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  1. I'll take a stab at what our NYS Governor will do in response. Red flag laws far more unconstitutional than any that would be at the Federal level. They will be so vague and liberal to justify suspension/revocation of the permits for and by any complainant. Based on the limit by SCOTUS, add a mental health evaluation by state psychiatrists (who are anti-2A), training that is only given by designated personnel with very limited classes and attendance capacity, testing on the laws that are at the level of the bar, etc etc etc AND makes these expire and have to be redone on some schedule. Appreciate that these are all NEW unconstitutional limits on 2A that will take decades to get to SCOTUS for reversal.
  2. Out west can be some pretty far pokes. The wind speed where you are may not be the wind speed and direction mid-range or terminal. Figure out your maximum range, not the rifle/cartridge, and know the effects at that range and how to read the prairie grass to help gauge mid-range and terminal wind speed and direction. The cheap one is all you need.
  3. There was recently a Tesla on YouTube where the owner blew it up. It needed a new battery and the cost was about $20K!!!! Appreciate too that the battery technology is changing/advancing. It's possible that when your vehicle needs new batteries it will be unavailable old technology (think Freon/R12 refrigerant) or the new technology will not retrofit to your vehicle. This is another point not being discussed.
  4. Your statement supports Barr. "...the truth is starting to come out", so then it wasn't out when Barr made his decision and statement. "His opinion wasn't based on any facts." So his opinion was based on the lack of evidence/facts at the time, that the election was stolen; which your first statement affirms. What was he supposed to base his opinion and statement on, if not the facts and evidence at the time? I see no reason for him to regret his opinion and statement for exactly these reasons. You know who should regret their opinion and statements? Giuliani! He is the one that sounded and looked like a raving lunatic, and never produced any credible evidence, inluciding to FOXNews.
  5. Here's my 2 cents based on everything quoted and above. The bold is a clue. It goes back to government/politics and the education system. The cost of a University degree is because most educators vote (and indoctorate) a certain political way. That got rewarded with guaranteed student loans to support raising education costs and keeping the cycle going. It's not the internet. That is just a communication vehicle. It was the political ideology of "It takes a village". Meaning it takes the government to educate and raise your children. They are taught discipline is child abuse, this country is racist, one political party is evil, etc etc etc. The education system now doesn't teach them how to critically think but what to think.
  6. ...and that is why you cannot correctly interpret the Bill of Rights (or 2A) without the Federalist papers, which explain and put things in context.
  7. Jimmy Carter is no longer the worst president in US history!
  8. Biden says under his administration unemployment is down and jobs are up. How much of this is retirees and other couples having to go back to work or get second/third jobs to survive the massive inflation under his administration? Ask yourself the question, are you better off now than 4 years ago?
  9. When & where did Gary Oldman (a liberal Hollywood actor) get is marksmanship training? LHO got his in the Marine Corps and MANY trained marksmans have said the shot is doable!
  10. Simple. The gas companies, distributors, and stations are private businesses in a a free market system. They can charge whatever they want to the consumer. The government can remove their gas tax and the seller cannot collect it, but they can still up their prices that amount and more. The money just goes into their pocket and not the government.
  11. The medical system should have nothing to do with gun safety/education. Should the medical doctor be asking about time spent on internet, what sites being visited, other types of safety like bicycle, boating, etc.? Doctor: What brings you here today? Patient: Cough, fever, and generalized aches and pains. Doctor: Do you have firearms in your house? How do you store them? How is this relevant or any of their business?! Firearm safety is education which belongs in the school system. If the schools do ont want to use the NRA Eddy Eagle program than they should use their local law enforcement.
  12. "Why did they bulldoze Waco, TX only a few days after the fire?" I don't know; but an obvious reasonable and plausible explanation could very well be there was enough structural damage that per building code it got condemned and had to be razed.
  13. Hey Sleepy Joe, so why do the police/law enforcement and YOUR Secret Service detail have it?
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