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Dermestid beetles for doing a Euro?

Big Indian

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Has anyone ever bought the beetles and used for your Euro?

Thoughts, hints, pros/cons would be appreciated. I use the skin and boil method, it works well, but just curious about the beetles. I watched a few you tube videos, but wonder if anyone has 1st hand experience 

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Beetles are alot of work to keep around if your thinking about getting some.. i have a good amount of skulls that have been done by beetles and the results have been good.. better than boiling thats for sure... my prefered method now is maceration.. longer process but the results have been excellent and theres very little actual hand work to be done

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 It takes me about a half hour and 2 quarts of gas to blast everything out/off from a raw, skinned head using my 3100 psi power washer.  

That also beats the heck out boiling them in the house, especially when it comes to the cleanup, and keeping my wife happy.  I just leave the mess outside overnight, and the birds and vermin have it all completely cleaned up by the next morning.  

I like the natural bone color on my euros, and you would also likely get that with the beetles.  When you boil them, they sometimes turn an ugly yellow.




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