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  1. Seen that myself . Definitely looks like a paw
  2. I'm leaning towards canine.
  3. Eradication... whipe them out .
  4. Back injuries had me sidelined one year . Last week I drove up in my truck walked 100 yards to a spot on a trail . I set tucked into a big pine and killed a big doe an hour later . Had to drive back and get my 2 sons to dress and drag it and load it up . Another year i was down with bi lateral pneumonia. Managed a trip to my lowest stand on the hill. Shot a 6 point . Dragged it aboutb25 yards and coughing up a lung . Called my buddy and he came up and dressed it took it home . Wife and buddy butchered it while I was in the hospital .
  5. Thats why they need to make poaching a mandatory fine and loss of license. Nothing that can be pleaded down. $1000.00 starting and make the fine bigger for every inch of antler. Same thing with poaching fish, snagging, over the limits. No license should be 4 or 5 times the cost of a licence.
  6. Little late . Fished the salmon river on Tuesday. Water was 1830 cfm . Ripping wasn't the word. Seen a total of 3 steelhead caught by same guy. Only place we could get in to fish was lower fly only section . All my old haunts were un fish able. Fished south sandy and got 2 small stealhead. Took a ride to Maxwell and fished until dark. 3 small browns. Slow but a good day . No pics to be had. Sorry.
  7. Congreats on a nice buck with the lever 357. Im still looking to get a 44 or 41 mag . What scope model is that . Dont know about the butt out tool ... seems like a good idea . Love me a great case knife . As you can see I have a few . Far right I found on a gut pile need a sheath for it . Far left was my grandfathers. One on the left is my dads. One on the right is my newest one . I used my dad's for a long time sharpened it to a razor all the time . Used up a quarter of the blade . Now its a safe queen . I have way to many knives as I sit here looking at all the ones I have in 2 shoe boxes . Still have more stashed in various places around the house. Wife and kids know better than to ever touch my knives .
  8. I'm like pygmy is with his lady's... I like it all . Leg thigh breast ... the total package
  9. Woke up at 4 am too steady sleet and rain . Decided to wait it out drink some coffee . 5 am I walk out on porch and see a red glow from the neighbors house.. then I notice flames licking up the garage . I call 911 drive over. No lights in the house so I start honking the horn as I pull in . As I get out of the truck they are coming out the door . Garage car and a 4 wheeler are a total loss . Smoke damage and minor water damage to the house . As I was the one to call it it I was asked to wait and talk to fire marshal. My hunting clothes smelled of smoke and burned plastic so I had to change and shower again . By the time they took my statement it was to late to go hunting . Thank God everybody was ok and the volunteer fire departments got there so quick and nocked it down so fast .
  10. I guess in a pinch a blind is better than nothing but I have had deer avoid blinds fresh put up . Nice tree to sit next to .. back into a blow down .....
  11. Butchered yesterday. Dump run Dr appointment and then drop off meat for hot dogs. Then come home and get stuff around for steelhead fishing trip in the morning with nephew. Have to be honest I'm kind of happy sitting in a warm house sipping coffee. Freaking cold walking dogs at 5:30 AM. Good luck to all that are out .
  12. I have the same . Mow leaves in to rows . Then sweep and dump . Some times I think I would like one of those leaf vac systems .
  13. I keep threatening to chop all the trees down to . There's 31 I think .
  14. Sitting today out . Have to get the 2 deer quartered and in the fridge might just complete butcher today as I have the week off to hunt. Nephew wants to go steelhead fishing Wed other than that it's honey do and deer hunting. Wife wants the rest of the leaves cleaned up also . Damn trees are holding the leaves late .
  15. Just got in from skinning and pulling back straps and tenderloins . Evening hunt was pleasant but uneventful. No deer seen hardly a squirrel. Alot of shots down the hill a half mile away . Great day ! Congrats to all who scored today.
  16. Went home hung the deer put the dogs out and now I'm back in until dark . Wife is in the she shed.
  17. Just had a 4 pt go by. Had a sharpshined hawk fly buy my feet about fell out of the stand it startled me so .
  18. Wife is on the board . Shot a doe . First deer in 20 years. She is excited. I took a doe at 5 after 7 she follows 10 minutes later. No horns seen but who cares .. im happy for the misses 57 yards bang flop with the puny pink and purple 243.
  19. Up second cup of coffee and had the dogs out ... Good luck to everyone .
  20. Good luck to all . Making meat tomorrow. New neighbors are putting 5 people in 49 acres people down hill are suppose to have 5 on 25 acres and 3 of us on my 30 ... should be an interesting morning . Not expecting alot as cameras have been pretty dead . Wife is going to be pretty toasty in the new she shed/ hunting shack. 2 comfy chairs, buddy heater, and pee bucket . She is looking forward to hunting this year .
  21. 480 ruger super redhawk. Wife is hunting with her pretry pink and purple muddy girl 243.
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