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  1. Only in areas south and west of Rochester, including parts of Livingston and Genesee counties: https://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/news-8-wroc-removed-from-spectrum-cable-in-portions-of-wny-finger-lakes/
  2. I think that censoring opinions in any fashion, through active means or simply wearing folks down who don't have the bandwidth to constantly go back-and-forth diminishes us all. It leads to internet reverb, where a select few reinforce each other's opinions. I am not trying to engage in political commentary, but instead I'm expressing an opinion on social media, including message boards. Name calling, aggression, unwillingness to admit culpability of to even consider being in the wrong...it occurs on both sides of the fence. It's tough to see, and responding feels like screaming into the void. I've been active on this board for many years. I hope it continues to do well. I applaud efforts to focus on our core strengths, while maintaining individuality. But the whole blame game and denigration of other hunters is tough to take.
  3. I actually think that the answer is simple and impossible to address at the same time: increase property access. If kids can't find a place to hunt, then everything else becomes window dressing. And has become the norm in this country, there's an increasing divide between the haves and have-nots
  4. I've eaten at a famous Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney that rotates atop a high tower. They had a meat bar where you could try a bunch of different animals, some good, some...not so much. I will say that camel tastes like a barn floor. As for wild game, it's tough to beat venison loin in ginger lime marinade done on skewers over charcoal. But as stated above, preparation has a lot to do with it. Here's our recipe - this is the best marinade I've ever tasted on venison. 1/3 cup vegetable or canola oil 1/4 cup soy sauce 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 2 garlic gloves chopped We often substitute 1 tsp ground ginger and garlic for fresh with no regrets.
  5. I'm a member of both. It seems IMHO that there's a few members on both sites who's posts are both routine and prolific. Nothing wrong with that - but I think many of the older forums in particular generate a select userbase. And it does tend to reduce the diversity of opinion, especially if new members can't join. Is that still an issue here? I don't even know. I don't like bickering, but I appreciate hearing from folks who don't all think like me. Newer forums can be a roll of the dice, but maybe you learn something interesting. I guess there's a place for both. Since I've a fairly private guy, chances are I won't be posting hero pictures or doing more than random chiming in anyway just to confirm I'm not a complete troll or lurker lol.
  6. Land prices be crazy! It's all location, right? And if it's mostly tillable, that increases its value. If the guy paid $270K for it two years ago, he's not going to want to take a loss. So, to point: it's never great to lose land, but it sounds like you've only been hunting there for two years. What about properties you hunted previously? And 3K a year for 60 acres isn't totally outrageous for a prime lease, but it's high. If you were willing to pay that much, you could likely find bunches of options. Continuity is nice, but I'd take a good, long look around before proposing your solution.
  7. So, rereading the posts here, I saw that I said I wouldn't take and Edge even if it were free. I shouldn't make statements that I can't back up lol. After a couple years of complaining, Moultrie finally made good on the malfunctioning Delta cameras that take green pictures and offered my some credit toward new ones. So I picked up an Edge and an Edge Pro. Here's my take, after a month in the field. The detection circuits seem to be decent, but the Edge illumination must be alerting deer, because a Browning non-cell camera (BTC5HD) that I placed just up the same trail is getting bucks that the Edge isn't...and when I switch the cameras around, the exact same thing still happens. In other words, the bucks are avoiding the Edge camera. In addition, the images seem fuzzy in the thumbnail version on the app and pixelated in HD, even using the "enhanced" setting (33 MP compared to "high" which is 4 MP). No issues with the onboard storage thus far, and the lack of SD card isn't a deal-breaker. Note however that the Moultrie app allows you to delete "HR" images you requested, so if you don't download them to a local computer, they are lost forever - because there's no SD card where they're saved in perpetuity and no way to request a new HR image once the thumbnails are deleted from the app. How do I know this? Don't ask... The Edge Pro is a different beast. The illumination doesn't seem to spook the deer, although they do know that the camera is there. Nighttime images are decent, with daylight images exceptional. I haven't played with the setting where you can block out a piece of the picture to avoid false triggers, for example if you have weeds or a limb blowing, but I do know that I've had very few false triggers regardless, even looking out into an unharvested corn field. IMHO, it's the best Moultrie entry since the 7000 series. Finally, both cameras transmit well with very little cell signal. Battery life is much, much shorter than advertised...I put 16 alkaline AA batteries into each, and got less than a month with ~20 pictures taken per day. I switched them to and highly recommend an external battery source, such as a 12v 10ah lithium, which will last the whole season. Bottom line: Tactacam still wins over the Edge, but the Edge Pro is a great camera, albeit at twice the price. Would I purchase more of them? Probably not.
  8. I think, like all animals, they synchronize with their closest interactions...ie, two girls sharing a dorm room with sync over time, generally. Being behind a fence simply means that they have enforced interactions and less chance of being influenced by outsiders.
  9. I do believe that animals behind fences synchronize, much like females in the same house. The bell curve is much steeper for deer in captivity than in the wild. But I've also never seen an April drop, even though just last night there was some decent chasing going on in the corn in front of me. Chasing, yes...locked down breeding, probably not, with the caveat that there's always the exception to prove the rule. It's going to be interesting to see how the early full moon affects the cycle this year.
  10. I also washed hunting clothes in All Free and Clear, since that's what we use at home normally, but then I recognized that despite not having perfumes and such, it still has brightening agents. Brighteners convert UV to blue light, and since deer can see further in that part of the spectrum than we can, the more brightening agent in the clothes, the more you will "shine". Hence, I decided to go back to the Dead Downwind stuff. I don't know if this made any practical difference, but I'll spend the $10 for a season's worth of peace of mind. As for firearms scent, I don't know if deer perceive that as an alarm signal., since deer don't seem to care about farm equipment for example. I don't actually know though. I know that I worry more about human scent.
  11. I started shooting this weekend, and will shoot every day until season. My groupings are fine out to 30 yards with both field points and broadheads, so it's mostly about building muscle memory. I'm also trying to become more comfortable with a Hoyt RX5 Ultra that I bought two years ago. Jesse from Drape's Outdoors solved one issue for me - the fletching was hitting the cable if the arrows weren't rotated precisely at one angle. I couldn't figure out what was going on, and it was killing me with inconsistency, particularly with broadheads. He shimmed the cams for me, moved the rest out just a smidge, and now it's perfect. We will see what the deer think.
  12. That's funny. My ads are usually Kuiu, Cabelas, Sitka Gear, and whatnot. I'm not sure why you're seeing thongs...but could I subscribe to your newsletter?
  13. Speechless. I thought all the bickering and incessant rants were a thing of the past, now that there were two sites: ie, equal, but separate lol. Human nature, I guess. I propose a limit to posting. Exceed your limit, and you're cut off. That might solve some of the back-and-forth that makes these threads unreadable. Okay, back into my hole.
  14. Man, those fire departments made a great save! Sorry to hear about the shed - and all the stuff in it - but thank god for our first responders.
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