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  1. I hope them Dems remember their blind position on these accusations, "We believe her"!"
  2. ...and being the world's policeman is why half the world hates the USA!!! They view it as a form of USA imperialism. The USA exerting and imposing it's will, morals, and ethics on them. It needs to be the UN with other countries having skin in the game.
  3. The UN, which is made up of many countries that do not do the same in their country, are supposed to act together and vote to impose sanctions, humanitarian aid, and inspections. The USA alone cannot succeed here. Here is the problem with the UN system. This is raised as an issue and voted on. Countries assess, in many different ways, how this impacts them. Many countries turn to the USA and want some benefit for their vote. Others will turn to China to "sell" their vote. Doesn't the UN sound like our Senate! On another point, my understanding is this is an anti-Muslim/Islam geno
  4. This is an issue for the UN; not the USA. This is precisely the reason the UN exists. The USA needs stop being the world's moral & humanity police.
  5. ...and the entrance is on Bay Parkway going east and NOT Ocean Parkway going west.
  6. Biden told the world yesterday loud and clear "America is back"! (for sale)!!!!!!!!!
  7. The receiver/frame is the gun (by legal definition); and has the serial #. Everything else, stock, barrel, trigger assembly, etc is a part. An FFL is needed to transfer ownership of receiver/frame, as that is the "gun". A receiver/frame that is only 80% finished is not by legal definition (yet) a gun. They are novelty paperweights. These 80% (or less) finished receiver/frames can be purchased without an FFL. This law is aimed at stopping this. Some folks have been purchasing 80% finished receivers, completing the work, and building operational firearms. These firearms will have no FF
  8. I took my 95 year old mother-in-law to Jones Beach for both her doses. They are operating like a smooth well oiled machine.
  9. These are questions on a NYS COVID19 Immunization Screening and consent form. None of this information is necessary or has anything to do with COVID19 or receiving the vaccine, so why is it being asked? Non-NYS COVID19 vaccination forms DO NOT ask for this information. IMO, this is a Libertarian/privacy issue because the government should not be collecting information about any of us unless it is necessary to purpose.
  10. Here are some bigger libertarian questions. 1) What does any of this have to do with COVID19 vaccination eligibility? 2) Why is the government collecting this information? 3) How is it going to be used?
  11. Simple objection. It is illegal; because a child can not consent. IMO, it is also a mental illness.
  12. I couldn't agree more. This is not a choice. If you believe it is then ask yourself the following two questions: 1) Why would someone chose this? and 2) When in life did you make your choice?
  13. A good friend of mine owns an auto repair shop that specializes in troubleshooting and repairing electric issues on high end vehicles. In a discussion about EVs he raised some interesting points not commonly discussed. The BATTERIES themselves. 1) When they expire/fail can the average person (EV owner) afford to replace them? He estimates they are about 1/3 the cost of the vehicle. 2) How long are they going to last for the average EV owner? 3) How are you going to dispose or recycle these batteries?
  14. I only hope, for you, that you are objective enough to see how differently these two people were and are handled by the MSM and political leaders in power. There was and is blatant and objective bias.
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