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  1. That's some persistence in the face of tough sits. Good luck!
  2. Waiting with baited breath for the outcome of that last track. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. You and me both. Verizon has gotten to be a joke West of Rochester. I can usually text if I need help, but otherwise most areas have less service than they did years ago. I switched all my cell cams to ATT for that reason. I've heard that it's because of a spat with local authorities on who foots what part of the bill for 5G tower upgrades? That's just hearsay, but makes sense. At least it keeps me from twiddling on my phone in the stand lol.
  4. I heard that they are requiring even the small operations to get a dumpster on site, which caused many of them to retire. It does seem that there are fewer and fewer every year.
  5. I don't know if it's that we have become better hunters (thinking about scent), or whether the advent of social media has driven everyone to post their trophies, or whether passing up younger bucks has created more opportunities on giants, but man there are some big deer taken in NY now. It's like Kansas in the heyday. I don't recall seeing this many huge racks when I was a kid. I use Remington gasketed bins and an ozone generator off eBay that I run in the bed of my truck with the cap closed for ten minutes a few times a season. But I sometimes get busted when deer are close and downwind. I'm not sure there's any measure of scent control that will routinely prevent that from happening.
  6. So, I'll chime in just a little bit - the Merck agreement is in fact intended to help provide their drug to third-world countries that traditionally can't afford newly developed medications that are still on patent, by allowing other companies to do the heavy lifting. Not completely altruistic, but better than what we normally see with new drugs. Their bottom line is unlikely to take a hit, since the target countries can't pay much $$, and it's essentially charity. I wish the vaccine manufacturers would do the same. As for the drug itself, it is a nucleotide analog that interferes with viral replication. It has been in development for ten years to fight other viruses, but was repurposed for COVID. It is structurally and chemically very different from Ivermectin, which targets a parasitic nematode ion channel that is present in sperm. Since this channel is not present in mammals, how ivermectin may exert its purported anti-viral effects is unclear. Nevertheless, what is clear is that Ivermectin and Merck's new antiviral are completely different entities.
  7. I haven't looked at this thread in some time, but it seems the gap widens. I'm glad that COVID hasn't impacted a lot of people, but feel bad for the folks that it has. A great deer hunter from the area, one some of you may know, just got out of 12 days in the hospital. He is in his thirties. There's no reason to be scared, but also no reason to be dismissive. Just stay smart. Don't lick doorknobs to prove how much you don't care lol. It's deer season, and we all want to be in the woods. If the rain ever stops...
  8. I haven't really had to make a choice since I developed an age-onset alcohol allergy - one beer and I'm okay, but the second beer makes my head explode. But even beforehand, I limited myself to a couple of drinks after a successful hunt, or after a particularly grueling one. I'm on board with alcohol and firearms not mixing, ever. And if anybody wants to make a go of climbing into what we've termed, "The Nosebleed Stand" drunk, I will video it.
  9. Lots of scrapes opening up and little bucks starting to trail doe. Seems normal. C'mon, Mother Nature!
  10. That's tough on a mutt! Particularly headed toward a move, when there's extra anxiety in the house and impending changes - dogs, like us older guys, are creatures of habit. Our Finnegan ended up eating not one, but two collars of shame while crated, recovering from Dr. Snip. The vet said they'd never heard of a dog doing that before. Made for an interesting couple of weeks watching bits of plastic pass through the GI tract. Good luck with recovery! And the move, of course. We can't wait for the story to continue.
  11. Luckily it's a short walk, and so $80 an hour equates to ~$4 net. Truth be told, I don't know anything about that. But if it's like everything else, it will probably impact your wallet. My daughter got rear-ended standing still at a traffic light. The car was called totaled. Now we need to get her a new car ASAP, and it looks like they're paying MSRP or above for many models. It's catching up with us, and it ain't going to be pretty.
  12. In response to the vaccine causing myocarditis, or heart inflammation, in young men: the FDA has access to the same numbers that socialist health care systems have used to nix the Moderna vaccine. Our FDA has decided that the VERY small risk of myocarditis following vaccination is outweighed by the more significant risk of myocarditis from actually catching the disease. That makes sense to me, particularly since the former trends mild, but the later can be quite severe, even in youngsters. In response to Outdoortom's open letter from the director of a small hospital: you are not wrong. While most doctors actively support vaccination, I know a number who, like me, are profoundly in opposition to mandates. We are losing people who should be exempt - it's going to catch up with us. I do not think that health care workers are the primary vector for transmission of COVID at this point in time. These efforts should be focused elsewhere. They are misguided and IMHO foment discord where none should exist.
