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  1. You guys know this is a Troll right. We all know this would never happen.
  2. that's not going to happen. there will be no case or shelled ammo in the muzzle loader season.
  3. I have BR-2’s message me if I can help
  4. Sounds like bow technology is ahead of string technology, and they have literally reached the breaking point
  5. You can get 6mm Remington brass at gaff & son's. If you go this route you will have to fire form them after seizing. This may be easier than finding 257 brass. It's a little work but it's not hard to do.
  6. You can use 6mm Remington bass and neck it up or 7-57 bass and neck it down. I prefer to neck up then down. The 257 Roberts is a 7-57 necked down. It should be straight forward to do.
  7. I'm done 3 deer this year don't need anymore so I'm going to sit home and watch football. Then do some duck hunting or grouse hunting.
  8. I would check Runnings and see what they have. I always have a primary powder and a backup. Like my 444 I use IMR4198 and H4198 is my backup. My 44mag H110 and backup is W296. Primers 444 Rem9 1/2s backup CCI200 or Fed 210s. I never run out of powder or primers.
  9. Oh well, sometimes you eat the bird and sometimes the bird eats you.
  10. Only reason there's a scope on mind is because I have to much respect for the animal not to use one. When I can't see the front site clearly even with my bifocals. I can only see the front or the rear clearly not both.
  11. I would go with a 7-08. One of the best deer rounds out to 300 to 400yds low recoil accurate and hits hard.
  12. I'm down in Henderson NC till tomorrow sometime them will be home on Thursday. Don't know if I will deer hunt behind the house or go grouse or duck hunting. I don't need another deer but there are a couple of nice bucks behind the house
  13. I love my triple 4 it hits like Thor's Hammer. I've only had to shoot 1 deer out of all the deer I've killed with it twice. That was the deer I shot with a Barnes 225hp wanted to try them it didn't go through and all the pedals were broken off. The 265 flat pt. punches straight through.
  14. If I'm not running the pellet stove. I have the thermostat set at 60 at night and when I'm home sleeping during the day it's set at 55 then I turn it up to 66 when I get up before the wife gets home
  15. We have EV charging stations in a plaza by where I live, and I have never seen a car charging there. I take that back cars do park there when the plaza is bizzy. I was wondering how many EVs ran out of charge in the cold.
  16. They also want to ban wood, pellet, coal, stove's and wood boilers. Just wondering how bad the electric grid took a hit because of snow on solar panels and windmills having to be locked in place.
  17. Remember after the first of the year gas is going to go up. The governor said they are going to have to add the state tax back on a gallon of gas that's about 33 cents a gallon. That's not including the sales tax.
  18. This is off the subject a little. But I'm here in NC with my son and his wife for Christmas, anb I have more rights with my pistol permit down here than I have in NY. I can carry almost anywhere.
  19. Just to let you know there is no, no man's land in the chest cavity.
  20. Depends if it's public land you really can't do much. I would let him know I was hunting there and point him to the trail. Other than that not much you can do, it doesn't look like he's trying to heras the guy from that video.
  21. First always use a harness not a belt. I hook up on the ground then when I get up in the stand I hook on to a fall restraint that is supposed to lower me to the ground if I fall. I have gone to all ladder stands, since my first knee replacement easier to get in and out of. What I would recommend if you still use hang ons is remove the gut hooks and go to climbing sticks wherever possible a lot safer.
  22. Here are some things I still do. I Never name deer other than spike 8pt 10pt ect. I never make a hit list. Something I've gone back to this year after my second knee replacement is just going out and have fun. I've killed more than my share of big bucks and now I'm just lucky I can still get out. Next season I will be north of 65 and have realized I have a set number of deer season's left don't when the last one will come. But I know someday it will. So I'm just going to have fun for the rest of them.
  23. I use a corner fan to draw heat down to the bedroom's
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