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18 minutes ago, Nytracker said:

I use fly magic floatation. Putting it just on the wing . Dry with an amadou patch .Then shake and bake in a decicant. Good to go until next fish.

One of the down sides of catching lots of fish is having keep reapplyiong your desicaant then floatant .  the days when Im doing that 3-4x/ hr are the best days in terms of productivity cuz Im catchin like crazy!!

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I love rises ... fishing ... not intrest rates or inflation.  Wife likes rises...  never mind .

Rise forms  are interesting to study.  Brookies have the most aggressive rises  then comes the rainbow . Browns are gentleman  politely sipping except when they are after caddis that are posting  .

Love fishing morning spent spinner feeding . Big fish will lay in a seam just under the surface  and and gulp.  Even if I can't get them to take I make a mental note were the biggest feed and come back at them when they are rising to dunns . They never move far from feeding zones . Except when the biggest are cruising for meat .


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