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  1. Fisher are just another added predator to the Turkey population no doubt .
  2. Geez,hopefully I see mine when it comes in LOL .
  3. My sales guy said guys were ordering them and selling them at a 20-30k profit .Cant blame them
  4. Was that yours ?what was the wait time on it ?My sales guy said roughly next fall/winter but I feel like it will be longer .
  5. My wife’s father died with less issues and no covid .Let’s blame covid for every death now .
  6. Cincinnati,Green Bay,Rams ,and Bills got this .Mark them words
  7. Making me look bad lol .I’m following your lead haha
  8. No it doesn’t .LOL.I like the hellcat ,just not a dodge guy LOL .
  9. That’s why I don’t like when people label all city guys as uneducated Sportsman .I know quite a few who know more than most .I grew up in the city also ,you wouldn’t think that walking in my garage come fall and winter . Not to single Dino out but ,from what I gather ,he lives in a nice area of the suburbs ,and very well educated as well in wildlife, and has many other talents also .Cant judge a book ..
  10. I hear ya .you still have a great model year .
  11. Also ,they just caught two guys who shot deer in Tonawanda (Erie County)as well .
  12. Wow,such a powerful voice .Puts many of the anthem singers to shame .
  13. Weight ,and like you said ,the rockstar life style .I can tell you ,most of my dads friends are dead and gone from that lifestyle ,and he’s not too sharp anymore either .
  14. I think Bengals and 49ers take it .Of course ,I’m going with the bills .I agree with your packers pick.
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