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  1. Whereas I own land in Ogden that I paid $2K an acre for, eight years ago.
  2. Gotta love a rack that you could use to make an armchair! And nice to harvest him before he starts to go downhill much. Congratulations to the lucky shooter!
  3. Two of our group scored on Sunday with decent eights, and two more got it done last night, one with a bonus doe thrown in for good measure. The bucks were all 2 1/2 -3 1/2 year old deer; the doe was a swamp donkey. We are seeing good numbers of scrub bucks and tons of doe. I suspect our luck is due to a late soybean harvest of very small plants that left 30% of the beans still hanging in pods. The field was planted after the summer drought started and never took off. Bad for the farmer, great for our season.
  4. x2 - x3 since Chris just posted at the same time as me lol - on the Masterbuilt. I believe that modern pellet smokers are also set and forget, but don't own one.
  5. Hmmm...a battery that's manufactured by "Nojoke", which I thought was Asian at first until I realized that it simply says "No joke". No joke. And the delivery date is between December 28th and January 7th. Run. Run very fast.
  6. When it comes to rods, I'm strictly a Sage guy, unless I'm building it myself. My problem is that I don't fly fish saltwater nearly often enough to justify the amount of specialized equipment that I have bought or built. My dad ran a fly shop down in Bath for years, but that only fed the addiction. Now that I'm older, and of slightly greater means lol, it's only gotten more stupid. Do I really need to build a new 8-wt for Belize? I can barely throw the three I own now. But I really, really wanted to try that CTS Affinity X blank, mom...
  7. So, in areas where you can't use a rifle to hunt for deer, you'd generally be using a shotgun - and in my reading, that would be a legal implement to shoot a coyote in the dark, even during deer season. So, incidental encounters will generally be legal to shoot with whatever gun you're using to hunt deer, almost anywhere in NY. Without doubt, if rifles are legal where you hunt, coyotes are legal targets day and night. First shot 6:36 on Saturday, 6:26 on Sunday, in region 8A.
  8. I am a huge fan of Ross Reels, and the Evolution R Salt is their hallmark saltwater model. I've also fished with a Nautilus and been extremely pleased. We are headed to Belize in March - I'm building a new stick on a CTS blank, thinking about putting a new reel on it, but not sure I can justify the cost for what amounts to a yearly destination trip. I will mention that a nine weight is awfully big for bonefish. Permit and tarpon, yes, but if I had to choose a single, do-all blank, I'd go with an eight. Of course, if I had to choose two, I'd go 7 & 9. So there's your unsolicited advice, worth every penny you paid. Oh, and practice, practice, practice. Saltwater casting isn't anything like fishing around here. I've been guilty of spending thousands on a trip, only to look like, "an old woman swatting a bee with a broomstick" in Patrick McManus's words.
  9. Exactly!! They are providing "guidance" that is explicitly at odds with the letter of the law. Why write a law if you're not going to enforce it as written? Amend the dang thing before you pass it! This is the kind of stuff that happens when you pass arbitrary, retaliatory, late night, closed room rules. I guess it's up to folks with an ounce of sense to try to interpret the mish-mash that our legislators vomited forth in response to the Supreme Court ruling. Honestly, I feel like by taking a hard stance on gun control, this is the mess we get. Maybe we should be working with our adversaries to format common-sense gun laws that actually make sense. I fear that otherwise, this is the future.
  10. The law is written "fireproof". DEC says they will accept plastic. But that doesn't change the law. Our legislators are idiots. Details matter.
  11. Purchased from the dark overload bezos on amazon. Prices are dropping fast, so if you're thinking for next year, wait. I've used a couple brands, Nermak I recall is one, Lossigy is another. It seems like you can find 12V 10 Ah for ~$40 and 8 Ah for ~$30. I noticed that there's a 16 Ah cell for $60, but I don't know if it fits into the Remington plastic ammo case (which you should be able to find for ~$5 (item # PLA1312P, exterior dimensions are L=11.63in. x W=7.13in. x H=5.13in). If you run an external setup, be aware that the cable connector to the camera can differ by brand. Standard 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm works in most brands, and I purchase the ones from Steathcam, but Tactacam takes 4.0 x 1.7 mm...I think others like Spartan, Covert may as well. Verity before purchasing; they're cheap (Bolyguard makes a bunch of configurations), and if you're handy you can build them from parts. Don't forget to protect them from chewing by using plastic corrugated wire wrap. Also, I wrap the cord around the top of the camera once so it can't simply pull out.
  12. Lithium batteries will show ~100% until the day they die. You may get one reading of less than that before the camera stops transmitting. That's one of the virtues of lithium - they give you their all until the very end. This equates to better pictures, especially at night in cold weather or at the end of their life. I've had alkaline batteries run from September to December before dying on me. But I've also had them crap out at the worst times possible, when I don't want to or can't retrieve them. My current set-ups utilize 8 or 10 amp hour sealed lithium batteries inside of Remington ammo boxes, connected via an external wire input that I protect from squirrels using split corrugated loom tubing. Buy once, cry once. I will never have to purchase batteries again...I hope. The cost of the setup per camera is ~$70.
