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  1. This time of year? Well, I know that injury can delay the process, and a buddy of mine shot a 14 point in velvet during November a bunch of years ago. But normal, I'd say no. Not an expert though.
  2. I myself have decided not to watch the rest of the season; I'm just going to tune into the last five minutes of the Super Bowl so that I can celebrate. Lol. Injuries and overconfidence are their vulnerabilities. I like what I see, but I've also drank the Kool-Aid too many times. But man, is it good to have a team that isn't working hard to beat itself. Should be a fun season.
  3. Yeah, the way you describe it is red flags galore. But maybe the "specialist" just isn't so special...
  4. Got to agree with Phade. I've tried every new "update" that Moultrie has released over the past few years with uniform disappointment. They have all been a step backwards in terms of performance. In fact, I still run three XA7000i cameras that are about as good as I've seen, albeit getting long in the tooth now and lacking some of the updated sexy features. But they have a solid detection circuit, great color and contrast, ridiculously fast trigger speeds and recovery time, and take reasonable night pictures. Since then...not so much on any of the newer cameras I've tested. I think Moultrie is going for the guy who wants to spend as little as possible on a camera, then making buck from the monthly plans. I mean, a $69 dollar cell cam? Other than the number itself, there's not much to like. I run two Delta that will for no reason whatsoever go from taking mediocre quality, washed out images to green goblin - it's like the entire image is painted in a monotone green palette. Then I have to physically reset the camera to get it back to its marginally acceptable self. If cheap is your deal, a buddy of mine has set a few Spypoint Flex, and they seem to be acceptable given the price point. I'm not sure that I'd run the Edge even if they were given to me free.
  5. Regardless of what the calendar says, this is the official start of the season.
  6. Sure, I'll tell you. Strong Memorial Hospital. Like most ethical people, doctors have proven willing to take a stand against injustice, repeatedly. We're not talking about a group that's easily cowed. I'm not sure that you fully appreciate the implications of what you are saying. Veterinarians treat sheep, doctors treat people, There is not a cabal pulling the strings. Doctors frequently prescribe medicines for off-label use with a clear understanding of the benefits and risks, IF that's what emerging data suggests is best for their patients. The Hippocratic Oath matters. To claim otherwise is to demean an entire profession who have literally been at the front lines of the pandemic, most getting their a$$es run off on a daily basis. I have yet to run into a doctor who wanted to prescribe Ivermectin, but was prevented by some nebulous force. On the contrary, there are numerous instances of the doctor / hospital being sued by patients' families who demand treatment with Ivermectin - the easiest out would be just to give it to them. Call me naive, but I still believe that most doctors are operating true to their oath, and they're going to do what's best for the patient, applying evidence-based medicine, even as they are being denigrated and subject to vitriol. And I know not a few doctors who are retiring at a very young age because of this. Valid criticism and meaningful dialog is useful. Vague accusations are not. As for conflagrating masks and vaccine mandates in schools with doctors and ivermectin, nice divert. Let's argue one thing at a time though.
  7. I appreciate that everybody wants to believe in a magic pill and that there's some cabal out there hiding it. But this study's main author, Flavio Cadegiani, an endocrinologist at the biotech company Applied Biology in Brazil, is already under investigation for several other trials where he's seen unbelievable results, not just with ivermectin but with n experimental prostate cancer drug named proxalutamide and others - in short, his reporting is shoddy and he inappropriately censors data. He has an agenda. Most reputable journals won't touch his stuff. The only reason he's even still above water is that Bolisano is quick to jump on this stuff - and there's profit and prestige for those who tow the Brazilian president's line. This is an internet fairy tale. Ivermectin has long been recognized to have modest anti-viral properties of unknown origin, much like hundreds of other drugs. Anti-androgens are an interesting class of drugs as well. But this is the modern day equivalent of peddling snake-oil. It does nobody any good to make outlandish claims, as it casts a shadow over the real work that's being quietly done through rigor and reproducibility. I don't have an agenda, and I have nothing to gain by taking a stance on this. But I do evaluate clinical trial data professionally, so have expertise. And like most scientists, I am a natural born skeptic - a trait I apply to my own research even more stringently. With over a hundred papers published in my career, I have no retractions, no revisions, and my work has never been questioned for content or methodology (interpretation is always arguable lol).
  8. Not sure I entirely agree. Certainly knowing how to defend yourself is better than not knowing, but my years of training in judo, including a year solid in Japan, did me little good when a gun was pointed in my face. In fact, given that the kid pointing it was ~14 years old and shaking, I didn't really want to escalate. And that turned out to be a good idea, since the confrontation cost me all of $1...gang initiation I suspect, with six of his cronies waiting in the wings if things went South. But I feel you. Learning how to defend yourself is about knowing when and when not to pull the trigger. So to speak.
  9. I'm fairly certain that the provision regarding having to post privately-owned buildings in order to "welcome" guns isn't going to stop a hardened criminal. "Geez, you can't carry a gun in here, I guess we'll go rob somewhere else" lol. Much as I hate to see this, I have to admit that most of these laws appear to be aimed squarely at removing guns from private individual's possession entirely. Not at criminals, not at public safety, but at a political agenda. I wonder what happens if the owner of a building decides to post that guns are welcome, but their tenants (individuals or businesses) don't like it...or vice-versa, if somebody is renting, but the owner doesn't want guns there. This could get ugly quick.
  10. knehrke


    We were there last summer for two weeks - ecocruise on a small 16-person vessel for a week hiking and kayaking in Prince Williams sound, then heli-fished three days on Clear Creak out of Talkeetna while the wife hiked Denali (Mt. McKinley for those of us who grew up in the 70s), then a bit more hiking for the two of us around Talkeetna. Awesome trip, great weather, lots of wildlife. I'm glad you're enjoying it. The wife was back up to Alaska two weeks ago for a meeting on perceptual learning, but didn't get to venture far from Alyeska lodge with dawn to dusk talks, and it rained non-stop while she was there. We made up for it by hooking up in Banff (her coming from the west and me coming from the east, with no hiccups amazingly) and hiking for a week; unreal vistas, too dang many people. We were first on the trail in the morning and had them to ourselves going up. But coming down was like bumper cars with dozens if not hundreds of other folks climbing. The trail head parking lots were full by 9 am. Lake Louise and Moraine Lakes were almost completely inaccessible. LIke I say, amazing place, but I won't be going back soon.
  11. And some companies make a "selling" point of their customer service being located in-country - which I applaud. I work with foreign nationals day-in-and-day-out, so I've gotten used to dealing with many different accents. But I appreciate how it could be difficult for others, particularly those of us who have reached a certain age and fired too many guns without hearing protection.
  12. I can't imagine being young and wanting to get into hunting these days - no access, too many distractions. But it's not like this isn't the norm in many other states. You pay to play. Unfortunate. It's nice to have so much state land available upstate, but inevitably this is going to contribute to the have-have not divide.
  13. This is all just a dick swinging contest by the politicians, passed in response to the Supreme Court ruling. It's like a bunch of six year olds - "you can't tell me what to do!". Makes me sick
  14. Awesome. My buddy just got played by his son last night - his son was flying home from finishing basic training, and he told his Dad that his flight had been delayed three hours. Then he had a buddy pick him up at the airport (the flight was actually on time) and surprised his Dad in the kitchen. Many tears.
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