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2012 Ohio


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I see many people are doing this here...I figured I would narrow my focus to just my Ohio trip.

It will be November 3 through 10 or 11 depending on weather, tiredness, etc. I am toting my FIL along on his first ever xbow hunt, and I'll be slinging with my Elite Z-28s. FIL has been practicing, practicing, practicing...he's 63 or 64...I forget. But, in any case, he's deadly out to about 30 yards. Anything beyond that and I believe he will pass. His xbow is pretty starter-ish...Horton Summit HD that we got for a bargain - 265 fps and GT Devastators with standard ST heads.

Lots of work goes into this hunt each year...this is my second year of it. Last year was fun, and a kid I mentored got a nice 6 point - only his second bow buck ever. Full-time work and night school has kept him from the bow woods this season. Maybe we'll get together for a gun hunt in NY this year. So, FIL stepped in.

Hunting central and north central Ohio - two counties. Now, when I first started looking for Ohio at the end of 2010, I was really focused on public land in SE Ohio. Found some spots after chatting with people, but that quickly gave way to a few suggestions by some Ohio DNR people. Let's just say the DNR folks make our DEC look like rookies and we'll leave it at that. I hunt ag land here in wNY; SE Ohio is hilly, rugged, and "wild." Not exactly something I have experience in...thermals, hollers, and such. After some basic contacts, I landed permission on a nice 440 acre farm and hunted that last year. This year I added a few more parcels and have about 1k acres to hunt. Having said that, I bet 150-175 of it is wooded...farms are huge here and there's hardly a hedge row to be seen. But, that's every farm here and the hunting can be good and I am more comfortable reading such ground. Pressure is there on some spots and not on others..nothing like NY or further down in Ohio where out-of-staters typically focus.

One parcel is prime and we have access to it Nov. 4-6. The owner is a hunter himself but is elderly and let us on with no questions. Stands in place and he has food plots (clover/greens). Two ponds, and surrounded by Ag, and two CRP-like grass fields in the middle of the ground where deer bed. I LOVE this ground and honestly, it'd be a perfect place to own. I really hope to score here and also think it is my FILs best chance at a decent buck as the pressure is likely the lightest of any parcel. These WILL BE all-day sits.

I'll document the other ground later, but for now...here is the 4-6 parcel. About 75 acres including the house. Potential stands/sites for me are in red and blinds/ladder stands for FIL in green. He needs easier access, frankly. At his age, he's not stealthy, a little clumsy, etc. and that is OK....we're playing to what he needs to do to get in the game. I think blind options will be on the East side of the ground and ladders on the W.

Since the surrounding is in soy beans this year, no corn, I believe the bedding will be heavy on the W chunk of timber. It's pretty open understory, so I'm not planning on entering it until I get a day into the ground. Scouting it this spring showed some good sign, but I'll need to see it again to be sure I can get in there without much concern...plus, my other spots are largely funnel locations, which is what I need to bank on since I have no knowledge of bucks there. I do plan to decoy the food plot and rattle. I may do that the last day. I love the spot by the river on the N side...wind blowing over the river will let me take advantage of the pinch of woods just to the w/NW of that spot. I spotted some rubs and scrapes on the north side of the pond and plan to hunt a spot on the northern property line. I can likely hunt the spot ourside the boundary as the owner is friends with the neighbor and he said he'll have me a signed permission slip when I get there...this spot is supposed to be nice, but with beans...not thinking it'll be hot...with corn...NO DOUBT.


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In ohio. Property has corn around it instead of beans. Excited for that as this property will have a ton of travel. Nowhere to glass from vehicle but we spied some rubs from the road.

Ill be sitting with my fil in the blind for the a.m. just to get started and then ill power scout it. Only got three hunting days on this place before moving to the other farm which is bigger but not exclusove and not as good overall.

Couldnt fit the deke in the truck load and really bummed about it here. This place is a decoying dream spot.

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Each of us saw a single doe this am. Scouted after that and scrapes are fired up.

Owner has a guy hunting today cause he owed him a favor. Kinda screwed me as i laid a scent drag right to him. Guy moved into my spot when we went to truck for lunch and game plan. Bummer.

In a blind now overlooking a pinch along a pond.

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