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  1. Excellent!! My Mom is over that way...I got to say that I hope you don't run into her lol. I hope it works out well and exceeds expectations!
  2. I don't know how willing you might be to travel, but the Flaum internship is a training program, the result of which is portable. I can't speak to whether similar programs exist in 7P, but the job itself is worth checking out as an alternative to an aide position - there are advantages (reading Nomad's post) such as "regular" hours. If you want more info, LMK.
  3. I mentioned your plans to my wife who is director of research at Flaum Eye Institute, and she suggested that I offer the slightly different alternative of becoming an ophthalmic technician. Flaum currently has an internship program where they are training ophthalmic technicians - it turns out that they are in short supply and high demand. Given your background, it may be a way of meshing your existing skill set with a new career. It is patient care oriented in a clinical setting, and while a stand-alone career option, could certainly segue into becoming an RN. Check it out, and LMK if you woul
  4. Good to know, thanks. I will convey this to my buddy for this fall.
  5. I bought my daughter her lifetime when she was born, before the prices increased. I think it was $150 total. But that was almost twenty years ago. A friend of mine who moved out of state a decade ago also got his, and he loves it. But the lack of doe tags is a PITA, since he doesn't get them automatically and has to be here in person to apply, but given the excess tags in our area he is always able to grab a few when he shows up to hunt anyway. It is a consideration, though.
  6. Agreed. It seems punitive, but without the benefit of a fair hearing. But I also know guys who had their boats and fishing equipment confiscated because of drugs found on-board, so it's not unprecedented, either. NYS loves to play the take-away game.
  7. That sounds like a wonderful plan. If you have interviews at Strong Memorial, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message. I'll do what I can to facilitate, even if it's only information to make the most of the opportunity.
  8. You are 100% correct!! And it's been around even longer than that. COVID is its first widespread use though, and based on what I'm hearing, it won't be the last, particularly - as Chef pointed out - with the ability to tweak specificity from a computer keyboard.
  9. Any energy policy that makes America reliant on foreign owned mines to provide essential rare earth minerals is a non-starter in my book. Add in the costs of upkeep and dismantling them at the end of their eyesore of a life, and you have a recipe for disaster. I agree that clean energy is a priority. These things are not the answer. Just another way for folks to line their pocketbooks at the expense of the everyman.
  10. You've looked at the data, weighed the risks, and made a decision. Can't argue with that - well, you could, but IMHO everyone has to make a choice for themselves. Nobody should be forced to vaccinate. Even being in the biomedical research field, it blows my mind, too, how fast this happened. Last summer I was pooh-poohing the chances of having an effective vaccine by 2021. After all, we're still working on HIV and the common cold. I figured that it was even odds that a vaccine was feasible, much less as fast as they made it happen. I applaud the partnerships between the drug manufacturer
  11. That's like saying people wonder why you don't want to win the lottery - because you're unsure whether you'd get half a million or a full million dollars lol. The evidence is clear: even should you contract the disease, your viral load is significantly reduced after vaccination. By how much though? Originally, the thought was that you still might have enough virus in your nasal passages that you could potential transmit it, albeit only through sneezing directly in somebody's face (that's a joke). However, since the vaccine has only been around for a few months, it takes time to accumulat
  12. Funny meme, but veterans know how to duck when the bullets start flying, too. And they'd laugh even harder at anyone who refused to use appropriate PPE - "no thanks, I don't do Kevlar". And finally, it goes without even saying that the war on COVID is not an actual war, where folks are expected to put their lives on the line (with the exception of front line workers - thank you!!). Still a funny meme, though.
  13. You got it. Many of my best friends have different views on COVID and masking than me. We are still good friends. Differences of opinion shouldn't make folks enemies. The good Lord knows we have enough of those already. Over the past week, we've had two colleagues, married, go down with COVID. One was on death's door, the other lost her senses of taste and smell. The later tested negative three times during her husband's convalescence prior to testing positive, despite living in the same house. Go figure. There's still so much that we don't understand about this thing - and I expect
  14. Man, all kinds of weird situations, no one-size-fits-all answers. I know that out west they put barbed wire across the rivers so that the drift boats can't pass. Other streams you can neither anchor nor fish in certain areas, but you are allowed to float through. Here in NYS, my understanding is that if you own both sides of a creek, then you own the bottom of the creek too, but not the water itself if it's a navigable waterway. But in the end, it's all about what you're willing to enforce, rights or not. The Dougluston Salmon Run needed to go to court to protect their rights, albeit controver
  15. Nothing beats Ginger and Honey in plain ole' yogurt!! I had that with a handful of nuts mixed in for dessert this evening, Yum, yum. I will second Chef that most I know did worse on the first Pfizer shot, but their booster was uneventful. Except for the 20-25% that had muscle pain and headaches. But even those generally disappeared fairly quickly. Hopefully those neck pains Phade has will go away soon, too. Now, I ask you this: how do I get rid of the headaches caused by the job, the government, the daughter, and the self-imposed ones from being an idiot too often? A recent allergy t
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