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  1. Agree with the others; but hey if you look at what hunting truly costs us, minus the license, it economically does not make sense either. Hunting boots, hunting clothes, weapons, accessories, ammo, gas, tolls, butchering, etc etc etc. I'll even bet that if you go and get your personal best buck , it would be money well spent!
  2. Guess it all depends on who (DEC officer) you get. Years back on LI state co-op I arrowed what I tough was a doe. When I recovered it, it turned out to be a small spike with one antler measuring exactly 3". I tagged it as a buck using my archery tag. Back at the check station the DEC officer told me "I would have let you tag this one as a doe". Who knows what would have happened had I done that. Another story regarding it all depends on who you get. Years back we were hunting a piece of private property, with permission, for the first time with friends and family. The landowner owner explicitly told us the neighbor across the road trespasses and he doesn't want him on the property. The day before opener as we were checking it out the local neighbor across the road came over to throw us out. We explained that we had permission to hunt it and would be in there tomorrow. We said nothing about what the landowner told us to keep things peaceful. Opening day we park the trucks about 75 yards into the property. One of the party shoots a doe that morning. As we drag the deer to the trucks there is a DEC officer waiting for us. He asks who the lucky hunter was and to see the completed carcass tag. The hunter explains he was going to fill it out now as his pen was in the truck. The gut pile was literally 50 yards away. Well, DEC officer informed us that the tag needs to be completed immediately in the woods at the kill site, but does not need to be attached until at a road. DEC officer confiscated the deer and issued the hunter a ticket!
  3. Agree, all depends. I had a spot that had you walking the side of a 45 degree mountainside that was all rock. Walking this in the dark you risked falling and breaking a knee cap. Only safe to walk during decent light. Also have a spot on dead flat terrain with trails that can be easily & safely walked in the dark.
  4. Thats been my experience. I think scent control is more important than attractant scents.
  5. You both can be right. It depends on deer density, the type of land your hunting, and how much land. Does your land hold deer all 4 seasons or just one? Does your land hold deer only during specific conditions? Do you have the deer patterned? It could be land that needs the rut to have the bucks moving through it and then it is dumb luck.
  6. Look closer. It's actually a track & roller, not a pulley. That's commercial butchering apparatus. Those deer are on meat hooks.
  7. Was it snowing? Deer sense are #1 nose, #2 ears, & #3 eyes. The opposite of humans. Probably heard them, could not sufficiently see them, and did not smell them.
  8. Also how many members are there currently and what is the maximum membership number?
  9. They exist: https://www.coyotelight.com/the-wonderful-world-of-17-caliber-centerfires/
  10. Most folks feet get cold for 2 reasons. First, poor circulation (boots too tight), and second wet feet (either from sweating or external soaking). The principles above hold true for feet too. A wicking sock (nylon dress socks work), an insulating sock (wool), and insulated (3M thinsulate) waterproof breathable (leather or Goretex) boots (not rubber). The boots should be loose enough to freely wiggle your toes but not allow your whole foot to slide up and down when walking. Electric heated socks, if needed. Importantly, know your foot size and try on boots with the socks as you intend to wear them. Buy based on the fit not the size marked on the shoe or box. If you have a wide foot you need wide boots, not the next half-size up. Appreciate everyone's tolerance for the cold is different based on conditions and our own physiology. You need to dress for what works for you and the activity.
  11. Lots out there on this topic. This is the short of it. Down is warmest, next is wool, and then 3M Thinsulate. Need to layer correctly. Base for wicking moisture (sweat), then loft for warmth/heat retention, followed by barrier for wind/rain protection. Many folks are having good results with electric heated vests. Most heat is lost from head and neck area so do not forget to cover them up too.
  12. The law is ridiculous! The same criminal that will steal your gun, will steal your locked fireproof hardsided case (with your gun in it)! ...and if he/she gets caught, they will be released no-bail for this non-violent crime (theft).
  13. Well for the last 2 years the MSM still cannot stop talking about him so in some regards he never left. He is damaged goods, with some of it self-inflicted. The Republican party needs his policies in a different candidate for 2024. Perhaps, DeSantis. However, a lot can change between then and now. Many Dems are not behind Biden or Harris, regardless of whatever either says. So who will the Dems put forward? Appreciate too that this current administration in it's last year will promise more FREE stuff, unconstitutional or not, to "buy" votes. It would be interesting to know how many people voted Dem in the midterms solely because of tuition loan debt forgiveness.
  14. He's a poacher. Think he cares or that it will do anything? The lack of a piece of paper (license) is not going to stop him.
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