  13. Awesome story, and right on so many levels
  14. This data is from 12-15 year olds in the UK, who are at very little risk of viral complications upon early infection. Of course, the same is not true as we are finding out a year down the road, but that data is only now emerging and isn't solid enough to support rigorous conclusions. Regardless, I would urge interested readers to compare the vaccine risks of myocarditis to similar risks in unvaccinated children before jumping up and down about how the vaccine is hurting our kids, and also ask how myocarditis was defined. The devil is in the details, and it's easy to make numbers fit a narrative. As always, I am not in favor of mandates, but I am in favor of informed decision making and sound judgement. Although of course that's not necessary either - people should be free to make as many stupid decisions as they want about their own bodies. I have some bad hair pics and drunken ink that I'd like to take back proving just that lol.
  15. This is heartbreaking, and I feel your loss. There's some likelihood that I knew your Mom, as I've been at UR for 32 years, but regardless, it sounds like she was a special lady. You and your family will be in my prayers tonight.
  16. Thank you for making the exception and taking the time to provide a detailed explanation. I am in the process of transitioning, and I can assure you that I will be in touch as my network grows. Right now, I am running several different brands in order to find that sweet spot that is right for me. But good advice is always valuable! I will reach out to you as I narrow down the field. Again, much appreciated.
  17. Phade, here's a question for you that I just spent 20 minutes researching and couldn't find the answer to. With the Tactacam, do all of the cameras have to be on the same data plan? And is there an option to purchase more photos or upgrade one of the plans when a camera reaches it's limit without having to upgrade every camera's plan? I realize that the simple option is to go the unlimited route, but this seems like a waste of money for cameras that are in low traffic areas. Thanks.
  18. I will wait for the story to unfold further before passing judgement. Sometimes appearances are deceptive. If in fact it's exactly as it appears, then yeah, the guy deserves what he will get eventually, courtesy of the big man.
  19. I'd be willing to believe that there's more to the story than anyone will admit. But man, that goes for almost anything. I doubt that many of the conspiracy theories online are even close to the truth, though. As for docs not getting the jab, I guess I simply haven't seen it. I'm sure such a thing exists, but in my department of 500, with 1000 doctors total at the hospital, I don't know a single one who wasn't vaccinated as soon as possible. However, I do collaborate with a very smart individual who hasn't gotten poked, and she is resisting it with all of her effort, but she's also doing it out of a sense of stubbornness. She simply doesn't countenance being told what to do. She has no concerns as to the safety of the vaccine.
  20. So, I figured I'd post this quickly before headed off to work on stands and blinds. Heard lots of folks say doctors have no right to get frustrated with unvaccinated patients. After all, do they get frustrated with obese smokers? The answer is yes, but the difference is that obese smokers are hurting themselves, while unvaccinated folks are contributing to the continued stream of patients, some of them in good heath otherwise who are now in a bad way with COVID. Let me be clear that I am not advocating for vaccine mandates. I'm really just trying to interject a bit of perspective into the conversation. Doctors perceptions are skewed because they only see the worst outcomes. That having been said, it's tough to ignore what's right in front of you all day every day, and it's equally difficult not to feel frustration when you perceive others to be contributing to the chaos. Whether that's a valid perception or not is immaterial. After eighteen months of this, docs just want it to be over more so than anybody. This is just one man's opinion, and my dad had a saying about opinions and arseholes...
  21. Lots of ways to get messed up in the woods. Here's a simple example that maybe can save somebody else from doing the same thing. My Mom's husband was putting up a ladder stand by himself. When it started to lean back too much, he tried to save it from falling, but instead positioned himself as a human fulcrum. The ladder tipped over and one of the bolts cause inside his wedding ring. It took his finger right off his hand. And he was a pretty good fiddler, too. This sounds like a freak accident, but turns out to happen with some regularity. Bottom line is: take off your jewelry when you're hanging stands. You don't want there to be anything gets caught if something falls.
  22. Thank you for sharing. All of my own personal concerns are addressed in the response from DEC - whether I agree with their response or not, at least they've made an effort. I would certainly love to know what the breakdown was among the letters they received on support vs. opposition to the early season. Like you, I have yet to meet anyone who is in favor of it.
  23. We had the same situation, but the guy riding the ATVs was hosting groups of friends to trail ride - admittedly only using our land to traverse to his Mom's place a couple miles away, so other than a few ruts, it wasn't a big deal to me. Unfortunately, some of the neighbor's land that he rode through is extremely wet, and the ruts he and his buddies created made the trails there unmanageable. Hence, the neighbor withdrew permission. Since he couldn't get through without riding the neighbor's land, there was no use cutting though my place either. And that was that. No drama, just a polite exchange. Now, this was between grown men and understandable due to the nature of the situation. But even prior to the final decision by the neighbor, the use of ATVs was nevertheless limited to the months G-Man describes, and nobody had an issue with that. It seems reasonable to me.
  24. I will put this in both of the threads here on the September doe season - you will need to burn one of this year's tags for the appropriate WMU, as last year's expired on July 30th. Just an FYI for those who might be wondering.
  25. I will put this in both of the threads here on the September doe season - you will need to burn one of this year's tags for the appropriate WMU, as last year's expired on July 30th. Just an FYI for those who might be wondering.
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