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  1. knehrke

    Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Give it a few days. That storm is going to do a number on the ice. I foresee a lot of machines getting stuck, but the snowmobile crowd should be pleased.
  2. There's a close cousin called "Copper Chinkapin" that was developed in Big Flats. It's grown and sold by Ben Lowe at Meadowview Nursery in Naples. I've planted a bunch and had success with growing them, but the shrub tubes I'm using aren't tall enough to keep the deer off. Hence, they're eaten as soon as they emerge from the tubes. I'm going to cordon the area with stakes and 40 lb monofilament line, which is invisible to the deer and provides a great deterrent. Once they're better established, I hope to see some good production.
  3. knehrke

    Tahoe, Honda Pilot, or Toyota 4 runner???

    Toyota Forerunner. I know three separate people who bought used for a fraction of new and have put over 200K on them, still going strong. Plus, mileage is decent and it's great in the mountains (my bro is in CO).
  4. knehrke

    Cuomo Partially Right

    Two days lost to rain and wind, one day that was decent, then another two days lost. And during he heart of the rut to boot. I don't know about overall, but weather this week has been horrible. With the forecast staying cold, I'm guessing what you see is what you get over the next few weeks.
  5. Just because you aren't wrong doesn't mean that you're right. I find his actions to be acceptable, but his judgement suspect. However, a failure to respect the fact that this sort of glory shot is going to lead to confrontation and insisting that others comply with your personal moral values simply contributes to increased divisiveness. I suspect that there are a few out there who have that as their goal. But others appear to have adopted a more educational approach, and I applaud them. Not everything has to be a battle.
  6. knehrke


    When I was training my first puppy years ago (RIP), I had her on over 500 pigeons between July-August in cut pea fields. It was a blast! By the time we got to September goose, she know her stuff. Funny though, watching her bring back her first goose after all those pigeons, "Man, this pigeon has been eating well, Dad!"
  7. knehrke

    Hunter harassment

    So far as I know for the last twenty five years there's been no waterfowl hunting on any part of Long Pond, either north or south of the parkway, because of refuge status. The back of Cranberry is fair game, as is Braddocks, but then you get into Rose Marsh further west which is also off limits. As mentioned above, archery for deer is okay. Just saying...
  8. knehrke

    42 acres

    What's important to know is that trees grown from seed will tend to be quite different from the mother tree. All of the "named" varieties of tress are grown from scions that are grafted onto root stock, so they're effectively clones of the mother. You can purchase rootstock to graft onto using scions from your own desirable trees. The rootstock determines the size of the final tree, as well as many other characteristics such as soil preferences. The best thing that you can do before investing in trees is to recruit local knowledge. Many trees at big box stores are on unknown rootstock, and if you're investing decades into a tree, you probably want what's best for your soil, climate, and objectives (ie. late drop for wildlife).
  9. knehrke

    42 acres

    You're going to be there awhile, so think carefully about what you want and don't just throw the first big box trees you find into the ground. There's a real difference to be had in suppliers. If you want a freestanding tree that will live for a long time, consider standard or semi-standard rootstock rather than dwarf stock that's all the rage in orchards. In terms of varieties, think about when you want ripe fruit and what types of characteristics you're looking for. And as for nurseries, I use Cummins down in Ithaca. They have a good website and are very responsive.
  10. knehrke

    Hunter harassment

    I did exactly the same thing once in the same location years and years ago, but never went back. It was too much of a PITA. For example, returning to shore was interesting...the cops told me I'd be arrested if I tried to come ashore on the Russel Station property. They didn't much like me hunting there . Luckily, a local guy who lived four doors down was watching the shenanigans and invited me to return via his property. He went so far as to walk down to Russel and drive my truck back to his driveway. Now that I'm older I just want to get as far away from the googins and asshats as possible.
  11. knehrke

    plea deal...wth

    I suspect that as with most enforcement efforts, the largest contribution of adding this technique to the arsenal will be as a deterrent.
  12. knehrke

    Fastest compound bows

    Minimum width limb-to-limb not including cams is 17". Most of the Scorpyd lineup fall in that category, but the Ravin R20 for example with it's axle-to-axle 10.4" uncocked width isn't even close and would be illegal to hunt with in NYS under present regulations.
  13. Okay, now you're on my turf. Sorry to inform you, as a DNA expert who's mentored American Indian graduate students (and NOT a member of the hypothetical conspiracy), it has absolutely not been proven by DNA testing. And "exceed the speed of light"? Dude, crack kills.
  14. I'm not going to quote it, but that joke doesn't even approach funny.
  15. As a scientist, it's my job to disprove theories, even my own. So, I'm a born disbeliever. I'm also not arrogant enough to think that we know everything. So while I will never say never, even superficial scrutiny will reveal that there's no credible evidence for Bigfoot. Actually, I'd like it to be real. That would be fascinating, adding a layer of mystery to our world. Ever since I saw that episode of, "The Six Million Dollar Man" when I was a kid where Steve Austin interacted with alien Bigfoot (explaining the intermittent sightings--spaceship, of course), I thought that it would be great if it were real. I suppose that if you want to believe enough you'll find evidence that will convince you. Or maybe it's like faith, where you don't want or need evidence. Either way, I'm a bit sad that I can't believe, because it'd be a nice change from the crazy, verifiable reality that's become daily life lately.