  13. that's what i have and i love them (single finger cheetos fingers typing lol)
  14. hardly a new thing here's the average supply in reserve since 1990. typical fearmongering. nice.
  15. My phone started exploding just prior to having to leave the stand, so I figured why not, and took a look at the video of the huge suburban buck my buddy filmed in his back yard this morning. Only to look down and see a nice eight point staring up at me, wondering what the commotion was all about. He snuck in through some thick stuff while I was playing on my phone. I think there's a lesson to be learned in there somewhere.
  16. Me, either. The Accura V2 with a nitride barrel is my and my buddies go-to. We load it a bit hotter with 110g of Blackhorn. It's a tack driver, and easy to clean with the foaming bore cleaner, as mentioned above. To each their own, I guess.
  17. In the past week alone, I've experienced: 1. Some maniac who decided to pass me on the inside, using an on-ramp to the highway. They didn't realize the on-ramp ended, and I couldn't get over due to a semi, so they continued on the side of the road for several hundred yards. No idea how it ended, as I just kept driving. 2. Somebody with a death wish took a right hand turn in front of me from the left hand turn lane, as I was going straight. Good thing I'd had my second cup of coffee. 3. i got hit in a crosswalk by not one but two vehicles. I had a walk sign, and the guy waiting to take a right hand turn into the crosswalk motioned me to go ahead as well. Halfway through the crosswalk, some idiot coming from the other direction takes a left and screeches to a halt a foot from me. As I turned reflexively toward them with my hands up, I get wacked from behind BY THE GUY WHO MOTIONED TO ME. Luckily, he'd only had a couple yards to accelerate and so I was barely knocked over. I got up, shouting "You gotta be kidding me, it's like a war zone out here". I guess he saw the car from the other direction try to take a left in front of him, and decided that he wasn't going to let them, so he hit the gas. People playing stupid games. That's just recent stuff. I feel like you take your life in your hands driving anymore. My 20 yr old daughter has had her car totaled while standing still at a stoplight by somebody who ran a red behind her, then had her quarter panel torn off by a plow (in her own driveway!), then got rear ended in a traffic circle by somebody entering too fast. These things cost me money and were a significant PITA. Car prices are stupid now. I'm fed up with the shenanigans.
  18. This is currently one of my workout shows, and I wish it was a bit more...motivating. It's decent enough, but my take is that Masterpiece Theatre decided to do Westeros. Many nuanced glances and long takes. It'd be great if George RR ever finished GOT so that we could see what his take on it might be. I suspect it's going to end up like the Wheel of Time, with Brandon Sanderson finishing Robert Jordan's epic 15 book series. Given the decades this has been in production, I hope they have somebody on retainer. George RR ain't getting any younger.
  19. Awesome! My wife and I just got to Rainbow Lake for a few days of kayaking and climbing; totally missed the fact that it's the Northern MZ opener until I saw guys in blaze orange. Good thing we have the orange working vest for the dog and ballcaps for us. Have fun tracking that bear. You guys rock
  20. Congratulations to all the kids getting it done, and best of luck to those still waiting to pull the trigger! I only heard a single shot yesterday morning in 8A near Albion, but it was raining most of the time and the deer didn't move for crap. Full moon and better conditions will help today.
  21. I only use a red headlamp, and only on completely moonless nights when I might get turned around. I have trails cut to stands, so it's a bit of a cheat. If I were hunting somewhere that I hadn't been before, then I sure would. Hunt OnX helps, but looking at my phone ruins my night vision for too long...old eyes, long refractory period.
  22. Your stories are good enough to read them twice
  23. It's unfortunate that we need to police contestants - when we started the Sandy Creek Shootout on L. Ontario 14 years ago, it was in response to another local tournament that required boats leave and return from "their" port, despite our fishing nearly identical waters. So we started the SCS, and it's expanded over the years to having ~45 boats participating. It was intended to be a tournament for the little guy / weekend warrior. But circumstances such as this walleye fiasco have forced current organizers to implement a lie detector test for the top placing teams, which is going to increase entry fees without increasing prize monies. I was against this at first, but I've rethought my position; maybe it's the only way to ensure the integrity of the contest. It's a shame that we need go there though.
  24. x3 or x4 on zero damage to fabric seats. At least the style used by Millennium. I think it's too tight for a critter to get their teeth into, at least IMHO. We've had over a dozen this style set up for better than eight years, and they're as nice to sit in as the day we got them. They don't hold snow or water due to being so thin, unlike seats of old with foam cushioning which all but guaranteed you a wet a$$. I've had ants, spider, even mice in my lap with the older style. The worst thing I can say about Millennium seats is that you might fall asleep...
  25. You remember the year somebody won the Browning Buckmark contest by scraping their logo on the inside of an almost empty jar of peanut butter? True fact.
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