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  1. For me loosing my sense of taste and smell was a blessing my wife is not a very good cook. Hope you feel better soon
  2. Here are some pic’s from under some apple trees. The grey fox there is always two of them in the videos I have.
  3. What you have there is a Western NY Mountain Lion. There’s one or two where I hunt.
  4. Here's what I'm reading. A walk in my combat boots. Some of it is a hard read if you been there.
  5. Larry


    Thanks uncle Joe Last year at this time I was paying 1.93 for gas at Walmart now it's 2.97. I drive 112 miles round trip to work
  6. I’s fun to see what’s out there. But I only kill what I see on cam about 20% of the time. A-lot of the time I kill a buck that's I don’t even see on cam. It’s has not changed the amount of time I put in the woods but maybe where I hunt on the land and at what time I hunt. I have two rules of hunting 1 have fun 2 I won’t shoot a deer on the last day that I wouldn’t shoot on the first day. I also don’t make a hit list or name the deer other than 10pt 8pt and so on.
  7. sorry that's not bonce around
  8. Here is my take on using a 22-250 on deer don’t use it. Most 22-250’s have a twist rate that won’t stabilize a bullet that weighs more than 60gr’s the bullet is made for varmint hunting. That’s not to say you can’t kill deer with it. I killed 2 with a 22-250 from the back of a hay wagon with 2 head shots at 100yds to fill a nuisance tag so I could get on the land to hunt. I only used that round for safety reason. I knew the 55gr V-max would come a part on impact with anything it hit and bonce around. I also knew a head shot would be devastating.
  9. I live in 8G I could have hunted this weekend but I didn’t and heard no shots. I’m not going to hunt this weekend either.
  10. Here are some from todays card pull
  11. Generally, you have to follow gun rules during the gun season no matter what weapon you use. I would call the DEC and ask for clarification on the rule before going out.
  12. DMP for the open WMU. This is a early gun antlerless season. Gun hunting rules would apply. That would mean blaze orange or pink would have to be worn.
  13. I just keep it simple I take all of November off. But I have a video of a buddy sitting with 2 fawns and petting them while turkey hunting, they were only a day or less old. When we counted back 200 days it came out to the 3rd week in October. I saw chasing the 2nd week of November.
  14. Here is why I’m not hunting the early doe season. I live in 8g I have places I can hunt. But I’m not going to. I don’t butcher my own deer so I would have to find someone with a cooler to do it. the 10-day forecast goes out to 9-11 and it will be 75 on that day so far that more than likely will change. Here’s what I would wreck amend if you don’t have a place to hunt in these WMU’s that have the September season don’t go there looking for a place to hunt you won’t find one. 8G dose have a big track of state and federal land at the far west end the state land will be open but the federal may not be.
  15. Bow Martin cougar III. Crossbow PSE coalition: only reason I bought it was I had $150 gift card to bass pro. It will never replace my bow. The only real advantage I see with it is its easier to sight in and to use in a ground blind. Gun my go to is my 444 marlin but I also like my 6mm Remington and my S&W 629DX in 44mag
  16. Howland’s island is primarily managed for waterfowl it is part of the northern Montezuma wetland complex. That’s not to say there are no deer there
  17. Larry

    I remember

    Those were the days we had a group of us would go down to Letchworth on the Saturday and hunt bow then on Monday and Tuesday hunt gun. Lots of fun didn’t get much but had a good time.
  18. Teal they be fast and I be slow and the older I get the faster they get.
  19. I don’t I went there during the MZ season and had the place almost to myself.
  20. I’ve hunted there it’s a nice place to get on a track and do some tracking. I did with my MZ. I didn’t get a deer but had fun and that’s what matters. lots of DMP in 8n.
  21. Here’s my take on running shots bow and handgun no, shotgun and rifle ok. I’m more comfortable shooting at a running deer with a shotgun. A shotgun swings more natural than a rifle. I treat it like shooting at birds start at the back swing and follow though. It works but I don’t make a habit of shooting at running deer.
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