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  1. Never payed much attention to any blood coming from an animal .I use loppers to quickly remove the feet .When beaver are freshly skinned ,they bleed good .Just how it is .I get massive bags of saw dust from a mill so I always have it on hand to use it to soak up any kind of blood/grease if need be .I’ll also toss fur in a tumbler with saw dust if I need to dry or clean it .Do mostly fox and coyotes in the tumbler .
  2. Flavor is castor if you accidentally mix the two lol
  3. That green puss fleshes off easy.waste of a good hide lol
  4. I never got a ton of blood shooting from the ground with higher body shots .harder to empty out
  5. Good fox numbers this year ,low coyote catch and more possums then I care for .Pulling this week .I’ll be in Tampa this time next week for 2 weeks on a Lagoon ,and I’ll witness Brady most likely whip the Bills live LOL.
  6. My back hurts looking at you carry these deer out like this LOL .Congrats for the deer and not giving up the search.
  7. Scored a truck load of these recently .Like gold
  8. It’s not bad info .it’s majority the truth


    Almost have this dog food bag full .Partially dried and frozen currently .


    I would have waited and got him first ,but I’m sure you needed the water down first and foremost .


    Did a simple blind set between bank and brush in the water .Blocked it off with a dive stick .


    Always trapping beaver for everyone else ,but on the rare occasion I have to go to work right in the yard . This battle scared beaver decided to make a late appearance,and go quickly to work .It got personal quick .And he was gone as fast as he arrived .I thought about leaving him for a split second ,in that time he got me though .
  13. Sat out the morning Have some falling trees to cut around the yard .Be back out for the afternoon.Seen not a thing on my sit yesterday evening .Had one lone doe on cam in the Orchards at 12:30am.
  14. I did for 25 years .Then got the rifled barrel and realized how much I’ve been missing out .
  15. Has opted out of the Holiday hunt due to the Snowmobile clubs being against it .
  16. Now ,I would never stoop to that low of an IQ LOL .JK !
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