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Do you recycle?

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My municipality used to be all plastic goes in the recycle bin.  Which would lead one to believe all plastics are recyclable.   Last year we received notice that only plastics marked 1 or 2 in the recycle triangle are recyclable and go in the bin.  Considering that the numbering system went 1-5 and some plastics have no recycle triangle,  I realized that most plastics are not recyclable.  That being said, I won't stop doing my part recycling plastics numbered 1 & 2.  

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In the late 80s, the plastics industry came up with a symbol to identify different types of plastic. Coincidentally, it looks exactly like the recyclable symbol created in the 1970s. They did so to encourage you to use more plastic, as prior to this people were saving plastic containers. Enter single-use plastic.

The beach I'm currently on in Mexico is filled with single-use bottles and caps.


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Speaking of the "Green" agenda, how do we allow this type of coercion to affect the US?

How many coal fired power plants are there in the world today?
Here's your Green New Deal
The EU has 468 - BUILDING 27 more... Total 495
Turkey has 56 - BUILDING 93 more... Total 149
South Africa has 79 - BUILDING 24 more... Total 103
India has 589 - BUILDING 446 more... Total 1035
Philippines has 19 - BUILDING 60 more... Total 79
South Korea has 58 - BUILDING 26 more... Total 84
Japan has 90 - BUILDING 45 more... Total 135
China has 2,363 - BUILDING 1,171 more... Total = 3,534
That’s 5,615 projected NEW coal powered plants in just 8 countries.
USA has 15 - BUILDING "0" ZERO more...Total = 15
And Democrat politicians with their "green new deal” want to brainwash us and shut down those 15 plants in order to "save” the planet.
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