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  1. I've ordered from Europtics before, and they're easy to deal with - I even had a return that they proceeded immediately, no questions asked (piece of Sitka rainwear that was too loud for tree stand hunting).
  2. I once had a guy send me an empty box that was supposed to contain downriggers, just to keep me from filing a claim with PayPal. He photo'd the box at the post office and everything. How'd I know it was fake? Shipping weight was 2 lbs, and the dummy left the tag on the box so I could read it. PayPal wanted me to keep after him but I said no way, this is why I pay through you, and they actually came through for me. I don't know if they ever went after the guy himself, but he mailed the boxes from a postal office near where somebody with the name he provided me lived, so...maybe? Not the sharpes
  3. Yeah, me too. Last time I ate Ethiopian, I wore much of it. Of course, that's not abnormal for me. It's good that T is strong - and hopefully he will be stronger for having made it through. Prayers.
  4. I just shot a friend's new Bowtech and asked him, "what's this set at, 52, maybe 53 lbs?" He told me that it was 65 lbs! I was shocked. I felt like I could draw it with one finger. I have a new Hoyt RX5 Ultra, and the draw cycle is nice, but it sure as heck doesn't carve ten pounds or more off the set point. I'm still not sure he wasn't screwing with me. Might be worth checking out. Pricey, I'm sure though.
  5. We are on exactly the same wavelength. It's difficult to know how to even begin to effect change, any the payoff won't be known for decades. This problem didn't emerge overnight, and it won't disappear even with the right medicine. COVID exposed the cracks. I run into this all the time in my job, when we try to do STEM outreach to URM students. It's difficult to identify metrics for success, and at the end of the day, you wonder whether you're just some well-intentioned idiot who's deluded themselves into thinking that they made a difference.
  6. If we go the liberal route, we end up with armed gangs waging war in the streets. If we go the conservative route, we end up with police and gangs waging war in the streets. Nothing we do seems to be effective, which IMHO means we are trying to use easy answers to solve a complex problem. The root cause is social issues that transcend guns, police, and even politics. As the gap between the haves and the have-nots becomes wider, cracks emerge in the system. It's been that way since the beginning of time. Guns allow an exaggerated response. I think I'm part of the mostly silent m
  7. I smell a bunch of trolling in the neighborhood. And I'm fairly sure that everyone understands exactly what each other is saying lol. Funtime's over, enjoy your 4th!!
  8. The heck with massaging seats, I want an actual masseuse.
  9. I've owned all of the major brands, and I've never had a real issue with any of them. I think that the vehicles of today are far superior to those produced just twenty years ago. All the guys I know love their trucks, with perhaps Toyotas being a bit more loved than others lol. Right now I'm in a F-150 with the Ecoboost engine, and I can't complain. It does a good job with my 17' Lund - I don't even notice it's there - but I haven't towed the big boat in years. It stays as the marina, so no feel for large payloads.
  10. I can't imagine how anyone would prove that a trail camera is not being used strictly for security purposes, to monitor trespassing, which is everyone's right. This sounds like an unenforceable law. But I'm sure as heck not a lawyer.
  11. Wow, that went political quickly. I've heard for years that the record books were leery of trail-cams because of hunters "making a move" in real time. I wonder how many other states will follow suite (subtext: NY has that border issue with the dang Canadians lol).
  12. Brining is certainly a game-changer. If you're pressed for time and you're only smoking pieces, such as thighs, you can dissolve 1 cup of kosher salt and 1 cup of brown sugar in 4 cups of boiling water, use ice to bring it to 6 cups total, and brine for one hour at room temperature. I use this recipe for up to sixteen thighs - having done 36 last weekend for a BBQ, I realize that I should have doubled down. Don't go over an hour in the brine though, and be sure to rinse the meat quickly under the faucet before throwing some of your favorite rub under the skin, then smoke away!
  13. Country style ribs using Meathead's recipe with Carolina Gold mustard glaze. Oh my God. My wife had apple rhubarb pie for dessert. I had another piece of pork. And having dry brined them with a bit of salt this morning, it took me less than 45 minutes from putting them in the smoker to taking them off the grill. I may need help. I admit I have a problem...
  14. FYI, they'll come back to the same spot year after year. We have a "The Nehrke's" wooden sign hanging on the front porch...they bore a hole straight into it, the larvae hatch, they fall onto the cement, the dogs eat them...every year the same thing. One single hole. But the inside is riddled. Kinda crazy how they manage to keep returning - I guess carpenter bees can live for three years, and families can live together. So I guess the dogs must not get all of the larvae lol.
  15. You don't poop where you eat, right? They're very similar to the stains I see where wasps are crawling in and out under myi porch eaves.
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