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  1. Hunting 1C public property is frustrating with all you have to share the land with. Horse back riders, illegal quads and motorbikes, bicyclers, hikers/runners, dog walkers, mushroom pickers (which is illegal), other hunters (legal and illegal), etc etc etc
  2. The issue is DEC non enforcement of their own rules at the check station. Been hunting there close to 30 years. It used to be much much worse. They used to lock the entrance gate and vehicles would line up down the road waiting for the check station to open. When they unlocked the gate and you pulled in you would find the sign in list would already be half full, as it was put out the night before. Certain people knew about a hole in the fence and would walk in and sign the list while everyone waited in line outside. Weekends used to be reservation only or you could go on an alternate reservation list. People hunting a particular spot (deer) during the week would reserve that spot for the weekend to prevent others hunting it. Others would call to be on the alternate list on the 1 in 1M chance they might hunt. I showed up on a saturday afternoon, no reservation and no alternate reservation. I drove the property and more than half the spots were empty. I was told I could not go out. I had a conversation with DEC office regarding this years ago and explained what was going on and this was not facilitating hunting which is their goal. Interesting that the next year the rule changed and on weekends anyone could go out after 12:00, no alternate reservation list, providing there were spots open. Pretty much hardly hunt there anymore. Too much of a hassle and no where near as good as it used to be.
  3. Again proving the title. Power to pardon is legal (law and order) process that POTUS has. Since, you raised the pardon topic, have you ever looked at the number of times it is done Dem POTUS versus Rep POTUS? You would be quite surprised to see the difference. Dem POTUS sell them just like they rent out the Lincoln room of the White House.
  4. Absolutely proof of your title. Under Obama or any other Dem POTUS they would protect and cover up the crimes of those under them!!!
  5. I have been told that Bald Eagles are protected under Federal law; so he may also have Federal charges waiting for him
  6. Those who live within NYC (the 5 boroughs) are required to also register their shotguns and rifles.
  7. We NEVER here debates on fish??!!! You must not fish saltwater or in the ocean. We are constantly debating fish size, daily limits, season lengths and dates which change every year and during the course of the year. We have to deal with NYS regulations and Federal regulations beyond 3 miles out (and these can conflict).
  8. Not surprised at all how this was handled. The ECO has no idea what the hunters intention was; even with calling it in himself. The ECO had three options 1) walk away (not do their job) which could backfire on them or 2) partially handle the violation which could backfire on them or 3) handle the violation, completely (which is their job). I do not believe the ECO makes up the cost of the violation, they are part of the law. The deer are the property of all the people of the state; an illegally taken animal will/should always be confiscated; otherwise many people would make the "honest" mistake claim. The only recourse is for the hunter to plead not guilty with an explanation. It is then the role of the judge to rule on/determine if it was an "honest" mistake and the judge can reduce or eliminate the fine.
  9. First post for me. Does this site have moderators? Starts with a post of a nice legally taken bear. Congrats and kudos to the hunter! Then comes the negative comments, accusations and aspersions. Which then further deteriorates to name calling.