Any lone hunters in or around the 5 boroughs?

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I know it's late into the season for this but I'm just feeling it out for the future. I'm new to hunting, and I live in Brooklyn. I have a couple of friends in 3s that hunt but its not that easy to coordinate with them. Anybody closer to Brooklyn that would possibly be looking to partake when possible. I have no problem traveling a bit if timing is right. I also own a trailer in nj that is about 15 minutes from Orange County and from what I heard there is state land there but I have no information about it. Oh btw I have bow and I'm In the process of going through the nyc process in order to be able to purchase a firearm. Hoping to lease some land next season if a good group forms. good luck out there tomorrow and every other day. Thanks

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That state land you're talking about in Orange County shared with NJ is most likely Sterling Forest.  You need a permit for that park.  Simply fill out the form and mail it in or go to their park office and get it the same day.  No guns allowed in Sterling prior to November 1st.


The other 2 that are near NJ borders is Pochuck and Huckleberry Ridge.  I've never been to those 2 so I can't tell you much about them.


Good luck.

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Alg11 talk to me man.. my schedule is nuts but I'll get out with ya

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This NYC process to buy a firearm? Stuff like this is why I no longer buy a non-resident license for NY. I hunted the 'Daks since 1961 and the only year I didn't hunt NY before this year is because of a death in the family. Either sportsmen are welcome in NY or else we are children to be fussed over and controlled. Can non-resident hunters even buy ammunition? What restrictions have they on modern sporting arms? If you live in NY you are stuck with it but I now live in NJ a mere 1/2 hour from PA and if I choose to hunt with a rifle, PA's where I'm heading.

When I grew up in Brooklyn there were no restrictions on purchasing long guns. As a matter of fact that area where they built the WTC was rife with gun stores. As time passed, gun ownership became more of a pain. First they had a form you had to fill out listing the serial numbers (if present) of all your guns and you had to put up with getting fingerprinted, etc. at the local precint but it was free. I hear there are much worse restrictions today and I'd like to hear about them.

Since then I left NY for good and have lived in other states where such horse-collaring by the law is considered bizarre.

If this gentleman looking to hunt the Southern tier has some good maps (you can get them online from NOAA but you print them yourself) he can find state land. But in the Southern tier, getting over private land to the state land is sometimes tricky. Many times clubs arbitrarily post state land and the from-out-of-the-area hunter has no way of telling.

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