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  1. Yup did that says I'm good until December 31 2025. I saved it pdf and printed a hard copy just in case.
  2. Ok so I'm a little confused. I got my original permit in 2011. I certified December 31 2022. My conformation letter says recertification is due December 31 2025 . It hasn't even been a year . Do l need to recertification again today ?
  3. No Apples here. Late freeze. Tree's were in full blossom when It hit . Killed a bunch of shrubs at my house and took out sister in-law peach trees and plums.
  4. It has been my experience salmon dont feed when they come in the river. Salmon actually start changing do to increased hormones in the lake They spend the first day or so in the lower part of the river aclimating . They will strike out of habit.When they move up stream they are motivated to get to their spot. Not much is going to stop them. Once they get to their spot they get cranky.. Then its about agrevating them to strike . They will chase and slash at anything in their space. They aren't eating they are pushing males away and removing egg eating critters from the redd. Fish them low in the river early for reactionary strikes . Once they are on the redd I repeatedly put a bait... fly... in their face until they bite. I personally belive most salmon are flossed or snagged whether intentionally or not. Just my observstions.
  5. I don't much worry about the ads just x off them . Your right there is alot more ads than there use to be but its the price we pay to view the content.
  6. I have a savage varmet 204 ruger. Shoots .30 at a hundred. Bought it to hunt chucks but I haven't found any on the places I can hunt. Coyotes and farming practices have thinned them out unless they all moved to the city.
  7. Recieved my lifetime license today
  8. Still waiting also. Think mine got here late August last year.
  9. Use to smash a whole box of caps with a big rock ... then look through the strips for the ones that didn't go off
  10. Forgot it was this weekend.Should have gotten up early and gone .
  11. Contact DEC. See what they say. Harass the hell out of them . What ever it takes in the end .
  12. Wish they had showed a full video of the dumbass getting stomped and the after pictures.
  13. I would imagine that clear cut is 5 years old now . Dont have my pointers anymore and the Hickory nut trees are gone so I haven't been back in there since .probably making great deer cover . Perhaps a muzzleloader hunt back in there for late season.
  14. I don't spend near as much time small game hunting as I use to . Erwin state forest did a bunch of logging a few years back. Big patches of clear cutting . I was in there hunting the edges with a pistol and bumped quite a few grouse. Looked to me like it was 2 year old clear cut so I would imagine its prime . Problem for me was they took out my favorite grove of hickory nut trees and I was there hunting squirrel.
  15. I bought a bunch after 2013 safe act. There was a guy at the Syracuse show selling winchester primers for $30/k. I dont shoot as much as I use to but I am still well stocked. I have a family member that travels south and he picks me up stuff from time to time. Seems the southern states don't have the problems we do in NY.
  16. One thing I do miss is the gobbling fools. Last 2 birds I killed never gobbled after fly down . Back in the 80s and 90s you couldn't shut them up. Only real common denominator is increase in coyotes.
  17. If you were at the DeBruce club you have to expand on that ... how was the fishing ? Just not right mentioning the DeBruce club with no comment to the fly fishing .
  18. I was into it back in my teens and early 20s . Was a good time . Was a pain the butt finding somebody to take the carp. All went away when I met my wife . Working three jobs to help support 3 step kids in my instant family took all my spare time and alot of my sleep time .
  19. Kroil is a true miracle worker for freeing up heat stressed and rusty bolts . Also works to keep rust off tools in the garage. I run a spirits of that in all my air tools also.
  20. Thats cool you have the skills to do that . As an industrial mechanic I can do basic machining . I always wished I could take that up as a trade but the opportunity never presented itself. Looks like a fun project. Interested in seeing the results.
  21. I like it ... I have been looking for something like that to hold my scoped revolvers. Most wont hold a longer barrel or the weight of a big bore revolver and a scope.
  22. Not sure where you at but I don't want that snow . I'm over it ... looking forward to trout fishing.
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