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Superbowl 58 HTS Ushers Opening Furs

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Or a fur like material. I find it interesting that he would wear a nice pull over garment like that against a country that was so against the fur industry.

What do you think his motives were?  I know his payment for the show was in exchange for a new record promotion. Do you think anything is behind it?

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Half time show was a joke. Not as bad as the freak show last year. This year looked like a bunch of hood rats trying show each other up. I dont know why I bothered to watch. Game was decent... as I am not a fan of either team I was pulling for the 49ers as I hoped it would end the pop star intrusion of the NFL. They said she only had 55 seconds of air time. That works out to be something like 13 million  dollars of free publicity .

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