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  1. Amazon is just a marketplace for different vendors. I suspect it is the vendor of the particular knife that is deciding not to ship to NYS; and not some law.
  2. The analogy also shows prohibition did not make alcohol go away. Also, the "war on drugs" did not make illicit drugs go away. In fact, the liberal response to both of them was to legalize and decriminalize, respectively! Neither of which is a constitutional RIGHT!
  3. Perhaps the next rifle to have senseless restrictions placed on it because of the way it looks!
  4. FWIW, some mechanics say a 50:50 mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is superior to Kroil.
  5. Because the seasons are then shifting from the type of weapon, to a ballistics equivalence category.
  6. Looking at this site, forum, and thread.
  7. It's a sign of a non-stressed very healthy buck.
  8. The simplest way it has been said: Youth is wasted on the young!
  9. In areas that are highly endemic for Lyme disease, a single prophylactic dose of doxycycline (200 mg for adults or 4.4 mg/kg for children of any age weighing less than 45 kg) may be used to reduce the risk of acquiring Lyme disease after a high-risk tick bite. Lyme Disease Prophylaxis After Tick Bite - CDC https://www.cdc.gov › ticks › tickbornediseases › tick-bite...
  10. Yet every election there is election fraud and those persons committing it seriously believe they can rig it, otherwise they would not bother!
  11. All of the unbolded is non-debatable, legal, and irrelevant if they are sportsman or not. What percent of these firearms users makes up mass shooters? <0.0001% maybe? The bolded is incorrect. The ones affecting your rights as a sportsman and a firearm owner are the politicians (knee jerk reacting) passing unconstitutional firearm laws, not the mass shooter or the AR15. The AR15 and the shootings are an excuse/crisis to pass more an more unconstitutional laws on the masses.
  12. None of your examples fire a bullet, therefore not 2A protected. That is the historical perspective. There are those that believe the term "arms" in 2A would include those too; and they are being infringed. Perhaps a case to SCOTUS is needed to sort that out.
  13. Food for thought. Maybe the ballon is a big diversion and overt insult. Maybe China is treating Biden/USA like a child. Look at the big silver balloon, while they are doing something else they do not want us paying attention to.
  14. Watched this covered on one of the hunting shows. The taxidermist had a shed with the beetles. The host of the show commented the stench was unbearable.
  15. My municipality used to be all plastic goes in the recycle bin. Which would lead one to believe all plastics are recyclable. Last year we received notice that only plastics marked 1 or 2 in the recycle triangle are recyclable and go in the bin. Considering that the numbering system went 1-5 and some plastics have no recycle triangle, I realized that most plastics are not recyclable. That being said, I won't stop doing my part recycling plastics numbered 1 & 2.
  16. DoubleDose


    Same here. Hunting as a kid we heard of the Coydog and were told kill them. At that time DEC was adamant that coyotes do not kill deer although people had witnessed it. A later DNA study of NE coyotes found that none of them were purebred coyote and all had red wolf DNA. The red wolf DNA then explained their size (versus pure coyote) and hunting of deer in packs. In my opinion, these came down from Canada.
  17. Who knows? Scrap metal, garage ornament, the challenge, boredom, just because, etc. Years ago my wife and I were driving through a bad neighborhood. On top of the McDonald's was a giant blow up chicken to promote the chicken sandwich. I turned to my wife and said they are going to steal that chicken. She looked at me and replied why would anyone take that, what would they do with it? I told her just because it's there. Sure enough, the following week the local news was reporting that someone had stolen the chicken. These types of people view anything on public land as public property for the taking.
  18. That is certainly worse. This is/was basically the same as NYS pistol licensing agencies adding their own restrictions on top of the written law. You can and will be arrested for breaking a rule (not law) and then are at the mercy of the courts and if the prosecutor/judge/jury are judicial activists or judicial restrainists.
  19. Interesting too, is Bill Gates (I believe the Foundation), using experts have designed and developed a nuclear reactor that cannot melt down like Chernobyl and is basically failsafe. The intention was to bring electricity to underdeveloped nations. You know what country is 100% onboard with nuclear energy (and these reactors) to supply its future energy needs? China!!! The only thing US politicians are achieving is shortening the timeline for China to become the world's superpower.
  20. My understanding is this is the result of a Biden Executive Order; not the ATF acting autonomously.
  21. Let's dissect this commentary. Being a lifetime hunter sportsman is irrelevant to firearm ownership; you only need to be a US citizen. Further 2A, has nothing to do with hunting; it says "keep and bear" not "hunt". Your need or what you think is also irrelevant, regarding 2A right. A US citizen can choose to own an AR and high capacity magazines for no reason at all other than it being a right to own it. That is 2A, the only right that explicitly states "Shall not be infringed". The NRA is an organization that supports and defends that 2A right. Just like the ACLU defends all the others with the exception of 2A. You state "... it seems like I lose more rights as a sportsman hunter with everything Republicans do when it comes to gun legislation." Ask yourself, why does it seem that way to you when it is the Democrats that have instituted all the gun legislation that has caused loss of your rights?
  22. It appears UPS is enacting this policy on their own. This is not some State or Federal law requirement. I am not surprised at all given recent activities by Governors and AGs. I would think this policy is to provide some legal protection for if/when some state like NY or CA tries to also sue them for the "people violence using guns" in their cities.
  23. The technology has already existed for many years. In fact I recall, back then there was a game/deer farm in I beleive TX that had live streaming webcams on feeders. If you saw an animal you wanted, you logged-in, entered a credit card #, and it activated the weapons system to shoot it. Yeah, hunting became a video game. Sad.
  24. Do you feel the same way about organized groups like Antifa and BLM that did the same and worse, just not in the capital? Appreciate too that Jan 6th was not an organized group like Antifa & BLM; it was a bunch of DJT sycophants.
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