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First (And Only) Jewelry Project

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I have a small flock of Soay Sheep, my adult breeding Ram has a full curl set of horns. His right side horn tip was growing inward towards the side of his face so it had to be cut back some as they grow continuously and would eventually go right into his cheek. So I hold the Ram by the horns and the Wife using a wire saw cuts the end off with no problem. 

I thought horn tip looked kind of neat and would make a good necklace, had a stainless steel chain laying around, drilled a hole through the horn for the chain, done deal and came out OK. Don't know exactly what I am going to do with it as the only thing I wear is my watch.:good:




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22 hours ago, New York Hillbilly said:

I'm impressed your wife was brave enough to jump in on such a project. I think mine would have been too "sheepish"!  It reminds me of in Italian Bulls Horn necklace. Looks good. Glad you both survived! :

Soay Sheep are small, the Ram may weigh 65lbs but he is a strong little guy and I had all I could handle holding him still enough to clip his horn. Watched videos on line showing how to do it, I happened to have a brand new survival wire type saw that made the cut fairly easy. The wife is a country gal and will jump in and help when I need her, she has no qualms about this kind of stuff.

You are right about the Italian Horn necklaces, that is what gave me the idea.


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