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  1. I’ve had no problem with my savage 220 20 ga at well over 100 yards ...
  2. Good choice TF,best decision I ever made,whole different world out there during bow.
  3. I’ve Killed quite a few nice mature bucks ,to be honest ,this year was the first year I actually took a picture with me in it.I couldn’t care less if someone believed me that the pic I showed didn’t have my face in it.For one,I hate getting my pic taken lol ,and 2 I just don’t care .I have the head as proof.And they are all wild ,I can’t afford canned hunts nor would ever spend that much to kill a deer just to brag . I have realized in this sport,there is a ton of jealousy over a rack.This year I showed a few guys pics on my phone and was told by one that guys like me who have been lucky to harvest nice deer on a yearly basis ,take it for granted because I wasn’t “excited enough”.im not one to drive to the local cabelas to show off my prize lol .Im just more low key and like it that way .
  4. Buck ,I closed on the property on Nov 1st of last year,I put a trail cam out immediately but did not hunt it .This year I put the cams out around October but have not had any other pics of him.
  5. Lol,I can see some tension there next season
  6. The only day time pic was on Nov 9@4:38 pm.Deff was an old deer .
  7. Haven’t seen this guy since last season ,was still alive when season ended .Sorry for the side pics,as well as the pic from my tv.
  8. Hope to target the rut at the right time with my work schedule.Also to tag a deer for the first time with my rifle.