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New transport of firearms rules


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7 hours ago, rob-c said:

This is directly from the NY gun safety web page . https://gunsafety.ny.gov/resources-gun-owners

Safe Storage

How does the law enacted in 2022 impact transporting guns in a vehicle?

Effective September 1, 2022, if you leave your gun unattended in a vehicle, it must be unloaded and locked in a fire, impact, and tamper resistant storage depository that is hidden from view. Glove compartments and glove boxes are not appropriate safe storage depositories. A plastic or aluminum, lockable, hard-sided, gun case or safe will suffice for this purpose. 

If an adult remains with the vehicle to ensure security, a case or safe is not required. To prevent theft and ensure safety, it is always recommended that firearms be secured during transport.   Local rules for traveling with firearms also apply and may be more restrictive. For example, New York City requires that all guns be unloaded, in a case, and out of sight, even when you are with the vehicle (Penal Law § 265.45)

Exactly!! They are providing "guidance" that is explicitly at odds with the letter of the law. Why write a law if you're not going to enforce it as written? Amend the dang thing before you pass it! This is the kind of stuff that happens when you pass arbitrary, retaliatory, late night, closed room rules. I guess it's up to folks with an ounce of sense to try to interpret the mish-mash that our legislators vomited forth in response to the Supreme Court ruling. 

Honestly, I feel like by taking a hard stance on gun control, this is the mess we get. Maybe we should be working with our adversaries to format common-sense gun laws that actually make sense. I fear that otherwise, this is the future.

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7 hours ago, Larry said:

I don't give a shit. My rifle is going to get transported the way it always has in the back in a case.

I like your style...I wonder what Rodney Dangerfield would say on stage about all this garbage. That would have been epic. 

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