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  1. You'd be surprised at the number of folks I run into who believe that the whole thing was made up for political purposes. But I agree with you that it's been leveraged to death. What isn't, during election season? Time to go leverage some bucks - hopefully running does hard, thinking that hunters are just something made up to keep them from doing the nasty
  2. That's right. And the Illuminati will reveal themselves and the aliens will fly down to take photos and they'll finally let us know about the second gunman. It takes a special kind of person to make a worldwide epidemic into a political chip. Do you think that Europe, India, Russia, Australia...well, everywhere I guess...are in on the plan? And if they're in on it, what's their motivation? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. Small properties and hedgerow hunting favor competition for prime locations. We have stands near boundaries, but have never, ever shot over the line. We've let some nice bucks walk, too. I like to think that the same is true for our neighbors. Thus far, there have been no issues, and I've never had to alter plans because I've found a neighbor in a stand near mine.
  4. You're right, it's life not nature. Goldblum said it, Crichton wrote it. I stand corrected! I hereby relinquish my mancard for improper use of movie quotes! It's a dark day lol... Regardless, go, hunt, and have fun storming the castle.
  5. First- this was a joke. But second, UV light does not penetrate aqueous surfaces well. So, if the virus is encapsulated in fluid, such as saliva or drinking water shared between animals, it could propagate. But the same is true for nearly all viruses. So the answer is really "it depends". And if it is at all possible, then Michael Crichton had it right - Nature will find a way. But catching C19 from a deer is the last thing I'd be worried about.
  6. Tis the season!!! It's like six degrees of separation: how many posts will it take for any thread to turn to politics? Less, the closer we get to the election. But back on topic - deer camp during the age of COVID. Does anyone wonder if deer can get C19? We know that cats and ferrets can (I know because my wife and collaborators work with both models to study vision). How sick would that be (no pun intended), if the deer you just shot got even with you posthumously? Things I am not going to think about...
  7. I'm with you. I hate the damn things! Our dog is a fox red lab, and we found over ten on him last week from a short romp in Oatka Park, not exactly a hotbed of tick activity this summer. He's been there twice a week or so, and these were the first ticks we've found. I heard from others around the state that this late warmth has made it insane everywhere. And I do worry a little bit about alien abductions. As said about the most interesting man in the world, "they abduct him so that HE can probe THEM"
  8. I love the way you think, and I'm working out every day - down from 200 to 185. But what the public hasn't synthesized yet is the vast body of literature suggesting that the critical stage is during development. To be blunt, fat kids are destined for tough times and future health issues. There is persistent metabolic remodeling that sets the tone for the rest of their lives. But losing weight as an adult doesn't do as much for you as you'd expect. It kinds of sucks, because kids are the toughest demographic to convince to do something that won't benefit them for 40 years. So keeping your kids fit is a great way to show them that you love them. And then you can make them drag your deer out lol.
  9. Strained yourself or stained yourself? Because I'd have opted for the later...
  10. Buddy of mine won the Moultrie Trail Cam weekly prize last year with this one:
  11. For me, it's a matter of convenience. I like to hang deer, and that's tough without a walk-in cooler during early season. But I also won't shoot doe during the rut, unless there's a kid involved. So I pick and choose my times - last night would have been okay as it got to 34 degrees here this morning. But all I had in front of me were bucks. Go figure! Also, doe are a dime a dozen here during muzzleloader, so any unfilled tags can be used then, if needed. I usually give 3-4 deer away to my graduate students and postdocs (perk of working in NehrkeLab), and I usually take them late in the season. One is enough for my family, maybe a second for Costanza's. So c'mon cool weather!
  12. It's actually a GT500 that I got as new old stock, with the Revolution cam. I guess it could qualify for an antique, but dang - I shot a Browning Accelerator Plus for nearly twenty years when I first started bow hunting. I believe in sticking with what you like, not chasing the latest and greatest. I appreciate technological advances (I'm in biomedical research, so it's an everyday thing for me). I'm not unwilling to change. But it has to impact my ability to do what I love - numbers on paper don't translate to my enjoyment shooting. And there's that indefinable "feel" factor, too, that you can't assign metrics.
  13. I shoot a 2012 Elite as well and absolutely LOVE it. I take some crap at 3D for not having the latest and greatest, but my old eyes are more to blame for the ample 8s on my scorecard than my equipment.
  14. knehrke


    Nice when a buddy who's in Vermont remembers you while visiting the factory
  15. knehrke

    Road Kill

    A unique drop tine like that should be easy to identify. Hopefully somebody chimes in. We always lose giants to traffic, particular on one property that is near a large park. On the far side of the park is a very busy 55 mph road. One year we had three of the four bucks that were true park monsters end their lives tangled up in somebody's grill. I think that those old, smart bucks that have good sanctuary are actually as likely to die this way as via a gun or bow. The good news for your buddy is that, in general, there's no way that losing a big buck gets kept quiet.