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  1. Here is another way to look at this virus lab versus wet market. China has had wet markets, the entire country, for 1,000s of years without a pandemic outbreak. The lab was built in 2003 (only 16 years before first cases), happens to be in Wuhan, and studies this specific virus. In addition, China government arrested the doctor who first reported an epidemic in Wuhan. There would be no reason to arrest him if this came from a wet market.
  2. 1) This is an opinion editorial 2) Lott is not a lawyer The last paragraph of same article: It is impossible to get in Judge Cahill’s mind and figure out why he let the prosecutors act the way they did. The bottom line is that these rules exist for a reason, and violating them made it so that Chauvin didn’t get a fair trial. That is something that should concern everyone. The role of the judge is to ensure the defendant gets a fair trial, not a perfect trial. If the judge felt this imperfect trial was unfair he would then declare a mistrial. I'd be more interested in this
  3. So she is explicitly inciting a riot. Only DJT is not allowed to implicitly do that.
  4. This is liberal logic. You choose to use drugs but then are not responsible for your actions.
  5. While he calls it the AFT, instead of ATF, it technically is not ATF either. It is BATFE. After the domestic terrorism bombing of the Federal building, explosives was added to their jurisdiction. It is embarrassing and sad that this man is POTUS!
  6. This is just a Lib/Dem workaround to have a national healthcare system that pays for this. Individuals desiring gender reassignment surgery without the medical insurance or financial means will join the military to have this done at taxpayer expense. This has nothing to do with what is best for the military or best use of DOD dollars.
  7. DeBlasio, Cuomo, and the Lib/Dems all initially did not call these incidents out as Asian hate crime because it was not fitting the narrative of white supremacy. It was the Dem and Repub Asians that called it out for what it was and forced it out into the open. The "people" that stood and watched were security guards! They say they called the police but the NYPD said there was NO 911 call for this incident and a patrol unit happened to come upon the scene. NYC sucks!
  8. This only works in theory. The criminals defense attorney will plead down these charges for a guilty plea. Sentencing is up to the judge so years will be reduced. After a while of this type of sentencing, the Libs will again argue there are too many people in prison for too long, too expensive a sentence, et etc etc. Reality: NYC has a law of mandatory 1 year added to sentence for any crime committed with an illegal handgun; at the discretion of the sentencing judge. Oxymoron right there, mandatory and at the discretion. The ONLY person to receive this sentence was Bernard Getz.
  9. NCM, agree this is an accurate assessment of the current state of affairs. This is primarily due to the education system, mainstream media, and the powerful brainwashing the masses about 2A. It is the responsibility of gun owners to correct that brainwashing and never throw in the towel. Look at the history, as criminals use different guns in high profile crimes those guns become highly regulated or illegal (tommy gun, sawed off shotgun, Saturday night special, AKs, ARs, etc). The criminal minority causes the loss of rights of the majority. Hunters, as gun owners, need to unders
  10. NCM, what I wrote is not a POV. The anti-gun community wants you to think and believe this is an opinion, point of view, or belief. It is factual documented (Federalist papers) history. I do not agree with "And consequently, the opposition ( I.e. We 2 nd amendment supporters ) has conceded much in its acquiescence and acceptance of this new reality." We, the opposition, have been forced to accept these unconstitutional laws or become criminals. You state "try to prevent further erosion of our rights ." One of our founding fathers said "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". As G
  11. You don't understand the second amendment. It was not written to preserve your right to have hunting and shooting arms. It was written to preserve your right to have arms to go to war with. It was intended for civilians to have equal footing with the military. ARs and AKs are precisely the arms it was written to preserve/protect; and it is the ONLY individual right that includes "shall not be infringed". For those who want to make the argument it was written at a time when the arms were muskets, and the founders could not have imagined AR & AKs, freedom of speech was written at a
  12. That is a dangerous strategy. The SCOTUS gets to pick and choose which cases they will hear; and historically they rule VERY narrowly.
  13. The Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna vaccines have proven they are safe (over 75 million doses given) but if you want the J&J vaccine, which is less effective, that is your choice. Holding out to 2022 is putting your life at risk. COVID19 can result in death; including young healthy individuals with no risk factors treated in good hospitals. The virus will not be eradicated and will still be around. Although it is expected we will have herd immunity by then, the purpose of the vaccine is also so that the individual has some immunity to prevent disease. There has been zero fatality from
  14. What is there to say? Saudi Arabia killing a journalist is the same as China killing the Uighur muslims. They just have, "you know the thing," different societal norms! C'mon man!
  15. Immigration rules and law is more than just protecting US jobs or benefitting the immigrants life. It is also about protecting the health of Americans. His policy and position ignores the fact that the illegal immigrants (aliens) can be carrying other infectious diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc
  16. Jail and prison are actually two different things but inconsequential for post. First, prison is supposed to be punishment for your crime and justice for your victims! Rehabilitation, if possible, is a secondary nice to have and not the purpose or primary goal. Rehabilitation is possible in some inmates, poor choice situation examples; and not others, mental illness and pathologic personality disorders. There is too much emphasis that the criminal justice system and corrections system is about justice for the criminal and rehabilitation/educating same. Society, the victims, and restituti
  17. Inmate rights is an interesting topic that is inconsistently applied. They take away their right to vote but allow other rights to apply. Makes no sense to me. Inmates either have rights or have their rights suspended during incarceration. I also think they should have all their rights restored after paying their debt to society.
  18. I hope them Dems remember their blind position on these accusations, "We believe her"!"
  19. ...and being the world's policeman is why half the world hates the USA!!! They view it as a form of USA imperialism. The USA exerting and imposing it's will, morals, and ethics on them. It needs to be the UN with other countries having skin in the game.
  20. The UN, which is made up of many countries that do not do the same in their country, are supposed to act together and vote to impose sanctions, humanitarian aid, and inspections. The USA alone cannot succeed here. Here is the problem with the UN system. This is raised as an issue and voted on. Countries assess, in many different ways, how this impacts them. Many countries turn to the USA and want some benefit for their vote. Others will turn to China to "sell" their vote. Doesn't the UN sound like our Senate! On another point, my understanding is this is an anti-Muslim/Islam geno
  21. This is an issue for the UN; not the USA. This is precisely the reason the UN exists. The USA needs stop being the world's moral & humanity police.
  22. ...and the entrance is on Bay Parkway going east and NOT Ocean Parkway going west.
  23. Biden told the world yesterday loud and clear "America is back"! (for sale)!!!!!!!!!
  24. The receiver/frame is the gun (by legal definition); and has the serial #. Everything else, stock, barrel, trigger assembly, etc is a part. An FFL is needed to transfer ownership of receiver/frame, as that is the "gun". A receiver/frame that is only 80% finished is not by legal definition (yet) a gun. They are novelty paperweights. These 80% (or less) finished receiver/frames can be purchased without an FFL. This law is aimed at stopping this. Some folks have been purchasing 80% finished receivers, completing the work, and building operational firearms. These firearms will have no FF
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