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  1. Family has been competing for a while now. Appreciate, this word game is out of the UK and has used words not in common use here in the USA.
  2. DoubleDose


    Love the stories of these old timers. They did not hunt for sport or recognition but for subsistence. They were interested in big bodied deer, the antlers were incidental and only kept as a memento.
  3. Very different time. Back then children, not old enough to hunt today in NYS, would bring their .22 or shotgun to school, leave it in the back of the room and hunt on their way home. Today, that child would be arrested for bringing a gun to school, put into CPS, and the parents arrested for not securing their firearm.
  4. He argues he just wants to sit down, they tell him he can't sit in the pharmacy and tell him where he can sit but instead of moving wants to have an argument about where he is sitting. Guy is a total entitlement AH!!! I can do whatever I want because you don't have a sign telling me I can't.
  5. Equally important, is why hasn't this been in the news? This is from the UK news. Trains are for interstate commerce travel so this could be Federal level crime! Why aren't the government leadership seeking National Guard protection/help? Appreciate these are all rhetoric questions and whether you are Right or Left you should be concerned.
  6. Read as many manuals and articles as you can get. The more knowledge the better. You mentioned light loads, always stick to and within the reloading manuals, both minimum & maximum charges, to be safe. Light charges under certain circumstance can be just as dangerous and catastrophic as over charges. That being said, it is not rocket science and can be very enjoyable. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from putting together a particular cartridge combination (case/primer/powder/bullet), not commercially available and taking an animal with it!
  7. Let me try to explain where I am coming from. I did state "...a higher quality factory mass produced firearm" versus "higher end". This Browning and firearms manufactured in the 50s, 60, and 70s, are generally all of much higher quality than that produced today and they were not higher end firearms; they were the standard (mass produced) run of the mill. Around the 1980s to today, firearms manufacturers began making budget low quality firearms and pushed this is as the standard run of the mill. Perfect example is the Remington 870 (Polished/Blued/Walnut) versus the Remington 870 Express (Rough/Parkerized/Hardwood or Plastic).
  8. "higher end firearms" is relative. There are so many semi-custom and custom rifles available now an argument could be made that this is not a "higher end firearm" but a higher quality factory mass produced firearm. The BOSS break is significantly louder than a rifle without it. Think hearing protection. In fact, Browning later had a version without the brake/holes, if I recall correctly. The concept is you are tuning the barrel harmonics to the load rather than tuning the load to the barrel, like a handloader. How tight the groups will be is a factor of how precise is the ammo manufactured cartridge to cartridge; and your ability. There also can be factory ammo that does not shoot well in a particular rifle.
  9. Yes and they work way better than the chemical ones for heat. There will be a faint lighter fluid smell. You MUST use the red pouches; they will be too hot to the touch without them. I recall the trick is to ensure the wicks are lit. I have not used these in so long I do not recall the lighting procedure.
  10. https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-12-22/u-s-army-reports-progress-on-covid-vaccine-that-fights-all-variants The bold is the key word to the announcement: The U.S. Army says it has developed a COVID-19 vaccine it believes could work against any and all coronavirus variants, including Omicron. This is new research in its infancy. It is not proven and has a very high probability of failing, like most early research.
  11. Interesting the title is 7 good reasons but they only list 6 and the 6th, To Keep Your Sense Sharp, is arguably not a good reason. Drink coffee or a Red Bull. LOL.
  12. Is the question "why I feel I'm ready..." or "why I feel I need..."? Those are two different questions. Metro-NY has always wanted justification for need. For ready, I have been hunting and handling firearms since x years old, I have had a Suffolk pistol permit for x years, I am a mature adult x years old with no criminal record, etc.
  13. I think the issue is trying to find a balance between using the cams for pre-hunt observation and scouting versus active hunting. A cam alerting you where to hunt tomorrow should be okay (that is scouting) , a cam telling you where to hunt today/now is hunting for you. In Alaska you cannot fly and hunt on the same day. This is so the plane cannot be used as part of the hunt which would be a gross advantage.
  14. Market hunting essentially made deer extinct in NYS. The state had to be restocked with deer from Virginia.
  15. Nothing new here. 1) The inanimate device called a gun is the problem. It is the gun robbing, raping, shooting, looting, burning, and killing people; not other people. Since there are more guns in America than people it is just a matter of time before all of us are exterminated and the guns will control the country. 2) Improve the economy by driving out companies like Remington and Amazon that will employ 1000s of people and bring in countless sustainable revenue. 3) Make the police, not the criminal, the problem. Stop arresting, stop bail, stop incarceration, release early, and then you get people that do not want to live in an UNSAFE state where they CANNOT defend themselves. The go back to 1) as the blame!!!!!!
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