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  1. You liberals make me sick,or at least people who think like you .
  2. Don’t lie ,You took all your friends business and drove him out of town lol
  3. Maybe trim the bottoms up so many feet ?keep the perimeter natural with a few small trails leading in
  4. Fox I’m asking $45 for Coyote with feet $100 without feet $70 These are the darker coyotes ,I have a bunch of pales and red coyotes also .
  5. Turn around was just over a month ,quicker when you send a quantity
  6. $17.50 for coyotes $13.50 for fox Shipping there and back total was almost $350
  7. That was this years fur .fox and coyote in this batch
  8. Tubari got these ,A good amount are going towards some blankets ,a buddy of mine is having a king size beaver blanket made with coyote trim around the edges .Beaver have not come in yet .May get the wife something nice made .And the rest just for sale .
  9. Yea,I’ll be eating ramen noodles for awhile lol
  10. Just got back roughly 100 k9s from the tannery .I was like a kid waiting for Santa tracking the UPS drivers truck today .Reds,Greys and Coyotes .Do have some for sale if anyone may be interested.These were all Trapped by me in WNY.
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