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  1. Congrats to all. Heading out in 3m this morning looking to fill my gun season buck tag after a successful bow season. Good luck to everyone else still on the hunt!
  2. Hi all. New to the forum and just recently came across this great site and joined. Last Thursday afternoon I was fortunate enough to shoot my biggest buck. I’m down in southern tier hunting in orange and rockland counties. Took this guy in 3m over in warwick on property I have hunted for years with my brother in law. Had been a slow early season but something told me to wrap up work early last thurs and get in the woods. I get to the property around 2:15pm gear up. I grab a water bottle from my passenger seat and turn around to 3 does that stalked up behind me and were literally 10 feet away from my trunk staring at me and grazing. They wander off after checking me out for a few minutes without a care. On my way to my stand it’s pretty swampy from all the rains we’ve had. I kick up a small 6 as I take my time going in. Sprayed some estrus scent as I get to my stand. Finally get all settled in and realize what an idiot I am as I left my release in the car! I move as quietly and quickly as I can back to my car and grab my release. By time I get back to my stand I’m sweating. Aggravated with myself. Within 5 mins I hear something in the stream behind me. It’s a doe and she swims across and pops out to my right. After grazing for several minutes she bolts into the field in front of me that has high grass and thickets. I scan to my right to see what may have startled her and see the sun hitting something behind some small trees. I took a double take when I realized how big this buck was. He followed the doe into the field but I had no shot. As I watched and gave some grunts he kept his distance. At that point 3 more bucks came in and left chasing a couple other does. But this guy and a smaller buck stayed in the field. I watched him rub up a tree and hang out in the field for 30 mins. I tried bleats and more grunts and he would stop and,listen but not come close. Finally I gave a few more aggressive grunts and he lowered his head and went into the heavy brush straight in front of me. I got ready and he stepped out into the clearing at 25 yds and I hit him good. He took off back across the field and disappeared out of sight. But I was confident I hit him good. After half hour I got down and found my arrow. Had a very good blood trail but I waited some more before following it and finding him about 60 yds across the field. I was hunting by myself so dragging and getting him into my trunk was a hell of an effort. But it was the most amazing hunt of my life and I am so grateful! 190 lbs 8 pts