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  1. Maybe a pasta strainer?? interesting concept...spoon fed water..
  2. Did I hear right that "Where's Hunter's" computer was given to the FBI in January and they sat on it? Unbelievable...swamp is immense. Guess I better load more ammo and finish the moat around my house....
  3. Glad I made the decision a year ago to produce my own ammo when I need it.
  4. a box with murder hornets inside would be a nice touch...
  5. Pence as a cucumber Kamala...The ho is an idiot..
  6. My 51 st year deer hunting...but the Italian ice man takes the cake...7000 years..ooops...looks like he retired...
  7. I want to complete the job by self-butchering, but that's not going to happen at our home. I have a guy that will process and if I harvest a deer, maybe he will allow me to do the skinning/cutting up, just to give me the experience of the process.
  8. Better cut out the fall turkey season. Those numbers are scary! People will survive without fall season. In central Wyoming county, where we hunted alot for turkey, have almost no turkeys, at least in our neck of the woods. Always saw flocks of turkey...not any more. We just do not see turkeys like we saw 25 years ago. sad.
  9. Yep...go figure. Cannot get a simple forecast right, but the world is gonna end in 9 years, 8 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 3 hours and 15 minutes from now from climate change.
  10. Wallace should have just let them talk...shout...whatever. What the hell.. Trump and his family have put up with enough over 4 years and he has every right to piss all over Biden and the socialist bastids...
  11. An essential ingredient. Black Pepper matters. lol
  12. I hope you're right about Edmunds. I do forget he is only 22. We'll see.
  13. The pre-season is now over, and now we'll see what this team has in the tank, going forward. As an aside, the Bills should prioritize signing Matt Milano, before Tre Edmonds. That Dodson fellow looked more aware at MLB than Edmonds. His Dreadlock's look great though.
  14. More like an Embarrassing epic collapse, then a fortunate sequence of events at the end...still the "not ready for prime time" players...
  15. Keep us posted on how the "locals" handle this. Should be an interesting read. agreed.
  16. Surprised the DEC hasn't declared hazardous fire conditions and banned fires for a while.
  17. had my procedure Sept. 15th. Clean report. Back in 5 years.
  18. maybe a Rynoskin outfit as an option?
  19. Merlot

    Range finder

    Yep...that's me in the blue outfit...when I had hair.
  20. Merlot

    Range finder

    I Had an older version I took off this frozen guy in Italian Alps...
  21. Seems a bit early for me. I have preferred hunting on or just after 10/15 or so, but that's just me. The cooler the weather, the better for deer movement.