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  1. Dang ... I thought somebody was selling a xp in 308. Nice gun in the perfect round .
  2. Yup fall fish ... eastern chub . Common creek chub. I always hesitate to name a fish because I never know where you guys fish . As I don't salt water fish I enjoy learning some of the new fish to me . Down here we just call them creek chub.
  3. Shad or chub type of fish .. what water are you fishing ?
  4. Garden has been in for 2 weeks . Everything has doubled in size . Have had to waterb3 times now even well mulched . Garlic has scapes . I will cut them this afternoon. Garlic tips took a freeze a while back . Tips were yellow . Yellow is now spreading down the leaves. Pulled back the mulch from around the plants and it was real wet . Hope thats the only problem . Stems are real thick and hardy this year Should hope to get some big bulbs at harvest. Yesterday morning I had to be to work early. When I walked to the kitchen the motion detector light was on . I walked out to 5 deer standing in and around the garden . Im sure 3 were bucks . I yelled at them and they just stood there. So in a t-shirt and boxers I slipped on my crocks and had to walk to 15 yards and they finally broke and ran into the brush. Good thing it was so early . After work I vacumed the carpet collected the bag of dog hair and spread it around the garden . Upon inspection they nipped off a pepper plant squash and 4 tomatoes. Last night after dark I personally marked the 4 corners of the garden.
  5. I did burgers last night there is a definite learning curve on this grill. Burgers were 80/20. Almost no flare ups . Im use to moving burgers all over to control temp and fires. No need for this one . Next batch im going to run temps up to 500. Cooked at 400 and it took a little longer than what the old grill did . Use to run burners on old grill wide open and cooked 5 minutes per side . Have to wonder if the temp on the hood is accurate. Strip steaks on the grill tonight.
  6. Holy smokes does this thing get hot ... and fast . The guage was at 600 f in 7 minutes . With the sear burner on it was a steady 680 until I turned it off . Doing the initial burn of at the moment . A little bit of a funky smell and smoke off the lid components.
  7. So old grill was a charbroil lp . 12 years old and it showed . Finally picked up a weber grill . Had to piss a way the stimulus money, that was in the bank , before it became totally worthless from inflation . Any thing I should know before I fire it up . Recommendations as to seasoning the grates ?
  8. Nice work .. I need to rent a dozer to do some roads on my property. That and find a use for all the poplar trees.
  9. Hope she gets well soon .
  10. This one pops up alot last few days . I don't recall searching for the likes of this .
  11. Over here in 8 w we have them for the second year. First year wasnt bad this year has been bad on my apple trees. They aren't to bad on the maples yet but the season is young . I dont recall what the cycle is on them .
  12. Dang ... I don't get that . I get odd ball industrial pumps and generators . Occasionally I get automotive tools and fly fishing lodge advertising.
  13. If you let the village raise your child then your child is the village idiot . Society has raised to many village idiots !
  14. Yes and no good places and good bosses retain employees. Where I work we just retired a guy with 50 years of service . Most of the guys I work with have 10 to 15 years some with as much as 30 to 40 . I have 24. I have had 14 department heads in 20 years. Management have the attitude that if I can't be plant manager in 3 years I'm going some place else. Nothing invested nothing lost . People don't leave bad jobs they leave bad bosses. Current boss is late 30's he has driven alot of good people out that were in their 50s . Wish he would move on so we can save some good people. We know his time is limited ... just hope he leaves soon . If you invest in your people you invest in your future. I guess it depends on where you are at on the food chain.
  15. I had a Rhemy... best hunting lab I have had . She trained herself for the most part.
  16. Funny thing about methheads, they show up odd places . One pot cooks will be there and gone in a few hours. If they don't get bothered they will use a spot multiple times . Just don't want to be stumbling into them with no protection. Meth users will squat where they can . Live in tents until caught. We had some on the next hill over from my hunting place recently . Removed. arrested, released, and returned in a few hours . Claimed it was their home and had no place to go . When they removed them the second time property owner removed everything and burned it in another place . The methheads called the police on the owner for stealing their property. They were arrested again and released.
  17. You didn't tell me you had a crystal ball. Can you give me the lottery numbers ?
  18. This is why I always carry in the woods . Have had to many bear encounters in the last 15 years. That and meth heads.
  19. My gramp was there said it was a day from hell . Said fighting the Japanese was 6 months of hell . LEST WE FORGET
  20. This one is a lab fish . This one is a stocker in CT
  21. The tiger i got looked like the op's fish . I have never seen one like Biz fish. Looking on line there's alot of variation in the markings and colors . Some of the fish are almost comic book looking .
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