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  1. I worked for Dicks back in the 90s when I was in college. Corporate twit informed us they were adding more clothes and shrinking hunting and fishing equipment. There was more profit in clothing and the Corporate plan was to eventually do away with all hunting and fishing. Hunting was a dieing business with no future. I reminded her that the dicks brand was founded on hunting,fishing,and golf. She said it was no longer modeled after the founders business model it was corporate model now. It took 30 years but they made it happen.
  2. [email protected] Facebook The Kramer Foundation My SIL is a vet and knows these people. She holds them in high reguard. Just another option.
  3. I stopped shopping dicks when they came out against AR guns and all things gun related.
  4. So I thought about posting on the main page but wasn't sure if it would be considered a political thread.
  5. Not for nothing just a reminder today is the Republican primary for presidential election for New York
  6. Yes to much lube is a problem. I use the one-shot on my revolver brass . I use rcbs and the lube pad for my rifle cartridges.. lube an even coat then I roll on a thin tissue paper to remove any excess. Doesn't take much to dent a shoulder.
  7. I like the rcbs universal hand primer. When I bought mine it had the rod for both large and small primers as well as the holder for the primer itself. Rcbs universal hand primers won't work on anything bigger than 45 colt. I have to prime on the press for the 480 ruger. Its alot slower with fat fingers. Decapping pins are a consumable part of reloading. I have at least 3 large and 3 small spares. You may also want to get a stuck case remover. Its not if but when you will need one. 30‐06 seems to be a little stickey when resizing and decapping. Cleaning is the key. Make sure you don't have any cleaning medium left in the case. My next purchase will be an ultrasonic cleaner. I inspect with a small flash lite and a little compressed air to get out any walnut pieces stuck inside.
  8. I fly fished all winter for Ontario run steelhead and browns. Fished until the end of December for fingerlakes bows. Some of the stocked creeks near me are open year round. April first means crowded fishing will start. I never missed an opening day since I was 8 or 9 years old until sometime in my 30s. Now I work "opening day" and take my time off in the fall.
  9. That will make alot of chowder. Looks like a great trip.
  10. I think I remember seeing something similar to this in a feed store . Use to have a rail yard that plulled right up to the back of the building.
  11. Trail gun ...for me is pretty much going to be a revolver. I have a 45lc ruger bisley blackhawk convertible. It's a real critter getter. Now if you want the pea shooter I have single 6 convertible that's more than enough for snakes and loaded with 22 mag will put a hurt on some of the bigger two legged snakes. I waited to long I guess, but I thought a happy medium and almost purchased a ruger in 327 federal.
  12. I've got a few rifles. My go to rifle caliber is 308 for deer. If I thought I had to have a new toy I'm not sure it would be a 7-08. Round doesn't do anything better than the calibers I already have . 243,270,308,30-06. Now I have contemplated on a 45-70 in a lever gun. We have some pretty heavy bears down here and I'm fond of big heavy bullets and full pass through when it comes to animals over 300 lbs. This would be a nitch gun .
  13. Never used tree stands until I was in my 20s. Bow hunting 10 feet in the air on 2x4 platform. I had a cousin who use to climb up in trees. Gramps use to say tree stand hunting was for cheats and stupid hunters that can't hunt. First commercial stand I ever seen was a climber a friend used one trip. He went up about 15 feet and sat down. I hunted until dark and waited for him at the truck for an hour. Walked back up and found him at the bottom of the tree. It let loose when he stood to shoot at a buck and he slid down the tree to the ground and broke an ankle. I miss the hunting back in the 80s. Use to hunt huge tracks of land go in at dark and out at dark. Pocket of shells ,a Case knife, a rope a PBJ sandwich and a bottle of Pepsi for the day. Hunted in tennis shoes because those damn green rubber hunting boots were heavy and loud. Think they were called great northern. Actually did a few pot and pan drives when I was to young to carry a gun. Probably really not as great as I remember but I would give anything to go back and hunt with my gramps and uncles like that one more time .
  14. Guess I missed the furs.. didnt mean to derail the thread.
  15. Half time show was a joke. Not as bad as the freak show last year. This year looked like a bunch of hood rats trying show each other up. I dont know why I bothered to watch. Game was decent... as I am not a fan of either team I was pulling for the 49ers as I hoped it would end the pop star intrusion of the NFL. They said she only had 55 seconds of air time. That works out to be something like 13 million dollars of free publicity .
  16. Got out to swing some streamers this weekend. Was a slow go as the water was cold and clear but managed a couple.
  17. Ok smart TV listens in and directs adds? I want to know who in my house has been talking about ED meds,menstruation products, PREP meds and don't get me started on the adds singing about peptobismal.
  18. Must be operating system. Im running an old Android phone . All my adds pop on the top dont think I have ever had an add on the side any site.
  19. I get one add pop up for each page opened. Mine all come down from the top.
  20. 12 guage 20 guage 243 rifle 270 rifle 308 rifle 308 encore pistol 30/06 rifle 41 revolver 44 mag revolver 45 lc revolver 45 muzzloader 45/70 rifle 480 ruger revolver 50 caliber muzzleloader 54 caliber muzzleloader thats all I can recall.
  21. Gramps helped me build my first slingshot. Carved wood and rubber from an inner tube. Then I got a wrist rocket. I killed alot of birds rabbits squirrel and woodchuck with mine . My job was to keep pigeons out of the barn. I was pretty bad ass with that and a blowgun.
  22. Let me see . As I recall we put our paper license and tags in plastic zip lock bags with a pen and pinned them into an inside coat pocket.. I think I can still remember how to do that. I even used a auto license and registration holder to organize my tags. Bet if I look around I can find that.
  23. I put off buying a snow blower and a new ice hut figuring if I did i wouldn't get to use either... can't make the ice and snow gods happy for nothing.
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