are quiet about ,Cuomo as well as a few others that are in that side .The hypocrisy of the left side is at the greatest I’ve ever seen it .Tha
  15. This day and age ,what is it that the Democrats have to offer the working middle class ?all they care about now is idolizing criminals,taxing us more ,worrying about special interest groups ,and destroying this country ,like we have seen since the current joke of a presidency has entered in .Old folks need to understand,this ain’t the Democrats of the 70s
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