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  1. The wife and I watched a live birth this past weekend, and we've seen two other fawns on their feet in the past week.
  2. Well, that sucks! Best wishes getting it straightened out. The past two years have been ridiculous trying to deal with anything DMV related. Hopefully there's still time.
  3. Wait a sec. How can an average anything be on tape? Did they digitally interpolate everyone and make a composite video lol? Just saying.
  4. Hahahahaha....both sides are equally bad. The difference is how they execute their mission. The left bans what they don't want to hear, the right simply shouts louder so you can't be heard. The guy in the middle is left reeling. Sigh.
  5. So, you can't vote in the primary? That's not the same as not being able to vote. and I'm not sure why your blood is boiling. You can still vote in the general election. If you want to vote in the primaries, get yourself registered Republican in your new residence, just like we all do when we move. Easy peasy.
  6. Dude, you are killing it. LMFAO. Everybody knows, all the smartest people agree...I get email saying so all the time. As for the actual topic of election fraud, I'm a bit amazed that the right, which I generally support, can't get enough traction to even begin to prove what half our country is convinced of - right or wrong. Frankly, it makes them look, well, incompetent. If election fraud was so prevalent, then we should be seeing it play out in the right's favor. I mean, even the Supreme Court is 6-3 now. If fraud happened, and 18 months later this is where we are...that's just embarrassing. I'm not sure I'd carry this torch, given how it has panned out thus far. Better to focus on the future than past failures (regardless of whether they won legit or we just got outplayed).
  7. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I will mention that I know two older gentlemen who both hunt with a draw lock, and one of them uses a shooting stick when ground hunting. Looks unwieldy as all get out, but both guys say it's not bad at all. Both also switch to crossbow when it's legal. I've been with them when they've killed deer.
  8. Good to know. I've never had one on me for more than 30 minutes (that I know of), but if I found one the next day, I'd certainly petition for a full course. Lyme is scary stuff. I know one of the guys on habitattalk.com's daughters had it bad, and she was unable to get out of bed most days. There's some tick borne illnesses that can transmit within 30 minutes, too, but so far as I know, not around here...so far as I know.
  9. So, they were very responsive. I heard back yesterday evening from Fox, suggesting that it may be a browser issue or my cache. What's crazy is that when I opened their front page this morning, without doing anything else, the login button had magically appeared. Now, maybe there was a temporary glitch in the system, and I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but then there are things that make you go hmmm...
  10. I've posted a handful of times in the comments section on Foxnew.com - nothing egregious or offensive, generally making simple points of logic or highlighting alternative interpretations. Things like, "maybe he's not wearing a mask because he's been forced to, but because he wants to. Seems easy enough to just ask him". Stuff like that. Like I say, a handful of times at most. I probably haven't posted anything at all in this calendar year; in general, I try to avoid biased news sources like CNN or Fox, but it's become increasingly hard to find any source that doesn't have an agenda. Regardless. I was flabbergasted this morning when I went to comment on a Fox article that not only was I unable to sign in, but the link to sign in and in fact the option to sign up to comment had themselves been removed from the webpage entirely. So far as I can figure, I must have been banned. Which makes zero sense to me, but with big brother watching, who knows? And this bothers me to no end, because the easiest way to shut someone down is to steal their voice - as I suspect many of us here appreciate. How wonderful to control both the message and the response to it! Compounded internet reverb - and let me be clear, my disdain here is apolitical, and if anything represents criticism of mass media rather than of one side or the other. Anyway, I will post an update if I hear back from Fox, after having submitted a ticket this evening. I wonder how often this sort of thing occurs? In our brave new world...
  11. I believe that they need to be attached for at least a day to transmit Lyme. My doctor always prescribes a single dose of antibiotic prophylactically anyway. Babesiosis is generally mild and isn't treated unless you display symptoms. Folks who are most at risk include the usual suspects of immunocompromised and elderly. There's no vaccine, but it is treatable. I assume that all ticks are positive for these in our area. And I'm always right, 70% of the time lol...
  12. My days of "reps" and running marathons are behind me...too many injuries to torture my joints anymore. My morning routine is 30 minutes on a row erg, 200 sit ups, and 10 minutes of planks. It's all about the core and keeping things moving. Osteoarthritis sucks, but it's just another hurdle.
  13. Glad you made out okay. We have LastPass for everything, phones use fingerprints to unlock the VPN that all our accesses get routed through. And I'm still paranoid. Particularly when I'm having a conversation in a store, get home, and there's an ad on my computer for the thing I was talking about. It's a scary world sometimes. All my old passwords used to be some simple combination of a fish and a number. Lol. Twenty years ago. I've heard the stories too, and don't need another headache. The existing ones suffice.
  14. I lost every one of the Dunstan that I planted seven years ago, but some of the Chinese that I've grown from seed are entering their sixth year and doing well. Not all, but some. I highly recommend cages and weed mats over tubes. The downside of tubes in the woods in that the trees grow spindly with multiple suckers, rodents inhabit them and girdle the trees, wasps and ants build nests in them, and even 5' tubes can get browsed by deer. Also, wooden stakes will rot over a couple seasons, and then your work is lying on the ground. Finally, you need to keep them clear of leaves and debris. Can you guess that I hate tubes? I'm not completely sold on Chestnut either, but the jury is still out. The trees in our backyard are >20 years old - production is vertical, with a short, but heavy fall. The squirrel get most of them. I suspect that there's a place in a whitetail minded forest, but only as part of diverse plantings.
  15. Avoid Bourbon St. like the plague, obviously. Unless you like the smell of pee and vomit. I'd head South myself and explore the river delta. Lots of cool stuff going on down toward Venice, and some excellent bass fishing as well. We ran into Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin when we were there in December. True gentlemen, both of them, offering pics to those so inclined...we saw them fishing the pilings near the shrimp boat fleet later in the day.
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