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  1. You cannot use the water lint trap for gas dryers .Electric only .
  2. Yea ,sales were good ,look at his recent purchases.Lol
  3. Lint goes up almost instantly when lit with a match .
  4. Both metal and plastic flex vent are code violations technically .Lint gets trapped in both .You want hard galvanized if possible .
  5. Some are way to unethical with a gun ,a bow would be a nightmare .
  6. Block down any water ways as soon as ice goes out with body grippers (blind set)-Make sure to use a dive stick,don’t want them swimming over top of your body grip-Toss in castor sets along banks .Footholds are preferred for castor sets ,but you will catch them with body grips also(run a drowner if using foothold).You need guiding to make them go through the trap rather than around (block off)Don’t over think it .Beaver are as easy as catching muskrats ,just a bigger animal .You will run into trap shy beaver ,but you’re just beginning so I wouldn’t worry about catching every one . 2 year old beaver are dispersing this time of year to set up their own family and find a mate .Keep it simple .
  7. South Dakota knows what their doing .They’re not ran by a bunch of nuts like NY.They recognize trapping as a great conservation tool.And their governor is the best in the country .
  8. Anything but new balance for me .I’m trying to avoid this stereotype lol
  9. Well you’re just Mr.Optimistic
  10. My turkey spots in may are void of turkeys now .I’ll care more come April .
  11. They grab on like an anaconda
  12. Trying to close off what Trump opened to Outdoorsman. https://www.themeateater.com/conservation/public-lands-and-waters/biden-admin-considers-closing-some-public-lands-to-hunting-and-fishing
  13. Your thoughts about coyote/fox are actually the opposite.Fox need managed just as much as anything else .You don’t kill fox ,something else will (coyotes,distemper,mange).
  14. Nothing better than a little angle hair pasta with a side of Bear.
  15. Amazes me trappers don’t contract more diseases.It gets tough cutting around coon and mink legs having worms in your face .Here Dino ,here is a thread on tman from 18’ https://trapperman.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/6356596/Re:_Raccoon_roundworm
  16. I should say ,both are roundworms ,but the issue with the mink is slightly different where the worms live in the legs .
  17. Bears are not loaded with the same worms .they have round worms .
  18. Not sure if that was a shot at me or not but
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