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  1. Imagine those living in those tough winter weather areas, back then, prepped and were ready for it when it came. Knew how to cook, bake, canned food and just rode out the weather and probably did ok.
  2. Mom had all that Revere pots and pans back in the day. Great product. I'm guessing not so much anymore.
  3. Thank you and have a great new year!
  4. I assume lake Placid. Visited the jump area once in early 80's and went up the elevator to have a look. It was near closing time, but I was allowed to go up. After 15 minutes, I went down to bottom, only to find out that the place was locked up for the night. I had to climb the 10–12-foot fence to get out.
  5. Solution is to vote out the snowflake morons in government. Cannot wait to hear the plan to set up EV charging stations along the interstate highway system. Got to build the transmission lines to new substations and extend primary voltage conductors to transformation at the charging stations. HUGE costs. Easier to just fill your tank with gasoline. Again, vote the idiots out that want this stuff shoved down your throats. What a joke.
  6. Some of these morons presently feeling what it's like to support the "green new deal" in parts of Western New York....dang chilly...
  7. Have a shot and a beer and forget about it.
  8. How foreign policy is discussed at the white house these days. Blinken and Joe perhaps??? Saw this "cone of silence gag from the "Get Smart" comedy series from the 60's beautiful. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=get+smart+cone+of+silence&docid=608005668418694124&mid=38D13D479F8AEF2ED95838D13D479F8AEF2ED958&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  9. Haven't been out yet, due to the heavy snow in the area I hunt. My season starts Sunday afternoon.
  10. I like your style...I wonder what Rodney Dangerfield would say on stage about all this garbage. That would have been epic.
  11. No go for me in 9H. No sense in working on a heart attack. One week delay. The critters will be running still.
  12. I'll buy one of those blow-up human likeness things and sit it in the passenger side...you know...the one in the "Airplane" movie...lol
  13. Our hunt camp is still hanging on, and I will participate for as long as I can. Will be 69 next month and the clock is ticking. Had a dozen guys at camp for opening day some 50 years ago, and I was the young buck. Guess I'm the old guy now. Just a couple of us "Young" guys left from that time. Great memories though. Will keep pushing forward and see where things go. Good luck to all. Perhaps hunting is going away sooner than we all expect...like the dinosaurs. Just not enough of us to sustain this wonderful pastime.
  14. slow, steady indoctrination of garbage to our young people over the years, got us here. Probably unsalvageable now. Sad.
  15. Have 2 of the Field and stream and very comfy.
  16. Just read about the 25-day supply of heating oil/diesel. Gotta be kidding me. China Saudis and Putin Laughing at us.
  17. can almost fly in and fly out of camp.
  18. First thought of the picture with the glove was of a crime scene photo...lol
  19. After driving down to Florida and back one year ago, I am choosing to fly and rent a vehicle. Too many Dale Earnhardts to deal with. Too much white knuckling on the steering wheel for me. Idiots everywhere. OK...OK I will calm down now and go hunting next week and stare at trees and be at peace.
  20. Don't forget those World Economic Forum types in Davos, plotting to ruin us also. Creepy Joe is just playing with his crayons with Jill baby.
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